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Cool Sets to Use: NU - SubSeed Gourgiest-S

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Xdevo, Nov 9, 2016.

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    Gourgeist-S @ Leftovers
    Ability: Frisk
    EVs: 152 HP / 128 Def / 228 Spd
    Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
    - Leech Seed
    - Substitute
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Phantom Force / Foul Play

    Despite lacking the size of its -XL cousin, Gourgeist-S has one very big advantage over its obese form: its 99 base Speed. Gourgeist-S is an incredibly effective annoyance thanks to the combination of its Speed, damaging support moves, and great typing that gives it notable resistances and immunities to common attacks found in NU. Alongside its ability to annoy, Gourgeist-S also serves as a good check to a number of NU's threats, including Primeape, Lanturn, and physical Samurott.

    Leech Seed and Substitute allow Gourgeist-S to out-stall most slower Pokémon that are not Grass-type. Will-O-Wisp cuts the foe's Attack and deals a great amount of chip damage when combined with Leech Seed. Phantom Force allows Gourgeist-S to have extra turns of Leftovers and Leech Seed recovery. Foul Play allows Gourgeist-S to deal decent damage against Pokémon with high Attack, which helps to cover a great deal of what Gourgeist-S would normally check. The strategy behind this set is fairly simple; switch into something that Gourgeist-S would force out, set up a Substitute, and then use Leech Seed and Will-O-Wisp to drain the opposing team's health.

    The EVs give Gourgeist-S a Leftovers number (meaning the minimum it needs to gain an extra 1 HP per turn from the item). The Speed and nature allow it to outspeed any positive-natured base 95 Pokémon such as Jynx and anything that attempts to outspeed them, which includes a number of important NU threats like Vivillon and Magmortar. The remainder is placed into Defense so that it can cushion the blows of NU's many physical attackers.

    Since Gourgeist-S forces a lot of switches, Spikes and Toxic Spikes users make great teammates. Gourgeist-S also blocks Rapid Spin, which helps to keep any entry hazards up. Gourgeist-S also appreciates a teammate that can switch into Fire-types like Pyroar and Magmortar that attempt to block Will-O-Wisp, so Lanturn, Hariyama, and Vaporeon make for great partners. Lanturn and Vaporeon can also offer Heal Bell support to maintain Gourgeist-S's longevity when faced with opposing Statuses. Leech Seed doesn't work on opposing Grass-types, so a Pokémon that can switch into NU's few Grass-types is useful. Assault Vest Magmortar is a good option, as it is immune to Sleep Powder and has good special bulk to avoid taking huge damage from common coverage moves.

    Gourgeist-S does rely on Substitute to be effective, so moves and abilities that bypass Substitute are threatening. Spiritomb, Hyper Voice Aurorus, and other sound-based moves can hit Gourgeist-S, so these rare threats can end Gourgeist-S. Spiritomb has to rely on prediction as a burn will cripple most Spiritomb that attempt to Pursuit a fleeing pumpkin, and Shadow Sneak will do little to any potential bulky switch-ins.

    Gourgiest-S is a lesser-known threat in NU, but it is hugely annoying and potent to a number of teams due to its ability to cripple many would-be checks with status moves and Leech Seed. Give it a try, as Gourgeist-S is very likely to surprise with how many games it can win!

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