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Server Tournament Rankings - August 2016

Discussion in 'Server Tournaments' started by Joyverse, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Joyverse

    Joyverse Back for a blast!

    Aug 23, 2014
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    Hi! I am back, and welcome to the Server Tournament Rankings for the month of August!

    On the forum tournaments side, POCL continues and we are currently at its fifth week! Proceeding to the suspects, Mandibuzz was suspected in NU and has been banned. Mega Altaria is currently being suspected in Monotype, will it be banned or not? We'll see.

    On to the server rankings!

    Sometime in the past, Celestial Phantom had said...

    For those new to the show, we take the top 10 or so spots on both leaderboards for scripted server tournaments for everyone to see how much players fight to win our scripted server tournaments. Top 3 spots on each leaderboard get a special little trophy for the following month corresponding to the leaderboard they placed on. 1st place takes home the gold, 2nd place the silver, and finally 3rd place the bronze. In the event of a tie between players then they each get a trophy for the following month. All trophies will last for one month after issue, so be sure to relish in the accomplishment of winning, and show it off like a prize by wanting to win it every month! Now time to start the show with our leaderboards for the month.

    Regular Leaderboard
    (15:15:19) *** TOURNAMENT RANKINGS ***
    (15:15:19) #1: lillie ~ 257 points
    (15:15:19) #2: ! hc ! agent sam ~ 251 points
    (15:15:19) #3: fire & ice ~ 166 points
    (15:15:19) #4: littleroot ~ 140 points
    (15:15:19) #5: tavi97 ~ 122 points
    (15:15:19) #6: diamondslight ~ 95 points
    (15:15:19) #7: la.cienega ~ 85 points
    (15:15:19) #8: [tr]hurricane ~ 78 points
    (15:15:19) #9: edna ~ 74 points
    (15:15:19) #10: halsey ~ 72 points
    (15:15:19) #11: [moxie] blackguy ~ 69 points

    Standing at the top of the game is Lillie a.k.a @TraceofLife who with 257 points gets the Gold trophy. Gratzu!
    Only 6 points behind, holding on to the Silver is ! HC ! Agent Sam a.k.a @Sam Holmes! Next up, with a solid 166 points, getting the Bronze is our newly promoted MU - Fire & Ice a.k.a @Portia!

    Event Leaderboard
    (15:23:16) *** EVENT RANKINGS (August) ***
    (15:23:16) #1: lillie ~ 31 points
    (15:23:16) #2: halsey ~ 20 points
    (15:23:16) #3: troller ~ 17 points
    (15:23:16) #4: serga ~ 13 points
    (15:23:16) #5: mibuchiha ~ 11 points
    (15:23:16) #5: edna ~ 11 points
    (15:23:16) #5: [moxie] blackguy ~ 11 points
    (15:23:16) #8: gengar17 ~ 10 points
    (15:23:16) #8: ! hc ! agent sam ~ 10 points
    (15:23:16) #10: beforedawn. ~ 9 points
    (15:23:16) #10: tavi97 ~ 9 points
    (15:23:16) #10: littleroot ~ 9 points
    (15:23:16) #10: megametamence ~ 9 points
    (15:23:16) #14: agent k ~ 8 points

    Mirroring his regular leaderboard achievement, Lillie is again at the top with 31 points! He gets Gold yet again! Next up is Halsey a.k.a @electraheartcomplex with 20 points getting the Silver! Next up we have @Troller with 17 points who holds on to the Bronze trophy! Gratzu everyone!

    To those people who did it..


    And to those who tried nonetheless..

    Stay mad cause that's what keeps us going at #Tournaments!

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