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Forum Reorganisation

Discussion in 'News' started by Professor Oak, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak same Forum Administrator Server Owner Social Media Rep Forum Administrator Server Owner Social Media Rep

    Apr 21, 2010
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    Professor Oak
    Since the inception of the Pokemon Online Forums by coyotte508, the forums' primary reason for existing was the development of the simulator. In that time, we have been on three different forum softwares and have moved forums around here and there, but have still had development as the primary reason for the forums.

    For the last few years, Pokemon Online's focus has been our community. The competitive battles the community can do, the conversations the community has, the projects that the community want to do and help us with... all of this is our main focus. You, the users, are our main focus.

    With that being said, we are reorganising the forums to reflect this shift in focus that has happened over the 6 years since PO was initially released into Beta form. Whilst simulator development is no longer the primary focus, it is still an important part of the community, and thus will continue to remain as a part of the board. A list of the changes being made will follow, with a more precise list of the proposed layout being in the spoiler tag below.

    This reorganisation has already started being worked on, but the final movement of forums and the completion of any changes will be made on Saturday 24th September.

    If you want to suggest some changes or additions, or just want to comment on this reorganisation, be sure to post below.

    New layout of the forums:
    Category 1: News and Help
    • News
    • Help
      • Disciplinary Committee

    Category 2: Competitive
    • Gen 7 Discussion (will be added as needed, as will new subforums for new tiers)
      • Gen 7 Ubers
      • Gen 7 LC
      • Gen 7 Side Metagames
      • Gen 7 Battle Factory (when we eventually replace the Gen 6 version)
    • Gen 6 Discussion (will eventually move to Past Gens)
      • Gen 6 Ubers
      • Gen 6 UU
      • Gen 6 LU
      • Gen 6 NU
      • Gen 6 LC
      • Gen 6 Side Metagames
      • Gen 6 Battle Factory
    • Tournaments
      • Official Tournaments
      • Tournament Applications
      • TD House
    • PO League
    • Past Gens Discussion (Gen 5 binned, relevant threads with prefixes in here)
    • Metagame Policy
    Category 3: Community
    • General Chat
      • NEW RELAXED-MODERATION FORUM (post name recommendations below!)
    • Pokémon Chat
    • Forum Games
      • Forum Games Proposals
    • Server Games (current Side Channels subforum)
      • Server Tournaments
      • Mafia
        • Active Themes
      • Safari
      • Trivia
      • Hangman
      • Server Games Disciplinary Committee (current Side Channels Disciplinary Committee)
    • Arts and Graphics (with Themes merged in with thread prefixes)

    Category 4: Projects
    • Rate My Team
      • Team Showcase
    • PO Academy
      • Academy Lounge
    • Articles
    • Technical Projects

    Category 5: Development
    • Development General
      • Database Modifications
      • Server and Client Scripting
    • Simulator Suggestions
      • Implemented
      • Interesting Suggestions
    • Bugs and Fixes
      • Android Bugs
      • Solved Bugs
      • Bugs Wasteland

    Category 6: Wastelands
    • The Wastelands
      • PO Classics
      • YouTube Channel
      • Competitive Analyses
      • Pokemon Online Server
      • Gen 5 Discussion
        • Gen 5 Ubers
        • Gen 5 UU
        • Gen 5 LU
        • Gen 5 NU
        • Gen 5 LC
        • Gen 5 Side Metagames

    At the very top of the forum list will be a dedicated News & Help category of the forums.

    The News forum aims to keep users up to date on the major ongoings of Pokémon Online, and is vital to the running of the community.

    The Help forum is the forum most users aim to find on their first visit to the forum, and we want to be able to help users with their problems swiftly.

    We are moving the Disciplinary Committee forum to be under the Help subforum also, meaning it is even easier for people to appeal their bans, and easier for authority members to respond to them.

    Just below the News & Help category will be our Competitive category of the forums. This contains two of the busiest and most important subforums on the board: Gen 6 Discussion and Tournaments.

