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PO Profile: Celestial Phantom

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Celestial Phantom, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. Celestial Phantom

    Celestial Phantom YAHA

    Mar 8, 2012
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    So, I got tricked into doing this, because Draciel is desperate for people to profile and stalk for the rest of his life.

    About: So about me, well first off my name isn't really Celestial, big shocker right? It's Phil, though everyone calls me DJ Philly Phil, Philly Cheesesteak, Professor Phil, etc. or you can just continue calling me Celes, don't care really. I'm 21 years, 360 days, some hours, minutes, and seconds, meaning I turn 22 next week. I live in the state known as Nebraska in the US, and for a nominal fee I can go hunt down esteemed Smogonite Zebraiken IRL because there's actually other Pokemon players that live here. I like most if not all sports (except boring ones), anime/manga because it is better than the shit that gets aired here in the US, Sciences (specifically Physics and Astronomy). I have a bunch of other hobbies or things I like, but I'm not gonna drag this section on too much, if you want to ask in-depth personal related or about my hobbies that I listed or did not list, well go ahead.

    Pokemon in General: I've been playing Pokemon ever since I was like 5 or 6, so a good 17 years now. My earliest memories was not actually the games, but the TV show being what I would watch after school when kindergarten let out, or when I went home for lunch because I lived close, so I got like 30-40 minutes of TV time during school when other kids stayed. Of course my older brother eventually got our parents to get the games for our GB with the first generation, and I got hooked watching him play them, though he never let me play them until we got Yellow and he taught me how. We've had pretty much every incarnation of the games and spin-offs ever since, because honestly they are really fun to play.

    Competitive Pokemon/Pokemon Online: I downloaded PO in January of 2012 after learning about the server where I didn't have to invest any actual time into the physical games to use the sets and stats I wanted, because well honestly fuck that time consuming method. I first joined the smogon server because I lurked reading their analysis pages, but realized their chats were shit and went to join the main beta server after like three days, and never looked back. However, that doesn't mean that all was great when I joined beta as Tohjo Falls was cancer, and I just wanted to battle so I laddered until I saw that this place had tournaments, which I joined and the chat was far better than Tohjo, and it was talking about competitive pokemon and not spamming the fuck out of the chat, it was glorious.

    Tournaments had a really cool bot named Shanai (who also ran like every other sub-channel at the time too), but Shanai's set up for Tours was pretty cool at how neat and organized everything looked as opposed to the default setting, and would run checks for illegal stuff and could void matches if a clause was incorrectly added, it was color coded to an extent, and there was even a tier where the bot could play. It was pretty god damn awesome. It was there that I met a lot of the old Megausers TacoBell, Cirno, RedJoker, Roku, Dasdardly, Vietpride, Rockyrd, Jin of the Gale, and Blitzy among others, it was a pretty cool place.

    Eventually though Shanai died, and her creator Nixeagle left, as well there was a massive Auth desertion because of problems with the Owners, as well there was a time where all you would see is Professor Oak and his lv 99 BANHAMMER just slamming people left and right, it was truly a dark time. Honestly, I didn't think PO was gonna thrive much after that, and figured I joined a sinking ship, though things weren't so bad in retrospect. I was eventually promoted in the short 4 months that all this happened by Mooglet and started getting more involved with the community joining the big tours of Smogon and PO (World Cups, POCL, all the little tours too, etc.) where I have made a lot of friends and rivals that made playing this annoying as fuck game a lot better. I was really mediocre because I tried playing the shit that was known as OU because it seemed everyone played that, but during the first POWC under US Central co-captain Elmo, I learned that the LU tier in gen 5 was really fun, and pursued that and ended up being really good at it to an extent. After this, PO started getting back on its feet with the help of both Ethan and Shadowhax/Shadowfist/Aerith rebuilding bots/scripts to run Trivia and Tournaments more efficiently again, so it was pretty nice again.

    After I decided to help more out in Tohjo to help it become less cancerous I was gifted with Moderator in January of 2013 by Professor Oak to carry on the legacy of banning people. I was also given Tour Owner a few months later, and eventually was promoted again to Administrator by Hikari/BR/whatever the fuck you know that Venezuelan by.

    Part of being Tour Owner meant I was to reign in the growing cancer of clanfags in Tournaments that was starting to spread like wildfire, and during my period as TO most of the Auth we've had over the last few years were initially promoted/suggested by me to be given Megauser, so I guess I have a good track record for finding potential mod candidates. Also, I gifted the title to users Sulcata and Diamondslight because I knew they would be good for the position after Showmethemankey resigned from the position, despite people not thinking Diamonds was active or communicative enough for the spot, I was adamant on him getting it.

    I was eventually gifted with the prestigious title of LU Tier Leader for generation 6 after helping out with the tier ever since gen 5. I held all these until near the end of the 2014 when I had to leave for a while to take a job, and lol I wasn't demoted until the week I told them I was returning. Gone for 3 months, doesn't get demoted til the week he comes back even after I told them if it got too sporadic they can demote me. After returning, I just continued on and was eventually given back LU Tier Leader and Moderator, and then Admin again because I can totally be trusted with it, though I don't think there are actually such a need for all these Admins, but I guess it's nice to have.

