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Player Interview: Hassin627 and MetaMence

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Joyverse, Jan 3, 2017.

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    @Hassin627 and @MetaMence are the ORAS OU Gym Leaders for the PO League this season. Not too long ago, both had shown great potential as OU players in the #Tournaments channel on the PO server, and now this potential has been realized as they have become successful OU Gym Leaders!

    1. How did you first discover PO?

    Hassin627: I actually stumbled upon PO pretty randomly when I was searching "Pokémon" on the Google Play Store, lol. I was like 12 years old or something, and I expected actual Pokémon games to pop up, and when I read "Pokémon Online", I thought it was an actual Pokémon game that you were able to play online with other players. To my disappointment, though, it was just a simulator, and I was pretty pissed, so I immediately uninstalled it. But after beating Pokémon Emerald and totally destroying the Battle Frontier, I was curious to see how my shitty in-game team would hold its ground versus actual players, and that's when I remembered Pokémon Online again and proceeded to get my ass whooped on the ladder.

    MetaMence: I found it on the Play Store while looking for some Pokémon games. I wasn't familiar with competitive Pokémon at the time but quickly got the hang of it.

    2. How long have you been playing OU?

    Hassin627: After my pathetic win:lose ratio of 0:8394723946719435992175 with my bad Emerald team, I just thought "screw these bad Pokémon, I'll use the real shit", so I threw a team together of six legendaries and proceeded to fight my way up the Ubers ladder. I don't even know how, but I managed to win like every 5th fight, and that's when I realised "yeah, Ubers is my tier". I quickly got the hang of how to actually play competitive Pokémon and improved my teams and my playstyle and basically everything else as well. After being a superb Ubers player for like three years, I got really bored of it, so I decided to try my worst nightmare again, OU. Surprisingly, though, after polishing my overall competitive skills in Ubers for several years, I actually did pretty well in OU too, and since I was bored of Ubers anyway, I decided "why not just keep playing this tier?", so I guess I've been playing OU for three years.

    MetaMence: Unlike most players I know, I've only been playing competitive Pokémon since late XY. During XY, I spent the majority of the time experimenting with every tier, but it was during ORAS that I fell into the cancerous void known as OU and decided to main it.

    3. What is your most favorite and least favorite ORAS OU Pokémon and why?

    Hassin627: Azurill
    I actually don't have a favourite Pokémon per se, but if I had to choose, I would go with Choice Band Landorus-T, trap that Skarmory with Magnezone, hit that Earthquake, and take souls for days (this strategy is actually really bad; don't run it unless you're using memes).

    MetaMence: My favorite Pokémon to use in OU is by far Reuniclus. People tend to sleep on this anti-meta Pokémon since it's overshadowed by Calm Mind Clefable. For example, it's one of the only Pokémon that can successfully avoid the 2HKO from Mega Medicham, and its access to Psyshock allows it to win Calm Mind wars (unless garbage crit). I could go on and on about what makes this Pokémon so great, but I think I've made my point. My least favorite Pokémon would have to be anything with Wish + Protect.

    4. Do you have a preferred playstyle? Which playstyle do you think works best in ORAS OU?

    Hassin627: My preferred playstyle is by far bulky offense; it's a solid playstyle that is able to take on any other playstyle, and it's, in my opinion, the best playstyle in the current ORAS OU meta. Other than bulky offense, I like using hazard stacking every now and then.

    MetaMence: I enjoy using hyper offense when playing casually since it involves a lot of mind games and risks, which are always fun, but using safer playstyles such as balanced and bulky offense is a lot more reliable at the end of the day.

    5. What are your general thoughts on the final state of ORAS OU?

    Hassin627: I actually had a huge problem with Thunder Wave as well, but since MMence already brought it up, there's no need for me to talk about it again. Rather I would like to rant about Scald for obvious reasons: 30% burn chance, solid Base Power, and spammable by literally any Water-type that isn't part Ice-type, and it burns literally anything and the only unburnable type, namely Fire, gets hit by it supereffectively. There are essentially no drawbacks to clicking Scald and it overcentralizes the OU meta tremendously.

    MetaMence: The biggest issue I had with ORAS OU was Thunder Wave and how overcentralizing it became within the tier. I think everyone here can agree that the move was such a stupid mechanic with literally no drawbacks. I especially hate how it was mindlessly spammed in the by a lot of Pokémon, Clefable being the most frustrating. Thunder Wave made it so that Pokémon could beat their counters (which is stupid), and it pretty much got to the point where people were taking the parahax for granted. Fortunately, as of Gen 7, Thunder Wave has been nerfed, so I'll actually be able to play the game now.

    6. If you could be a Gym Leader for a different tier, which tier would you choose?

    Hassin627: Battle Factory 6v6 definitely. Esteemed users @gengar17 and @Draciel already faced my huge amount of skill and got blown away.

    MetaMence: Since I spent the majority of ORAS focusing primarily on OU and getting better at it, I can't really think of another tier I'd be willing to be Gym Leader for.

    7. How does it feel to be an ORAS OU Gym Leader?

    Hassin627: I guess it's fun being the OU gym leader, but honestly I've had barely any matches because they were all against MMence, lol ;_;

    MetaMence: Being an OU gym leader is pretty fun. I enjoyed battling challengers and seeing what each individual player had to offer.

    8. Have there been any memorable gym matches so far that you'd like to recall?

    Hassin627: It wasn't my gym battle, but @La.Melle2402 got 6-0'd twice by my partner, so that was pretty fun.

    MetaMence: None in particular. Most of my battles were pretty straightforward; I either had a good matchup and dominated my opponent the entire time or had a shit matchup in which I was forced to play much more aggressively.

    9. Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers?

    Hassin627: Chall me, not MMence,,,

    MetaMence: Aids.

    This concludes our interview with the ORAS OU Gym Leaders - Hassin627 and MetaMence! If you have any other nominations in mind, please contact @E.T. or @Joyverse on the PO Forums!

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