    Gen 6 Discussion is our primary forum used for the discussion of the PO tiers, suspect discussions, general discussion on competitive battling and more. When Pokémon Sun and Moon are released in November, we will be creating a Gen 7 Discussion forum as well, and discussion on competitive battling for Generation 7 will be held there.

    Tournaments is the home of all of the tournaments we hold here on Pokémon Online. This includes all the official tournaments, including: the Official Pokémon Online Tournament [POT]; the PO Viability Tournament [POVT]; the Old Gens Tournament [OGT]; the Lower Tier Triathlon [LTT]; the Pokémon Online World Cup [POWC]; and the Pokémon Online Champions League [POCL]; as well as tournaments suggested and ran by users that are approved by the Tournament Directors. There's only one major battling event we host that is not hosted in this subforum, and that is...

    The PO League. A forum challenge run twice a year since Winter 2010, battlers challenge notable battlers across various tiers in an attempt to collect enough badges to be able to challenge the Elite Four. The Elite Four tends to comprise of previous Gym Leaders with very good records and/or notable competitive battlers from various battling communities, with more unique rules that span multiple tiers. Are you good enough to dethrone our current Champion, who defeated the Elite Four and the previous Champion of the PO League?

    Past Gens Discussion is the hub for the discussion of all previous generations of battling. It currently contains discussion on Gens 1 to 5, but once discussion of Generation 6 ends and Generation 7 begins, we will be moving Gen 6 Discussion here also. Ever wanted to talk about the ins and outs of RBY battling? Need some help in building a solid team for DPP? Want to run a forum challenge for GSC? Feel like something need changing in an ADV tier? This is the subforum to do all of this in.

    Finally, we have the Metagame Policy forum, renamed from Metagame Development. This subforum only allows staff and notable contributors to our tiering discussions to post, but everyone can see the decisions made in here. Discussions on our tiering policy, notable changes to the tiers via usage or clauses and other things are discussed here. If you want to join the discussion, feel free to PM someone with posting access with your contribution, and they might post it on your behalf - you could even earn posting access this way!

    The third category will be the Community category. Discussions, games and art are all vital parts of building and maintaining our community.

    General Chat heads up the category. Want to discuss the latest news, sport, the community, politics, or just anything in general? This is the place for you. We will also be adding a feature that has been widely requested: A subforum for you to just blow off some steam. This subforum won't count towards your post count, but the rules will be more relaxed in there, allowing you a bit of freedom to post silly images, insult others and just generally bring threads that wouldn't normally be allowed. Be warned though: The rules will be more relaxed in this subforum, but don't go too far! We also haven't decided on a name for it yet, so any suggestions will be welcome.

    Pokémon Chat is next up on the list. There's a place for competitive discussion already in the Gen 6/7 and Past Gens forums, so why not keep the place that allows for non-competitive discussion? If you want to talk about in-game information, special runs such as nuzlockes, post Pokémon warstories and more, this is the subforum for you!

    Forum Games, the subforum in which games such as forum Mafia/Werewolf, Survivor, Fantasy leagues and many more are played! If you want to have fun with fellow members of the community, then you can join one of these games. You can even suggest your own forum games in the proposals subforum! Do note that posts in this subforum don't count towards your post count.

    The current Side Channels subforum may end up changing its name to Server Games to more accurately reflect and help people understand what the subforum is truly for. This forum is your hub to posts about Server Tournaments, Mafia, Hangman, Trivia and the ever-popular Safari game, and details on each of those games and their own specific events are posted in this subforum. There's also its own dedicated Disciplinary Committee forum for those people that dispute punishments that are specific to those channels on the server.

    Do you create Art? Have you made your own custom sprites? Perhaps you made your own PO theme for the desktop client and want to show them off? If you answered yes, the Arts and Graphics forum is the place for you! If you want to show off your pieces of art, want to request a piece of art or even want to just discuss other art pieces that people have created, this is the place to be. There used to be a dedicated Themes subforum, but that is being merged into the primary Arts and Graphics forum.