    All in all, I've enjoyed these last four years getting to meet and battle all the people I have, which I don't regret one bit of my time. I don't have much to add to that without going way more in-depth, so if you want to hear anything on fun battle stories, or favorite people I've had to face, or stuff that happened when I was a Tour Owner, Moderator, Admin, etc. well just ask about anything you might want to specifically hear, and I'll do my best.

    Shoutouts: 99% of these will never be read by the people who I'm giving them to. (Control+F your name just to see if you got one, seriously this is a long list.)
    Hikari/BR/whatever female alt you want to be - You are probably the greatest contributor to PO and competitive pokemon. You gave me a lot of chances here from promotions to mod and admins, as well as help on getting Tier Leader. You are probably the best rival someone can have too, as anyone who plays you no doubt gets better just because of how good you are at pretty much any tier, thanks for all you've done, I'm glad I know you.

    Professor Oak - Scotty, you've pretty much done equally as much for PO in some capacity. You've tried to hold the glue together for a long time, despite the fact you weren't able to keep up due to life circumstances, or being out of the loop for a long time. However, you've been a real chill friend and help.

    Blitzamirin - Blitzy <3 you were pretty much the first friend I made on PO when I entered server tournaments, and you've never stopped being that you handsome stud you. Glad that all is well last time I checked with your schooling and life, continue that.

    ShowMeTheMankey - My greatest rival and one of my better friends here on PO. You were promoted to MU alongside me, promoted to Tour Owner along side me, ended up on our first POCL teams together as subs ofc, always pushed to do better in battles against each other, it's never been dull fighting against you in Pokemon my friend. Hope all is well with you if your still in the military as well as your hunt irl for Mooglet.

    Regular Rivals/Opponents:
    Afro Smash + Gl4ss - You guys made BW NU probably the most fun I've ever played it as there was never a dull moment figuring out ways I could beat you and keep up on the ladder when it was really active. I remember Afro sucked, but Gl4ss was too stronf for everyone a time.

    Omfuga + Cased - Throwing you two together because you are both asshats in general, and have been since I have known you, but you both are some of the better competition in battling I may have ever had. Also, at the root you guys are pretty chill even though you go over the top sometimes really easily. Can't really hate you guys anymore like I did a few years back, though can still get mildly annoyed at your antics.

    Meeps + New Breed - I almost hated LU because I couldn't beat you guys regularly, but that's what made it the most fun, and why I loved the tier so much is because I got the chance to play against you guys. Though meeps sucks, so the fact he won so much is really annoying, must be sending sacrifices to his lord Castform to be able to win so much.

    Mysterion, Allala, Mfhoundoom/CuboneThugsnSkarmory, Emvee - Guys I miss because they were players who gave me the opportunity to play LU when it wasn't dead during gen 5. Never really had a dull moment against any of you, and I miss that.

    Z+V - What's up my drunked french friend? Are you actually drunk ever, or was that all just a ploy to make me think you were some drunk player? We never really speak much, though it was more that we let our battling do the talking that we needed, and it's always fun battling a good friend.

    Luck>Skill - You being the entire singular entity known as Italy makes fighting you annoying, and yet we still allow "other italians" to take part in team tournaments, despite every single alt is just you. How do you have all the TDs so brainwashed? But, seriously just like BR you did a lot for PO, and was someone that would better opponents just by playing. I learned a lot from you as a player, and without the two of you probably wouldn't have improved a lot at all.

    Scythe. - Giving you a S/O since you are a really cool dude, and it was nice to have someone to discuss some good LU, RU, and NU with during a team tournament. It was fun being on the same POCL team as you all last year, I should get more involved either here or on Smogon for team tours and do it again.

    Salt (NaCl) - Won't lie, for a long while in LU, you were like the first to make me actually try again when things were getting boring since no one was playing the tier well. Though you tend to play and build super safe, you should try playing some reckless styles more, it's a lot of fun especially when you throw your opponent off guard.

    Zorodark + Metalgross - You guys get lumped together, because I'm 100% sure you guys are actually the same person. You might fool everyone else, but I see right through your magic acts. Anyway, ya'll are pretty chill, and you got a taste of life here, so you also know the cool things as well as the not so cool things about the midwest. Also, will you two stop sucking at the lower tiers ever? We compromise, I'll stop sucking at Ubers and OU (ha, gonna kill myself first), and you two get better at LU and NU in the current and last gens.

    Insane Soul - I miss your god damn wordy and long ass posts in suspects. The color coordinated bits were a nice touch, as well solid fun playing you, but damn do I miss reading those posts, because so much attention to detail has never been given.

    Finchy - Solid eye for battling, though it does hurt when you usually bet against me, I'm not THAT BAD, you should throw me a few more win predictions every now and again. Also, at this point you're 30 something right? I mean it's been some years since you were 23, you have been senile all this time as you fret getting so much older lol, right? right? At least you've mellowed out from being super spastic all the time, god damn was that version of you so annoying.

    Gengar and Carl - Throwing you together because honestly I'm glad to have guys like you around. On the off chance I get battles for our tiers I can count on you guys to actually make me try instead of having to deal with the boredom that comes with people who don't know what they are doing in a tier. Also, Carl, for our next battle we need to have one side be named with prosecutors/criminals and the other being defense lawyers/innocents from AA, ONLY ONE SIDE OF JUSTICE CAN PREVAIL.

