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Suspect Discussion: Mandibuzz [Banned]

Discussion in 'Gen 6 NU' started by Xdevo, Aug 21, 2016.

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  1. Xdevo

    Xdevo Phrasing Super Moderator Tour Director Super Moderator Tour Director

    Jul 18, 2010
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    Discuss the possibility of Mandibuzz being banned from the ORAS NU tier.

    Use this thread to discuss Mandibuzz's effect on the metagame; talk about the different sets it can use, good partners and potential checks/counters. State your opinion on whether you think it should be banned, but make sure your posts are backed up by experience and knowledge. Anyone who makes post based on theorymon risks being infracted.

    If you're unsure about posting check out this guide and post anyway.
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  2. Kushalos


    Jun 19, 2014
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    This is almost a no-brainer. Mandibuzz is just way too bulky for this tier, being able to wall so many things because nothing is strong enough to kill it initially without any boosts and the ones that can boost are outsped and Taunted/Foul Played most of the time. The support it offers is amazing, filling a teams hazard control needs, a Knock Off user or an impossible to take down stallbreaker. Even Mega-Audino, the one thing that is supposed to wall this thing gets taken down by Taunt+Toxic if it doesnt have a CM up. You're basically forced to run niche shit like Toxic Mesprit to catch it(shoutouts @Goomy ). I dont know who allowed this buzzard to stay for this long, but its time for it to MandiBUZZ off to BL3.
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  3. The Goomy

    The Goomy Member

    Jul 10, 2016
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    This Pokemon is absolutely cancerous in this tier as it can afford to run SpDef and wall pretty much every single Pokemon in the tier. The fact that it's not S rank already is hilarious and it's impact on the tier is disgusting. Magmortar, the best wall breaker in the tier, fails to 2hko with the combination of Fire Blast + T-bolt.

    So yes, ban this monster please.

    (It also beat SD Rhydon this week in POCL. Why is this allowed?)
  4. Funbot28

    Funbot28 Active Member

    May 17, 2015
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    I never understood how Mandibuzz even made it to NU in the first place lol...

    Its bulk allows it to not be 2HKOed by practically every non super effective move in the tier. It's great defensive typing also allows it to be neutral and also sometimes resist common offensive typing a in the meta like Dark and Ground type attacks. Powerful wall breakers mentioned previously such as Magmortar, Choice Specs Mesprit, Tauros, and Choice Specs Swellow fail to 2HKO it as well, which can be detrimental as certain teams rely on these moms to break down these walls which Mandibuzz basically prevents them to accomplish.

    Its amazing support move pool including moves such as Roost, Taunt, Defog, Toxic, and Whirlwind also improves its ability to annoy the opposing team and increases its survivability tremendously.

    Mandibuzz is is too bulky which leaves t to be broken in this meta and should be banned.
  5. Dominique-XLR

    Dominique-XLR I'm a simple man. I see boobs, I like.

    Jan 30, 2013
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    About time.
    This thing walls about 60% OU, so there's not much to say about the bulk.

    Among the few things in NU that has the typing to get past it gets walled anyway due to it's superior speed.
    It out speeds pretty much all the rock types, and toxic-roost stall them to death. Mega audino, despite the type advantage gets taunted+phazed/toxic stalled.

    We don't want to have to run Rampardos/Aurorus for this thing. BAN plz
  6. Draciel

    Draciel ALLEZ! ALLEZ! ALLEZ!

    Sep 19, 2013
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    Mandibuzz is pretty much the epitome of defensive pokemon in NU; amazing bulk and reliable recovery, along with access to support moves like Defog/Taunt which makes it really hard to take down. Access to Foul Play means no physical set-up sweeper is safe to boost its attack; and even the most powerful wallbreakers in the tier fail to 2hko it most of the time. Taunt/Toxic is an incredibly potent combo which allows it to destroy slower defensive teams, and knock off makes it even worse. It's just too bulky for the tier and I agree that this probably should've gone from NU some time ago.

    Not gonna make a huge post because pretty much everyone knows about it's potency and there isn't much else to say that hasn't been said already. So from now on Mandibuzz will be banned from NU.

    Thanks for participating guys.
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