    We will be removing the current Pokémon Online Server forum. It doesn't really have a specific use anymore, with people only posting topics in that subforum that would be better placed in Help, Suggestions or Disciplinary Committee, and so we feel it would be best to bin that subforum and put it in The Wastelands.

    This brings us to one of the bigger changes in terms of categories, the Projects category. This is the category for anyone that wants to contribute to PO and help other users in ways that the Help forum simply would not be able to do. Contributing to forums in this category may result in you earning a badge for your forum profile.

    The Rate My Team forum is used for exactly what it says in the name: Rating the teams of battlers. If you want to show off your competitive team, or want to get some help in how to improve your team, here is the place to post them. People who contribute to this subforum by rating teams well and helping users out may end up earning the Team Rater badge on the forums.

    If you want to learn how to battle, how to improve your battling skills or want to share your knowledge of battling to other users, the PO Academy is the hub for you. Hosted in rounds every 2-4 months, this helps to put together more experienced battlers and battlers with less experience to try and improve the abilities of battlers across a wide spectrum of tiers and metagames. Tutors for the current round get their own Tutor badge for their forum profile.

    The next subforum currently does not exist, but it will be titled Articles. This subforum will be a hub for various articles of various types, such as tiering news, helpful tips for battlers, analyses of Pokémon and metagames, and many more! The Articles project is still in its infancy currently, but we hope to get more details to you all soon.

    Currently, the final subforum of this category will be another new subforum, Technical Projects. Have you created something technical that can be of benefit to the Pokémon community? Perhaps you've created a damage calculator, or you are wanting to make some sort of technicial application for use on smartphones? This subforum will be the place for posting all these manner of things. Who knows what might come about as a result of this subforum?

    The biggest change here is that we are no longer supporting the Competitive Analyses subforum. The primary reason we had this subforum was to help to create analyses to place on the PO Wiki, which was a failure as a project. With other websites other than PO providing analyses or wikis with more detail, we feel it is best to bin this project and move it to The Wastelands. You will still be able to see the analyses, but they will not longer be able to be posted on.

    We have finally reached the Development category, which has been moved to 5th in the list to allow community projects and discussions to be higher up the list. In general, if you need to post in this category, you're going to be looking specifically for this category no matter where it is in the list.

    The category is only having one notable change to it other than its placing in the forum list: the Server and Client Scripting forum is being moved to become a subforum of Development General. Simulator Suggestions and Bugs and Fixes both remain below Development General.

    Finally, we reach the Wastelands. It is going to get bigger, with all the subforums that are being removed being moved to be a subforum of The Wastelands forum, meaning that no new posts will be allowed, but you may still be able to view all of the topics that have been moved here. Competitive Analyses, Gen 5 Discussion (once merged properly into Past Gens Discussion), Gen 6 Discussion (once Gen 7 is out and important information has been merged properly into Past Gens Discussion) and the Pokémon Online Server forum are all moving under here.

    Any suggestions or changes to the reorganisation? Post them below!
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  2. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak same Forum Administrator Server Owner Social Media Rep Forum Administrator Server Owner Social Media Rep

    Apr 21, 2010
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    Professor Oak
    Currently suggested names for new moderation-relaxed subforum of General Chat which may be considered:
    (This will be updated as names are suggested)

    Pokémon Offline
    The Litterbox
    Muk & Trubbish
    Lake of Rage
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2016
  3. willdbeast

    willdbeast All round nice guy

    Apr 19, 2015
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    Yeah I totally agree Lake of Rage is the best
  4. Hurricane

    Hurricane UwU Server Moderator Tournament Host Server Moderator Tournament Host

    Jun 4, 2014
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    India ftw lake of rage is fine I guess unless there are other names
  5. Annoying Orange