    Echizen - You usually have a bad temper, usually are an ass to deal with, and overall people don't like you, won't lie I don't at times either. But, hell if it isn't fun to play against you, nor watch you and other random people try to stir up shit where they clearly have less basis than you do, always a fun thing.

    Kyrk - I miss playing you in UU, you always were such a fun, colorful, and cool guy. The fact your teams were literally you using a randomizer most of the time and making something work out of them always intrigued me.

    NananaBatman - I will find a way to beat you at UU one of these days Batman, count on it bats. Other than that, why is everyone that tries to argue with you seemingly lack common sense?

    Orcelot, Michael209, Soren Valenheart, and Fille - Bunch of gen 5 UUers that made the tier a lot of fun and made for some really good competition. Disappointed that ya'll left or quit Pokemon, but it was fun while it lasted, though I do remember all your teams mostly being fucking bulky tanks...honestly fuck that battle style. Not to mention Soren's :)))))))))))))) spam was annoying as fuck even if it was his trademark phrase.

    Puregenius and Arsenal - Two really cool uber players that I'm glad I got to meet and be part of a team with, don't think PG really got a lot of the credit he deserved for gen 5 ubers tournaments, and arsenal's a really swell dude.

    Former Staff/Community peeps:
    Elements - Well met Elements, you were always one of the better leaders around here in general, and were a cool TO to work under for the time you were here. Hopefully, OU does better this season than last season when it comes to CFP time. And hopefully, Nebraska will stop sucking when it comes to season and bowl games.

    Steeledges - Steel buddy, you are a real nice guy, though you usually try to hard. Whether it's trying to get people's acceptance or to like you to some degree, you kind of try to hard to decide or roll with something sometimes. Have more faith and confidence in you being you like when you know you are gonna slam a banhammer down on someone after they crossed the line 30+ times, because you nice enough to give them that many chances.

    The Real Elmo - POWC is the first time I met you, and I'm glad I decided to join that tour. Elmo you are a really cool guy, and you got me to love LU and NU a lot because you have some of the quirkiest sets imaginable. Sad that some of your life stuff has gone to shit, but you got your friends still, and there's other people out there, so it's not like a guy like you should be down long, wouldn't be surprised if you rebounded already buddy. We need to play smash sometime or have another friendly in Pokemon.

    IFM - US Central Captain, the legendary drunkard, Idiotfrommars. Hope all is well with you IFM, will never forget your drunken antics, and maybe one day when no one is watching, I'll reban Elmo for you since you always ask that. Also, never lose at GSC pls, BOOM Squadron is the best plays ever.

    Ethan - Hands down probably the best auth I've ever seen on here. This man did it all as an admin, scripter, and other things. He was likely the fastest person to respond to any Auth needs while busy, and was even faster than Mahn when trying to one up others on mutes and kicks. I miss this dude.

    Meowmix - You are gay, everything you do is gay, you are bad at fantasy sports, you die off for no reason, but we still love you because you're funnier than most people are willing to be.

    Waehofen - I miss waebot, had the funniest things collected from the VERY BEST of PO users, ranging from Things Kland Says to Stupid Things Clanfags Say, to random asspulls of people off irc. Also, dude himself was cool, I miss you wae.

    Dr. Fuji - Damn it Fuji, you just had to retreat to the most remote part of Canada and never be heard from again. I honestly wanted to play more of the PKMN TCG against you, I actually ended up with a pretty alright deck at some point.

    Captain - I probably know the least about you, out of anyone on this list, but you are a really cool dude. Didn't even know you at all before you got indigo access, but if we didn't become fast friends. Hope all is well with you in the Canadian army, and more so get that god damn sniper status already.

    Crystal Moogle: You gave me my first promotion, and I thank you for that. You've also had to endure a lot more shit than you should have, even though some of it was more joking than serious, but some people took it to a higher level placing blames on you for certain things, but you were honestly great to work with.

    Pokemonnerd/PNerd - You god damn snorlax you, I honestly miss having you around, just so I can beat you in Pokemon. However, military stuff does take over, so you pop up when you can, but you are probably one of the coolest guys that just hangs around.

    Beast - Dude if you ever read this, hope that means you escaped the evil grasp of your girlfriend/prison warden. Though a guy who put a good amount of effort into things he did for the server, also you didn't entirely suck at mafia when I was beating you.

    Former + some Current Mafia people (Serpentine, Fegelein, Bebbz, Nainil, Zzyzx Road, Drapht, Katia, Li Q. Assir, Jalmont, Dark Phoenix, DatXFire, Hopkirk, Rosina, Jiggles, AJHockeystar, lordKX, Human Destroyer, Dopog, T3 The Third, Emoasiankid, Roild, PokeworldBW, Roy Mustang, Vet Padgett, LadyHoliday, Obey to kyubey) - Could give ya'll something individual, but they'll all be mafia related in that the most of you were really great to play against, and made Mafia what it was/is. Some of you might have been part of the evolutionary problem of what became themes currently, but from what I remember, it was never taken too seriously with you all, and the games were so much fun back then. Special shoutout to EmoAsianKid though, I'm 90% sure we got the start on the technical targeting rule, because seriously EmoAsianKid was bad almost every fucking time, and yet no one would believe me and rand the kid off, so I tried to do it so much and others literally started to follow.

