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Campfire Talk: Solgaleo and Lunala

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Sobi, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Talonflame, Umbreon, Plusle, and Snorlax sit - and fly - around a warm campfire, the atmosphere full of enthusiasm and excitement as the Pokémon take out their game consoles and start to play Pokémon Sun and Moon.

    Hello, and welcome to Campfire Talk! This article series will provide you with various opinions of newly released Pokémon from Pokémon Sun and Moon, ranging from the starters to the legendaries. Let's meet our panelists, Joyverse, Spoovo the Pirate, Annoying Orange, and pokemonnerd!



    Solgaleo: Well, check out my forum avatar. What does that tell you guys? Solgaleo is my favourite cover legend this Generation. Call me crazy, but I have always had a soft spot for the cover legendaries of the first version of every game. So yeah, Ho-Oh, Reshiram, Dialga, and the like always had a special place in my heart, and Solgaleo is no different. Lemme start now.

    Design-wise, I think Solgaleo has the better design out of the two. Like, duh, lions are just way too cool over bats any day. Although... at first I assumed it was going to be a Fire-type Pokémon but nope, it was Psychic / Steel. It's great nonetheless. That sun-based face... that silvery-white body. It looks too majestic to be true, lol.

    I only knew after a bit of reading that the duo is based off of alchemical signs and processes. However, a bunch of friends and I have come up with a theory that, instead of alchemy or anything else for that matter, it and the trio are more or less built around the concept of light. Solgaleo here, for example, exudes light like a star, which is probably why it has access to Fire-type moves without being a Fire-type Pokémon itself.

    Competitively, Ubers has been blessed with the pretty solid offensive tank of Solgaleo. It soft checks Arceus-Fairy, Magearna, Ho-Oh, and of course, Xerneas. This makes it a very solid Pokémon to have. Sunsteel Strike is a solid Steel-type STAB move that has an in-built Mold Breaker. I mean, who doesn't like that?

    Lunala: Does Lunala look similar to the Bat Spirit Zord from Power Rangers: Jungle Fury? You are damn right it does. This is what I thought of when I first saw Lunala, lol. While I won't say that the design is bad in any way, it does feel slightly unoriginal. Both legendaries have blade-like wings but come to think of it, I guess it is only for design purposes.

    Continuing with the above mentioned fan-theory... With Solgaleo representing the sun, Lunala, being the moon, reflects the light of the sun. So, basically, what we have is the "Light Duo" or if we add Necrozma to the mix, the "Light Trio"!

    On the competitive side, it isn't really much of a metagame-defining Pokémon in the Ubers tier in my opinion. It has its sets: Choice Specs, Choice Scarf, Calm Mind, and the like, but all of them have clear checks. Given its Ghost typing, it can work as a decent spinblocker and can check many of the tier's top threats in conjunction to its solid ability Shadow Shield, which isn't bypassed by Mold Breaker unlike Multiscale.

    Finally, even with that base 113 Attack stat, it has no useful physical moves to speak of.


    Spoovo the Pirate

    Solgaleo: The mystical space lion is by far my favourite of the two. While it's essentially just a Metagross on steroids with a better movepool, it's aesthetically pleasing in the way that it actually looks like a cat. I'd half expect this thing to push you down the stairs, attempt to sleep on your lap when you're doing important work on the computer, or constantly get in the way when it came to the dubious task of feeding.

    Its typing is also very clever, seeing as most people don't realise that the sun is not fire, rather a huge ball of metal under the pressure of a thermonuclear reaction. Its Psychic typing could be an alchemy reference, seeing as we don't have a SPAAAAAAACE type, but eh. It's not exactly rare to see a Psychic-type legend now, is it?

    Either way, this is one fun Feline that will certainly leave its mark on the metagame as well as knock down your Christmas tree, claim the entire couch for its sleeping spot, and destroy your socks.

    Lunala: Lunala, I'm less blown away with. Sure, it had another cop-out ability with a different name, essentially Multiscale, but while Solgaleo was clearly an Ubers Metagross, Lunala doesn't quite seem to meet Lugia's calibre.

    Having said that, it's designed very well. It's shaped like a crescent moon, befitting of night, and there's several depictions in both Hawaiian and Polynesian mythology about bat-related deities, so it checks out as far as I'm concerned. Of all the typings it could've had, though, Ghost / Psychic was about the last I would've expected. Not only does it steal Hoopa's limelight, but it also makes a lot less sense than say Dark, Fairy, or even Flying. Lunala learns moves of all these types while simply levelling up too, so methinks even GameFreak wasn't even sure what typing to give this thing. So, I'm guessing Lunala's typing was decided by a roulette wheel, with added Psychic to keep up with the theme.