    Annoying Orange sweet creature Server Moderator Social Media Rep Server Moderator Social Media Rep

    Sep 29, 2010
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    Annoying Orange
    Lake of rage is perfect.Yes, I'm bandwagoning.
    I wanna suggest other names & will edit them into post when they come to me.
  6. Zoroark

    Zoroark Aka Flare Forum Moderator Server Moderator Forum Moderator Server Moderator

    Jan 29, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    SkyPhoenix / Zoroark
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  7. Rabidragon

    Rabidragon Sakura's pet in Liga America

    Mar 21, 2015
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    Maybe it doesnt fit in "reorganization" but one thing i would want to see changed is the initial HOME page to present Pokemon Online as a more attractive game, for a person that sees for the first time the page of PO is extremely difficult to determine what type of game it is with only that small description, a small screenshot and some announcements, i think that the main page should be redesigned to "hype" all the features of Pokemon Online, with something like: "Build your own team with pokemon from all the 6 generations, including powerful mega evolutions!!" *screenshot of the teambuilder*, "Battle with your friends in simulated combats that follow the same EXACT rules than the pokemon games!!!" *screenshot of a battle*, "Battle anywhere using the small android version for smartphones/tablets" *screenshot of the android version*, "Double and triple battles supported in the PC version" *screenshot of a double battle", "DOWNLOAD NOW!!!" *link to the download section" etc etc etc......well is just an example but you get the idea, i say this because is common to see new players that download the game and they expect some type of adventure game, rpg or in extreme cases they think that PO is only a chat when they enter for the first time, and i suppose that there are also countless persons that simply dont try to download because they dont know what is this

    Another thing that should be considered is to implement a "small" version of the forums that is friendly with smarthphone browsers, sometimes i try to help new players redirecting them to some posts in the forums like the tier list or the android guide, but more than one have said that the forum uses a lot of resources and is sometimes difficult to open in phones, something that is weird considering that the android version is the most used version (probably), thats also one of the reasons for what some players dont participate in the forums, i know it requires a lot of work or is probably not possible to create a phone friendly version, but i just wanted to leave the suggestion
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  8. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak same Forum Administrator Server Owner Social Media Rep Forum Administrator Server Owner Social Media Rep

    Apr 21, 2010
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    Professor Oak
    The forum reorganisation has been mostly completed! The only subforums I've yet to deal with have been the Mafia subforums, though I've been speaking with the sMAs about sorting those out, so that will happen sooner or later.

    The relaxed-moderation forum ended up being called Lake of Rage. Enjoy.
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  9. Pumone

    Pumone Member

    Aug 30, 2015
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    I second these good ideas. I think we need a more "attractive" home interface. I suggest scrolling images (teambuilder, chat and battle) with minor description, we need to take the reader interest. Also, like @Rabīdoragon said, I think the android version is the most used and most important is that it's up to date if compared to the showdown one. I believe PO can be the first simulator again like the past years.

    I can say people prefer web pages with more images in it, just look at smogon home, it has a eye candy home and a "news" section to scoll down, maybe we can get some ideas from it.
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  10. Fuzzysqurl

    Fuzzysqurl baa baa mareep I do what I want Server Owner Developer I do what I want Server Owner Developer

    Sep 12, 2012
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    i responded to you but with the forum hack my post got deleted. Too lazy to retype it all out but in response to each suggestion

    1. In the works
    2. Done already. Look for the thread "New forum themes" in this section. The new themes are much better than the default in regards to mobile usage.
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  11. Zoroark

    Zoroark Aka Flare Forum Moderator Server Moderator Forum Moderator Server Moderator

    Jan 29, 2013
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    SkyPhoenix / Zoroark
    I think you should try to use the share link from whatever site you're using, otherwise it'll come out broken, Xerxes.
  12. Xerxes Break

    Xerxes Break Yes~ I'm a man that likes Purple and lollipops~

    Sep 24, 2016
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    Tomoe Ayakashi
    Thank you, zoroark.