    Jin - Literally the only guy I could talk wrestling with for a time because no one else openly admitted to watching it without being super aidsy in Tohjo. Though you were pretty strict on modding, and took things a bit further than probably should have, hopefully you've chilled a bit out though. Also, don't give a fuck if he's from India, The Great Khali still sucks.

    Uso - <3 You suck, feel like I should mention that, you probably won't ever read this, but even though you suck, you were a really chill person to talk to.

    Green Eyed Russian - PO's best troll moderator, don't think there was ever a dull moment watching you argue a point with someone, just to take the opposite side. Everyone who you started stuff with (usually Aurist lol) would always get so uppity, and ya'll would take some stuff to extreme levels of salt. I honestly miss you doing that regularly to our users even if it is mean to say that.

    Weavile - Honestly always had the feeling you never liked me deep down or just thought some bad about me, though I never had that feeling towards you, but you were always cool to talk to, and recommend some pretty sweet anime, so I think we have something in common at least despite the likelihood we have usual contrasting views on certain topics.

    Galblade - For an aussie, you were alright. However, how the hell can you live on a continent where there's literally everything is venomous and is faster and stronger than you just a hike away? I would hate to live there just due to that fact, don't care how beautiful the nature might be when it can actively kill you faster than 90% of our nature.

    Former TAs (Brainzz, Bananabeard...the rest of them) - Ya'll were always so quiet, no one on here bites or would have given you a hard time. Geeze it's like they lived in a world of jeopardy and didn't answer unless asked a question. But, most of ya'll were actually cool.

    Former/Current Megausers (Ramiel, Slayer, Tobyfant, Sov, Abdel, Navz, Incon, Katy Perry <3, Daybreak, Poliwrath says, 420ttop, Trademark, Casp, Hellhound, Duncajuwon, TraceofLife, Raducan, E.T., Tacobell, Heather Star, MEH, Vietpride, Rockyrd, and everyone else I promoted or worked with) - Could go personalized again, but ya'll made Tournaments fun for me when I wasn't an MU or when I was Tour Owner and I could play as much as I wanted because I'd force you all to help out start random tours like HGSS UU and the like so they could get seen. You were all fun chaps to just talk with when I could as well, and it made Tournaments a more lively place as well, wish we could have that back now.

    Dasdardly - You get a personalize one because you are a really cool dude, also we have the same favorite anime as well, which was something I didn't think I shared with anyone on PO. Also, long live the Bayern Braviary and Schalke Staraptor names.

    Current Staff:
    Fuzzy - Won't lie, but when you were newish and I joined mafia a lot, I went out of my way to kill you whenever I was bad just because I didn't like your name. Of course never on the level of night 1 targeting every time, but I did go out of my way to purposefully kill you just for no real reason when a good opportunity showed itself. Inb4 I get mafia banned for this now.

    Mahnmut - As I have said before, you are probably one of the best guys around here. Just doing what you do in itself is a great help, and you are sincerely a nice guy. Hope that all the doctoring you do gives you a well meaningful life, because you deserve it. Also it's nice to just hear your opinions on certain animes or what you currently watch from time to time, it's a good chat for me.

    Fitzy - One of the longest names in PO contributions, you are extremely great at what you do, and honestly probably one of the most versatile players I've seen. Tbh, you usually are the voice of reason that brings an argument back into focus whenever I see it.

    Jinora - You suck....a lot.....at fantasy sports. Just saying. Cavs gonna beat Warriors, I'm gonna win the next fantasy football and basketball leagues we have, and if meowmix ever comes alive again, we need to steal like 200 bucks from him for dying on us.

    Water - See above. Also, Falcons gonna suck still, also revert all mafia back to way it was in 2012/13 ok? It was better that way, also bring back daypix, best priority killer ever.

    Redjoker25 - Why aren't you an admin yet? Seriously who keeps failing to offer you an admin spot? You have always been good at the minor things like mahn, and honestly I feel I should strike up a conversation with you more, but I never know what to talk about. I mean could talk megaman because we both like it, but I don't know what else I can talk about, since I never really asked. That's literally how I first talked to you anyway was asking if your name was a reference to the starforce game, but never actually could move past that for whatever reason. We should fix that problem someday.

    [EON]ESPY - You get the full clanfag clan tag you wore all that time back, I will never not let you live it down. You honestly made Tournaments hella-annoying to be in for months, just saying. Didn't help the rest of your clan was pretty cancerous/autistic for being bad at pokemon at the time. Though you mellowed and are pretty cool now, glad that fucking happened, all good things come with time at least. IMO we provided the best good environment for you, y/y?

    Jirachier - Why do you still have an admin power? Like, you have avoided deauth more than Jedgi and HSOWA, and that in itself is a spectacular feat. Also, at least you can be vocal about anime/manga, though seriously, why do you want main characters to have the super OP abilities from the get go? That's boring as fuck 90% of the time. I wouldn't mind that in moderation in stories, but you want it every fucking time it feels like.

    Diamondslight + Sulcata - I got you both promoted, and you've ran with the ball now longer than I have at this point. Keep that on up, also next Diamonds I'm going to win our next fantasy league, count on it. Sul-Cat-A, we play GSC again, but I bring full boom squad and you bring no ghost or steels, y/y?

    Skyphoenix - I remember you being a god damn try-hard back in the day in Tohjo. Honestly, trying to praise every little thing an auth did, felt like you REALLY wanted an auth spot lol. It was annoying, but you're an alright guy though.

