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[Guide] Things you can do to contribute to Pokémon Online

Discussion in 'Help' started by Zoroark, Nov 8, 2016.

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    Credit to @Annoying Orange for the artwork!​

    People have frequently asked how they can contribute to Pokémon Online. In response to that, we have decided to come up with an updated list of things that YOU can do to contribute to PO! We are very grateful that you are willing to offer your help, any help is more than welcome!

    Simulator Development
    Developers and Scripters
    Pokémon Online is open source, so this means anyone with enough coding knowledge is free to contribute to the simulator and its clients. If you think you can help us here, visit the Development General subforum or contact the Lead Developer, @Fuzzysqurl.
    Bug Reporting and Mechanics Testing
    With Gen 7 already out, new information and mechanics may need in-game verification, or bugs may appear in the simulator, so we could always do with more mechanic testers. If you want to help out, check out the Bugs and Fixes subforum.

    Competitive Battling
    Contributing to Tiers
    Participating in suspect discussions, viability rankings, and helping out newcomers with suggestions for their teams are great ways to make this section better. If you need to find out more visit the Gen 7 Discussion forum.
    Submitting Battle Factory Sets
    Battle Factory is a tier in which you are given a team of random Pokémon with sets that are viable in one of the main tiers. If you can contribute competitive sets to be used in Battle Factory, or have an interest in reviewing sets, visit the Battle Factory subforum or contact the Battle Factory Leaders, @fitzy and @sulcata.
    Forum Tournaments
    If you have an idea for a forum tournament, you can post your ideas in the Tournament Applications subforum. If your idea gets approved, you can either host the tournament yourself, or ask a Tournament Director to find a host for you. To find out more about this, contact the Tournament Directors, @Xdevo and @TraceofLife.
    PO League
    The PO League is a league challenge that occurs twice a year, once in summer and once in winter. If you are interested in being a Gym Leader or Elite Four member, read the rules in the PO League subforum and apply when signups open.

    Rate My Team
    If you want to share your team to show it off to others, or want to get a bit of help with your team, this is the subforum for you. You can also rate the teams of others, or even just steal the teams that are posted here! Find out more by visiting the Rate My Team subforum.
    PO Academy
    The PO Academy is a place where you can be tutored in competitive battling, or where you can be a tutor yourself. If interested, read the rules in the PO Academy subforum and post when signups open.
    Helping out with Articles
    Here you can contribute by writing Articles about various Pokémon-related topics or by helping to improve Articles in-progress! Your work might end up on the front page of the website! To find out more, go to the Articles subforum or contact the Articles Leaders @E.T. and @Joyverse.

    Playing and Helping in Server Games
    Pokémon Online features various channels with different games to play! These are the Tournaments, Hangman, Mafia, Trivia and Safari! For more information on these channels, or to make suggestions on how to improve these channels, visit the Server Games subforum or contact the Server Game Leaders!
    Arts and Graphics
    If creating Art is your talent, then the Arts and Graphics subforum is the place for you! You can post your work here, and we may very well ask the best artists to contribute to our official Articles and pages! You can even learn to create your own Pokémon Online client theme!
    Help out on the Server
    If you are the kind of person who likes to help others out, then helping players on the main server is the simplest way to help out. We always appreciate people that are willing to help others, and by helping others, following the rules and being consistently active, you may be noticed as a candidate for Server Moderator!

    Thread Contributors
    @Professor Oak and @E.T.
    For helping with content suggestions, layout suggestions, grammar checks/corrections and feedback.
    Thank you so much Guys.
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    Annoying Orange
    Very important post that should be put over the most recent main page over the post about being hacked imo. Also suggesting this being put in Tohjo/side channels topics. More people really need to see this so there's more people aware of how to help contribute in making Pokemon Online better.
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    I agree, so I put it on the main website page. I've also removed the [Guide] tag whilst it is on the front page, as it simply looks better without it on the front page. Once it has moved down, once a few articles have been released and the Gen 7 client is out, feel free to re-add the tag.
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