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Server Tournaments Ranking - May 2016

Discussion in 'Server Tournaments' started by Joyverse, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Joyverse

    Joyverse Back for a blast!

    Aug 23, 2014
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    Oh hi again! Joyverse here, and am back for the next edition for the server tour rankings!

    Welcome to the Server tour rankings for the month of May 2016. This was one hell of a month, with the tour channels being much more busier than usual and, on the side of the forums we saw the birth of a new official team tour- The Ubers Major League! POWC on the other hand saw its quarterfinals come through and, now we're at the finals!
    The Summer session of the PO League opened for the challengers to challenge the gyms. On the suspect side, Staraptor got banned from UU and, Pangoro banned from LU. Sand Rush on the other hand was retested and now, it is released and fully reusable in NU! As for now Diglett and Drifloon are being suspected in LC!! Now on the the server rankings!

    Sometime in the past, Celestial Phantom had said...

    For those new to the show, we take the top 10 or so spots on both leaderboards for scripted server tournaments for everyone to see how much players fight to win our scripted server tournaments. Top 3 spots on each leaderboard get a special little trophy for the following month corresponding to the leaderboard they placed on. 1st place takes home the gold, 2nd place the silver, and finally 3rd place the bronze. In the event of a tie between players then they each get a trophy for the following month. All trophies will last for one month after issue, so be sure to relish in the accomplishment of winning, and show it off like a prize by wanting to win it every month! Now time to start the show with our leaderboards for the month.

    Regular Leaderboard

    (11:04:20) *** TOURNAMENT RANKINGS ***
    (11:04:20) #1: minnie mouse ~ 429 points
    (11:04:20) #2: edna ~ 166 points
    (11:04:20) #3: diamondslight ~ 98 points
    (11:04:20) #4: tavi97 ~ 78 points
    (11:04:20) #5: rubbish player ~ 65 points
    (11:04:20) #6: norman ~ 59 points
    (11:04:20) #7: velvet blood ~ 52 points
    (11:04:20) #8: 3ez5me ~ 51 points
    (11:04:20) #9: prince ludwigvkoopa ~ 50 points
    (11:04:21) #10: [sleague]draconova ~ 46 points
    (11:04:21) #11: fsk ~ 45 points

    Without any care for opposition, be it weak or strong, with an unknown kill count and a skyscraper high amount of 429 points is Mafia Admin @MUMU under the guise of the well known Disney character - Minnie Mouse! God knows how many hours she put into this to achieve this. Great job sister, you get the gold! Next up is tour regular and player extraordinaire, Edna a.k.a @Elize Lutus who despite being not as quite active as last time still managed to hold on to silver! Last but not the least is the God of Challenge Cup and Tournaments Owners, @diamondslight who made the most out of all the CC tours which are now giving points in a similar fashion as all the other tours. Gratzu Fam you get the bronze medal this month! Also special mentions to our resident MUs @DracoNova , @Velvet Blood and @Casparov a.k.a 3ez5me who despite not being to secure trophies still manage their position in the lb. Gratzu to y'all!!

    Event Leaderboard
    (11:26:28) *** EVENT RANKINGS (May) ***
    (11:26:28) #1: minnie mouse ~ 34 points
    (11:26:28) #2: edna ~ 20 points
    (11:26:28) #3: velvet blood ~ 13 points
    (11:26:28) #4: halsey ~ 12 points
    (11:26:28) #5: worse than painter ~ 7 points
    (11:26:28) #6: atli ~ 6 points
    (11:26:28) #6: 3ez5me ~ 6 points
    (11:26:29) #6: [rs]lymj ~ 6 points
    (11:26:29) #9: mibuchiha ~ 5 points
    (11:26:29) #9: la.melle2402 ~ 5 points
    (11:26:29) #9: norman ~ 5 points
    (11:26:29) #12: [tr]hurricane ~ 4 points[/tr][tr][/tr][tr]
    The event leaderboard wanes in comparision to the regular leaderboard this time really.. At #1 we have no doubt about it this time, that is MUMU a.k.a Minnie Mouse who gets gold! Elize Lutus a.k.a Edna to manages to mirror his regular leaderboard achievement by grabbing on to silver here as well! However for the third place we have our resident MU, Velvet Blood who gets bronze!!![/tr]

    To those who made it,,,

    And for those who missed the target....

    Don'tchu worry Fams! We all be rooting for ya!
    Aside from these all. The entire #Tournaments staff wishes you a very happy International Children's Day for the child that resides in your very hearts that makes us all wanna play some pogeymans. And oh, I didn't realize it's my birthday post as well. Oh well. Cya next month!! :3

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