    Aurist - My fellow Tier Leader and likely polar opposite in some...(many?) form(s). Won't lie it's sometimes hard to deal with you when it comes to tiering because we seem to be completely different minded where I'm an offensive player and you try to use more defensive based things, as well you take a lot of political issues and stances to what feels like extremes sometimes, while I take them more easily than most, though that's likely because you know the bigotry and have faced it, where as I know the bigotry and face it in my own way that others likely aren't able to get b/c of their old gen moral values or hanging onto outdated ways. Honestly, it's a fun dynamic for me, even if you likely don't like me very much lol. Pretty sure while we contrast online, if we met in the outside world we'd likely be fairly good friends.

    Xdevo - Q, why is Registeel still in NU? Can you just ban that steel golem already? It makes NU cancerous. Also when are you going to make the jump to running 256 man tournaments? Feels like you never went the distance to improve that record so you could become the greatest tour runner ever. Despite the fact we can be pretty dick-ish to each other, I do respect everything you've done for PO and your opinions and arguments you bring to the table. There's very few better than you at that job, glad they finally gave you the respect of running 128 man tournaments after like 4 years.

    Draciel - See above questions, when does the Registeel ban from NU happen? Why didn't you ban Virizion? Seriously NU is pretty aidsy with Registeel and when Virizion was around. Other than that you've honestly done a fine job taking over, probably put more effort than I ever opted to do into this place, even though I did want it at one time.

    Samphy - Honestly it's been forever since we've had a chance to talk. Did you ever get bored of teaching snot nosed pre-teens? Did using your massive assets actually manage to get them to pay attention in class, or did they actually start spacing off more? Do you still teach? Hope whatever is currently ailing you goes away, that way we can have a proper conversation again sometime soon.

    Steve - Pretty cool guy that hosts our websites and deals with the servers and all. Though you can be a general dick to people, but then again who isn't like that regularly? Might be a bit of a double standard since you act like that with owners, but it honestly feels pretty natural too. Do like the no fucks given approach though.

    Others/Friends/Acquaintances/People who get some shoutout:
    Cirno - You are probably the nicest person I have ever seen on this simulator. I don't get how that is possible, but it is true, so never change that Cirno. I can't say much more because you seem to keep most people at arms length away unless you really know them, but I wish I could say a whole lot more that's meaningful outside how nice you are and anime's that we probably happen to like. Just please, don't use Masquerain an absurd amount in LU again?

    Stocke - It's nice to have someone to talk about One Piece with, as well as certain video games at times. You're a good friend man, also the fact you want to say good day to every channel you are in when you show up is nice too, even if it is likely a bot. Was cool to eventually learn your name is based off a pretty cool VG character from Radiant Historia, just like always god damn spider bosses were the worst.

    Wriggle Nightbug - <3 Hi wriggs. Won't lie you're a pretty bullheaded person when having to explain the reasons people do somethings in certain ways due to certain reasons, and it doesn't help that you don't try seeing it from another perspective. However, I can't fault a person too badly for being stubborn or wanting something done their way, sometimes it just means they care a lot, I kind of find that endearing about you lol. Also, you're better to talk with than people give you credit for, and it's really nice to talk with you from time to time, we should do that more often, though timezones don't make it easy.

    Kland - Best Tournaments user by far, this man speaks in maths, slurs his words like he's continually drunk, and has the best rationale to his unique sets. Also, he calls hax from the sky like a mofo GOD, seriously, can you get any better than that? Underrated threat at everything, THEY FEAR THE KLAND.

    Karppu / Ammy / Amaterasu - You know like 90% of people hate you right? Won't lie, sometimes I do too, but I know the feeling is mutual at times as well, and you get frustrated with most of us as much as we do you. However, you are actually a pretty nice person sometimes, and at other times you are an honest to god evil man who preys on certain people's insecurities. Can you start using your powers for the better instead of being an ass?

    Joey - I'm just going to name drop you just because I'd feel like a dick if I didn't, but 1000% of what I want to say will not ever be nice about your time on here, however you at least try. So effort?

    The Dude - You are a really cool dude, Dude. Also New Zealand is like mini-australia...but better, so I already like it more than the mainland.

    Isa - Tauros is the best Pokemon in every generation, no if, ands, or buts, it shall lead anyone using it to victory imo...until it gets haxed with paralysis. Also, Q how much would it cost to get my ass handed to me by Leffen in a set of Smash bros? Guy could probs make money off that, charge a ton, beat the shit out of people giving them some 99 lives to his 1, try to win some fame by saying they beat a top smash player.

    Avatar Roku - Roku, you are gay, and you take things really well to a deep extent, just feel you should know that's how I see you. Just joking of course, honestly, you've always been one of the cooler guys around, and more mature despite being younger than most of us here. Has enough time passed that I've stopped being a new fag? I mean 4 years feels like it's long enough, but maybe one just never stops being a new fag.

    Pretty sure that's it, just control+f your name or just look really carefully if you want to find it. Figured it was better to name people than to just call out for good times, since everyone listed has been a huge part of my PO experience for the last 4 years now, that it feels right to actually give them something. If I missed you or didn't list your name, I probably don't actually know you well enough to give you something or I just forgot, it fried my brain trying to remember a bunch of names over the last 4 years.

    So bring on the questions or whatever you have that you want to ask my possible opinions on.
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  2. Joeypals!!