    Confusing typing, and far from the most dominant cover legend they've ever produced, but still fun to work with.


    Annoying Orange

    Solgaleo: These two Pokémon have a lot of character from the storyline. They aren't your angry, world-destroying beasts. They begin from cute, little cosmic cloud Pokémon that have spent a lot of time with humans. They have a calm personality. Solgaleo is not a representation of the sun, but an emissary. It wasn't meant to be a Fire-type. I like that it has Steel / Psychic typing because, as we've seen before in Jirachi and Metagross, this is an amazing type combination. It's known as the beast that devours the sun, a symbol of alchemy that transforms metals into gold. I think this is why it's part Steel-type, which is quite amazing in my opinion. Solgaleo, Lunala, and their evolution line are Psychic-type because that typing represents space, as we have no "Cosmic-type". I think the backstory of Solgaleo is nice. It was even foreshadowed as a future legendary Pokémon in "Pokémon the Third Movie".

    Competitively, it's an average Ubers Pokémon at best in my opinion. Its Attack is nice and its physical movepool is decent, considering it's a four-legged animal...

    ...which gets me to my final thing. I love this Pokémon's design. It's a giant lion of the sun. The white color is great and easy on the eyes. I'm pretty sure it's white because that's the actual color we see when looking at the sun. The red and yellow accents seem to represent solar flares, which is also pretty cool. My only huge downside about this is that we had a sun lion last generation, Pyroar.

    Lunala: Interestingly enough, Lunala is also a representation of alchemy.

    I personally like Lunala because of its typing and design. I believe it's honestly a better competitive Pokémon as well. Sure, it isn't taking any Dark- or Ghost-type attack unless it's at full health, but it has amazing coverage along with nice set-up in Calm Mind, as well as recovery options. We actually get a bat that isn't an annoying cave dweller, which may be the best thing overall about it. I think it looks like a skeleton because it also represents the dead, further supporting its Ghost typing.



    Solgaleo: I've always had a soft spot for Pokémon that look like they could take hits, like how Lugia looks more sturdy than Ho-Oh; how Groudon seems like it can take a lot of punishment by looking at it; and how other Pokémon like Snorlax simply look durable. It was no surprise that seeing Solgaleo look like a quadrupedal tank of a lion was definitely a step in the right direction in terms of me liking it. Plus, you can ride it into battle. Seriously, how can you beat that?

    A lion is the symbol of strength and courage, and with that in mind, they nailed Solgaleo perfectly. Just look at it; does it look weak in any way, shape, or form to you? From the giant stand up mane, to its legs and paws being massive and muscular, this thing is built like a brick house. It's simple but perfect. Reminds me a bit of the Liger Zero as well, with its color schemes in both shiny and normal formes.

    And as for the whole alchemy reference? After we put the whole Fullmetal Alchemist reference in its ability aside, Solgaleo is known in-universe as "The beast that devours the sun," which is a metaphor for an alchemical process that purifies matter into gold. With that in mind, its Steel typing makes perfect sense, the only thing that would make the reference complete is if its shiny color was green with its gold accents because the liquid sulfate (called vitriol for those uncultured louts that may be reading) that makes this process happen is green.

    Lunala: Lunala didn't do much for me, at first. It didn't strike me with the same "wow" factor as Solgaleo; however, its typing makes sense in the alchemy reference. Psychic typing keeps up with the mysticism, but Ghost absolutely makes sense, as life and death are a common theme in alchemy. After all, the Philosopher's Stone was so sought after by alchemists because it was said to be an elixir of immortality. And since ghosts are more often than not referenced to be deceased people or Pokémon, the potential reference is still strong. There's also the fact that gold is a very prominent color in both Solgaleo and Lunala's color scheme, only reinforcing this.

    Design-wise, I like that they made Lunala look like two crescent moons with a central body. It certainly looks like something truly mystifying that would use indirect ways to attack instead of full-body tackling you like the sun mascot would. The wings even kind of look like they could cut you with their scythe-like tips on the end. It reinforces the Ghost typing, how it wouldn't engage directly until it could weaken enough to go for a killing blow, like it's trying to reap its opponent with those wings.

    We hope you enjoyed this edition of Campfire Talk. If you'd like to be a panelist, PM the Articles leaders. Join us next time!

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    Don't get confused if you think the young boy in between is a Solgaleo gijinka. No.

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