    Joeypals!! Don't you worry 'bout a thing~

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    idk how I'll ever feel about that lmao. I mean, I get why you have the perception of me that you do, and I don't blame you at all. Just know I don't hold anywhere near that view of you. Thanks for sticking around the quote-on-quote sinking ship, you're good to have around even if we never talk for obvious reasons.
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    I'm not trying to be obviously mean by it...but when you look at your time and experience on here, and my position of trying to be the moderate, it has been really infuriating. I mean you are like the brainy smurf of PO in some aspects, you want people to accept and like you a lot, but whenever you tried to takeover leads in mafia or start stuff in tournaments, it's like....god damn it joey, why you falling into this rut where others can blast you and you take it too hard and seriously. If I said what I wanted to say, it would end up mean or possibly hurtful, which I didn't want it to be even if I'm being honest since you try and are an active part of this community.
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  4. snaga

    snaga .

    Sep 26, 2014
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    PO Trainer Name:
    When the shoutouts are longer than the actual post
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  5. Stocke

    Stocke Wat is dis I don't even

    Mar 27, 2013
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    Wow, I got like my first shoutout ever. I'm moved, no joke. And no, it's not a bot, I do actually say hey to people, and usually good night when I'm leaving too. I don't actually talk that much in the middle though but I'm there most of the time if anyone needs me for anything, just feel free to flash.

    So yeah, less me and more you, gonna throw a few questions:

    1: Order AA prosecutors from best to worst.
    2: Why do you think that Oda made Dressrosa so fucking long? Do you think the newest arc is an improvement to that, or that it's just more of the same shit and that OP is going the Naruto and Bleach way and becoming a giant turd?
    3: What former auth/TL/Channel Leader or basically person with power of any kind in PO would you bring back to their position? Let's not give a fuck whether they have a life or anything like that, just assume that the moment you say it they're at their full capacity and have no distractions to worry about.
    4: What is the most funny story you can remember about that happened in Indigo?
    5: What is the most funny story you can remember about that happened in Tours?
    6: What is the most funny story you can remember about that happened in PO in general?
    7: You get a time machine to the point when you first joined PO, what would you change about the time you've been here?

    Grats on profile and thanks for your effort all these years.
  6. Duster

    Duster dodgerswin 2018

    Sep 23, 2013
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    if dubs win the series will draymond win finals mvp
    can the texans steal afc south from the colts this year
    plans as far as education (like are you looking to get into a masters program)
    your tentative top 10 fantasy football picks next year

    ab julio gurley obj hopkins bell
    david johnson
    peterson and gronk

    lamar miller might be in my top 10 somewhere too
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  7. Joeypals!!

    Joeypals!! Don't you worry 'bout a thing~

    Dec 30, 2011
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    PO Trainer Name:
    I think that's simply due to my Type A personality, and during the time period we're talking about literally no auth would listen to me because they all believed I had an active victim card after the whole Black Mother incident in Mafia You can understand why I took it out in chat. Everything else is duly noted.
  8. Celestial Phantom

    Celestial Phantom YAHA

    Mar 8, 2012
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    Gotta give credit to some people, because who the hell even does real shoutouts anymore? Plus, standard format for this is boring and no one wants to hear the same stuff over and over again tbh, so if you want to know actual juicy stuff (like embarassing oak stories and the like), or my specific thoughts on any tier cycles, or that shit just ask.. Seriously though, I felt like I wanted to give a lot back for all those who contributed to my PO experience over the last 4 years.

    1. Edgeworth>Godot>Manfred von Karma>Mr. Debeste from Investigations>Klavier Gavin> Franziska von Karma>Lana Sky>Payne dude>Dead Neil Marshall>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sebastian Debeste. I haven't played any of the 3DS ones yet, so I can't comment on them, but they will definitely be above Sebastian.

    2. Character dump for Luffy's fleet, meaning everyone gets a god damn name and battle scene to show off. Still better than Nar(no real character development)uto and Bleach since literally everything connects and makes sense so far in some manner. Oda is still great with the story telling, just god help us with battles. This arc is already doing better in terms of pacing while introducing new characters/info, but just he battles will be stupid long I bet.

    3. Hikari

    4. I am not allowed to talk about the funnest thing that happened in indigo because it was forbidden for the sake of someone's feelings in regards to what they did. Sorry can't tell you that.

    5. Does whenever Kland starts talking about maths, history of australia, and Pokemon tactics in general count? Or do I have to be super specific? Because that shit is always entertaining no matter what gets said. If I go a bit in-depth I remember a time when there was a three way argument between like Kland, Zodiak, and MewMewZapdos. MMZ was a notorious troll, and 90% of the things he said were relative stupidity, and he was getting into a god damn argument with Kland over Australian history or archeology or some shit because apparently his dad is some aussie archaeologist/historian, and MMZ is spouting god damn nonsense about who knows what, when Kland decides to break out MATH....MATH of all things to argue his points about relative history in Australia's past. Zodiak being the guy he is, turns up and then starts an argument with Kland over battling because they did this at the time, and so Zodiak's calling out Kland on his shittalking knowledge about history and math and then proceeds to add in Pokemon battling to the boat, so now we got a three way argument about battling, math, and australian history going on that has no relevance to each other in any manner of speak, before they finally calmed down and decided to settle it with a match up (zodiak v kland because they both agreed MMZ sucked) after a good 45 minutes of debating literally nothing that was relative to each other. We still don't know exactly what the point of the argument was about, but literally all of us tour staff and some mods were just eye rolling about the stupidity we just watch because it ended up being enjoyable stupidity.

    6. Let's see, I think the time that Oak accidentally banned and demoted Moogle because he thought her account was compromised. What happened was that Oak for whatever reason checked Moogle's IP because she was just "sitting there" and not talking or doing anything, so when he did an IP check, he knew that the IP didn't match her usual one, and thus demoted and banned until he could contact her. A short few minutes later, we got Oak going, "Well I dun fucked up" because and having to undo what he just did because Moogle's account wasn't hacked at all, it was just that she had decided to go to Mcdonald's, use the free wifi on her android device, and wasn't doing anything because eating. So we got Moogle pissed off because she couldn't explain anything because her hands were greasy from the fries, Oak mistakenly banning her all because heaven forbid we assume anyone on the internet actually leaves their house for any period of time, and a lot of laughing over Oak's fuck up. Most funny things tbh are the little things.

    7. Power grab more, because that's obviously been so effective (sarcasm) by everyone who has tried it. Overall, probably try and promote things better than we have had on actually doing stuff, because that's been something that's hurt is the lack of proper promotion of ourselves and what we do community wise has been not so good.

    Colts winning it, hell if anyone can win it imo Jaguars would win this year.
    Um, dunno on that, whenever I can afford to go back to college is when I'll think that. Though if I wanted to teach Physics yeah I'll probably need a masters, they like that.
    In Order: 1. Bell 2. All Day AP 3. Gurley 4. Antonio Brown 5. Julio Jones 6. Gronkowski 7. Deandre Hopkins 8. OBJ 9. David Johnson (imo should be 2nd rounder, but will likely be 1st) 10. Cam Newton
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016
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  9. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak same Forum Administrator Server Owner Social Media Rep Forum Administrator Server Owner Social Media Rep

    Apr 21, 2010
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    Professor Oak
    Were you talking about a certain thing that ended up having a dramatic reading on Skype, in reply to Stocke's 4th question?

    Just posting to say <3 Phil
  10. Joyverse

    Joyverse Back for a blast!

    Aug 23, 2014
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Oh boy! It's CP! First of all gratzu on the profile!

    1)What's your timezone? I kinda miss a few of you guys in the ladder. Now all I get in LU is Chinese TR Strats and Acrobatics Ambipom! ;-;
    2)Quaggy is here, bring back Panda pls.
    3)What's the optical power of your eyes i.e. what is the power(s) of your lenses on your glasses?
    4)I have seen you play RBY OU,Monotype,LU, and UU. What other tiers do you like playing? Why?
    5)You had reprimanded me once for swearing at a fellow CStaff member once, you tested me on why a Froslass didn't taunt (it was choiced) and I was too confused to answer, are you a hard taskmaster?
    6)Who is your favourite warlord from Conquest? Why?
    7)Favourite pokemon competitively and aesthecially. Why?
    8)Least favourite....
    9)Opinions on Side Channels?
    10)What is your current favourite pokemon to use in LU? Why?
    11)Do you even know I am doing the server tour rankings for about 2 months? I simply asked Draciel and he lemme, is it that easy to be part of your legacy?
    12)Uh, so, at my current pace do you think in 2-3 years I'll get a shoutout from you in your next profile or is PO gonna die by then?
    13)What do you expect from fellow cstaff. tls, auths and other users? (extension of q 5)
    14)Favourite music genre?
    15)Favourite car?
    That's all I guess, HF!
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  11. Edna

    Edna Chasing the Dragon Forum Moderator Forum Moderator

    Feb 20, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Thanks for the s/o and we'll sure do so :] Although I'll try first to take Maya and Phoenix :p

    Kinda funny we have the same age, thought you were 22 already

    I won't ask Pokemon questions because I believe we already discuss of these in Indigo and Tournaments enough
    Let's go with questions:

    1) AA6 got released yesterday in Japan, and we have to wait until September to have it, what do you think of this? Similarly Pokemon S/M will be released 5 days later in Europe, do you feel like these kind postponed release in other countries is the best way to go?

    2) When buy AA5, Blackquill is by far Top 3 Prosecutors

    3) Thought on AA anime?

    4) Any opinion on me? How can I improve?

    That's it, it was a cool profile to read :)
  12. Dominique-XLR

    Dominique-XLR I'm a simple man. I see boobs, I like.

    Jan 30, 2013
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    Gratz on profile. Yet another guy who agrees Draciel is a turd, how about that?

    Despite the name, you are one of the least elitist and condescending mods/auths/Tls in PO from what I've seen. So yeah, thanks for that I guess.

    I don't really have any real question, but since you mentioned Kland a couple of times I'd like to suggest we keep him in zoo for everyone to see. I mean he's pretty hilarious when he rambles on all by himself. His inboxes are real gems
  13. Blitzamirin

    Blitzamirin Waluigi! Number one!

    Nov 25, 2011
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Sup bae. It was fun to meet you and have you around the community, I guess giving you MU was a good start to your ascending powers ;) You're pretty chill and we talked about a ton of stuff during our time as staff, and while not everyone agrees with what you do (hell I know I don't sometimes), you're still a hard worker when you're around. Thanks for being one of the people "who got me back into PO" recently by catching up with me, it was good to make up for the lost years (but msg me more!)... and I also need to destroy you again in Smash!

    I'm busy with uni + PS on my hands but stop by more lol. Question would be: What clan on PO was your favorite and why?
  14. Celestial Phantom

    Celestial Phantom YAHA

    Mar 8, 2012
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    Yes, yes it is. Hope after all this time, you guys still liked and enjoyed what we cooked up for it, even if I personally only had opinions for the one who created it, and 90% of it was his own doing. Still is probably the greatest thing I've ever encountered in my time here.

    1. US central time

    2. That's not a counter or even good check at all to a good panda, js.

    3. ....I honestly have no clue. All I know is they are polycarbonate lenses and that they are like 4D....whatever number types there are. I literally didn't pay too much attention to the sheet thing.

    4. I will play every tier that has a competitive feel to it, meaning I honestly do not like metronome or challenge cup(s) because there's no strategy what so ever to them. Special love though for DPP NU sans weather because it's fun and interesting, just never play @The Real Elmo because he likes bringing hail, and it's annoying.

    5. Not really, however everything can be a learning experience to make others better, and usually I'm pretty lax at that. Pretty sure I only scolded you for that because you did it openly in a public channel which as far as staff goes is not something to do if you want to set an example for other users.

    6. I'll likely go Nobunaga or Shingen, no real reason just I kind of liked them the most.

    7. Sigilyph, it's a powerhouse, it looks cool, it has an amazing ability in Magic Guard, it's pretty much a win vs stall based teams, and most of all it's an LU pokemon.

    8. Least favorite for both at the same time? The Ice Cream line of Pokemon. Whoever thought Ice Cream should be Pokemon had to be high as fuck, because they suck. Garbodor is pretty bad too, but at least it's useful competitively. Ice Cream mons don't even have a fucking niche.

    9. Tournaments is the best and obviously should be the focus point because Pokemon means battling. Trivia is a cool way to test your knowledge and have fun with others, however some questions are just literally out there or pretty obscure at times that you'll only know it with repetition. Mafia used to be really awesome, but then people started making overly complicated themes, or there ended up being some pretty OP based roles, and then they removed a lot of the simple just kill ones to see who was luck, and honestly it just started sucking. Hangman is hangman which is fun in small doses. Safari well it's alright, but easily gets boring tbh, don't see how people devote so much time to it, though I guess it's more of a gambling/luck addiction effect.

    10. Sigilyph, it's useful on any team, and can be used on almost any team formation.

    11. I haven't even bothered to look at those in a long time since I stopped doing them, because Draciel sucks and obviously can't live up to the hype.

    12. Seeing as I'm unlikely to get another profile, because I won't honestly need to do one, you probably won't get one.

    13. Don't do stupid shit in public channels if you are auth, cstaff, or regular users. Remember to find a way to have fun on here, it's pokemon, and remember you get one line of rage when hax happens. As for fellow TLs, ban the stupid shit from our tiers as they happen.

    14. Rock

    15. I like the Shelby series of car, I don't exactly know why, it's just I kind of always had liked them, so it's just one of those things you know?

    Thanks Carl, and yeah turn 22 next week, I was literally the youngest guy in my class in school, really annoying that I would have to wait for school to be out to be able to do some things others could do during the school year.

    1. I hope it's really good. AA has the love/hate of having some really cool moments, but some really cringy ones in the same game too. I honestly kind of do think it's a good way to go, because you can build up hype if it's really good, and make more people want to get it in foreign places. Also, you can envoke the rule of, "They have something I don't have yet, so I have to play catch up, so must get" when it's finally available.

    2. When have $30 to spare to spend on the game, because living expenses require way more lol.

    3. Alright especially for something based on a video game. Adds some cool things that you don't get in the game, but when you see the process being linear, it makes almost no sense. Also it changes somethings slightly so far, which is expected, just it's not really good or anything, tbh it's kind of cringy, but it's fun to watch.

    4. Stop relying on haxing me to win, use different cores and change up sets more. Your teams are literally cookie-cutter for anyone who sees them once.

    Thanks, everyone knows Draciel sux.

    Eh, I honestly have my moments of rage in silence, or in the depths of Indigo, so I have the streak of it, but I won't openly antagonize someone about being bad or using shit sets. That's not fair to them for me to do, so I try my best not to.

    Kland is PO's personal treasure, the greatest thing for anyone to ever see. The surprising part is when you actually get on level to talk to him, he's honestly a really chill dude, and he actually does make a lot of sense when you have to figure out the parts he isn't openly explaining to you or thinks you likely should know or catch about.

    Best choice anyone ever made was to Shanai Admin me. We shall fight smash whenever you are free, of course I will probably need to beat up Carl as a warm up, gotta improve my jack of all trades, master of no one real character.

    As for the question.....god damn IMP was bad, Xclus was annoying, EON might have been the embodiment of autism until they got trumped by those HC guys. You know what, I'm going with the time that Coyotte used IMP on like half the server to be a certain name (I honestly forgot whose name he used), but that might have been the best club, because it wasn't focused elitism, autism, or stupidity, just forcing everyone to come together under one name.
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  15. Dominique-XLR

    Dominique-XLR I'm a simple man. I see boobs, I like.

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    IMP was focused on dwarfism, duh...
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