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PO News: January 2017

Discussion in 'Articles' started by E.T., Jan 10, 2017.

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    Hello, and welcome to the January edition of Pokémon Online (PO) News! It is a new year, and Generation 7 has arrived on PO! This edition covers recent tiering decisions regarding the new SM tiers and final decisions regarding ORAS, current tournament coverage, server news, and more!

    Tier News

    Generation 7 Is on the Server
    Generation 7 is now available on the PO server for the Windows and Android clients. The download page can be found here. With the arrival of Generation 7 Pokémon, abilities, items, Z-Moves, and more, SM OU, SM Ubers, and SM LC have officially started. There are many new Pokémon to test, and several Pokémon have been unbanned as well. The current banlist for the SM tiers can be found here, but a couple of early decisions have been posted below.

    Power Construct Quickbanned from SM OU
    Power Construct is an ability that allows Zygarde to change formes into Zygarde-C once its HP drops below 50%. Zygarde already has respectable 108 / 121 / 95 bulk, but when it changes into Zygarde-C, its base HP doubles, reaching base 216. To put how bulky this is into perspective, consider that it can survive a super effective Life Orb-boosted Draco Meteor from Latios. In addition, a super effective Life Orb-boosted Hidden Power Ice from Tapu Koko is only a 3HKO. Needless to say, Zygarde-C does an even better job tanking neutral and resisted attacks, which provides it plenty of opportunities to set up with Dragon Dance or Coil and sweep. Thousand Arrows is a Ground-type STAB move that can hit airborne targets, and this is really the only attacking move that Zygarde-C requires if it runs a RestTalk set with a boosting move.

    Eevium Z Quickbanned from SM LC
    Eevium Z allows Eevee to use its Z-Move, Extreme Evoboost, which boosts all its stats by two stages. Eevee does need Last Resort in its moveset to use it, but this isn’t much of a handicap considering what it gains by using the Z-Move. In addition, Eevee can Baton Pass these boosts to set up another Pokémon to win the game. Since neither Eevee itself nor Baton Pass have proven to be broken in SM LC at this point, it was decided that the logical option was to ban Eevium Z, which effectively bans Extreme Evoboost as well.

    ORAS NU Suspects: Audinite Banned and Registeel Not Banned

    After the arguments for and against banning them seemed to nearly cancel each other out, Audinite and Registeel have had their fate decided. Ultimately, Mega Audino's ability to muscle through several potential checks with its Calm Mind RestTalk set was a key reason as to why it was banned from ORAS NU. The Registeel suspect was much closer, but it ultimately ended in a decision to keep Registeel in the tier on the grounds that it could be worn down due to its lack of recovery, there are several Pokémon that could 2HKO it, and the landscape of ORAS NU would be difficult to survey if Registeel did get banned due to its inclusion on many teams and ORAS ending.

    Tournament News


    Old Generations Tournament
    The Old Generations Tournament (OGT), a best-of-five tournament in the tiers RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, HGSS OU, and BW2 OU, has reached the final round, which features @Finchinator versus @Troller versus @autumn leaves! Since this is a three-way final, the first player to defeat the other two players in a best-of-five match is declared the winner, and if there is a tie, the players will rematch. So far, Finchinator has defeated Troller in a 3-0 series by winning GSC OU, ADV OU, and BW2 OU, which means that if Finchinator also defeats autumn leaves, he will be declared the winner! Now let's recap how these players made it to the finals.

    After receiving a bye in Round 1, Finchinator defeated @EvilDingoRobot in a 3-1 series in Round 2. In Round 3, Finchinator defeated @Void in a 3-0 series by winning ADV OU, HGSS OU, and BW2 OU with some luck in the BW2 OU battle. In Round 4, which was the semi-final, Finchinator defeated @La.Melle2402 in a 3-2 series, with wins in RBY OU, ADV OU, and HGSS OU and losses in GSC OU and BW2 OU. Finchinator stated that La.Melle2402 deserved better luck in the series, and he received the better fortune in the BW2 OU battle, which they played for fun after the outcome of the match had been determined due to Finchinator leading 3-1.

    In Round 1, Troller defeated Mister Tim in a 3-0 series. In Round 2, Troller defeated MeowMix ( @NAVIDAD PIRATE ) in a 3-2 series after MeowMix agreed to replay a hax-filled battle that he won previously. In Round 3, Troller defeated @snaga in a 3-1 series with wins in RBY OU, GSC OU, and ADV OU and a loss in BW2 OU. Troller stated that he was lucky in the GSC OU game. In the Round 4 semi-final, Troller defeated @mael 3-0 in GSC OU, ADV OU, and HGSS OU with, as he put it, "ridiculous huge luck."

    After receiving a bye in Round 1, autumn leaves defeated @Eternal Spirit in a 3-2 series, with wins in RBY OU, HGSS OU, and BW2 OU and losses in GSC OU and ADV OU in Round 2. In Round 3, autumn leaves defeated @Bedschibaer in a 3-0 series in RBY OU, GSC OU, and ADV OU. In the Round 4 semi-final, autumn leaves defeated @We Three Kings in a 3-1 series, with wins in RBY OU, ADV OU, and HGSS OU and a loss in GSC OU.

    Forum Tournaments
    SM Ubers | The Beginning!, which is a best-of-three tournament that follows the standard rules of SM Ubers, has concluded with @Mr. Perry emerging as the winner! Mr. Perry defeated @Hurricane in the final round in a 2-1 series. Nuzlocke OU, an interesting ORAS OU tournament that forces players to discard Pokémon if they faint, has also concluded. After 63 total Pokémon were KOed and made unusable leading up to the final, @La.Melle2402 defeated @Hassin627 to win the tournament!

    With the release of Generation 7 and the start of SM tiers, be on the lookout for more tournaments in the SM subforums, and as always, tournaments in the Tournaments subforum!
    Server News

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Report Any Generation 7 Bugs!
    The Generation 7 clients are still in the beta phase, and our developers are working quickly and diligently to find and correct any bugs that may arise! When found, bugs can be reported in the Bugs and Fixes subforum. There are currently threads for major and minor Generation 7 bugs that will be fixed after the next update, but additional Generation 7 bugs that have not yet be reported can be reported here. Note the Bug Catcher Badge, as seen above, may be awarded to users who regularly report bugs!

    Trivia Badges
    It's time to recognize the players who have topped the leaderboard in the month of December! The player who finished in first on the knowledge leaderboard is @JayYash with 91 points; the player who finished first on the speed leaderboard is @Yttrium with 27 points; and the player who finished first on the event leaderboard is also @Yttrium with 173 points! Congratulations everyone!

    With the release of Generation 7, Trivia has updated the Anagram: Pokémon, Pokémon Without Vowels, and Who's That Pokémon? categories to include Generation 7 Pokémon, so be sure to check it out! Trivia has also added a house rules list, which can be accessed with /houserules, and the purpose of the list is to clarify a few details regarding certain types of questions.
    Other News


    Battle the PO League before the Season Ends!
    Amidst the fun and excitement that Generation 7 brings, don't forget to battle the PO League! The PO League consists of several Gyms (based on PO tiers) in which Gym Badges can be earned by defeating Gym Leaders in best-of-three matches. After earning seven Gym Badges, players may challenge the Elite Four, and if the Elite Four are defeated, players may challenge the Champion to determine the PO League Champion until the summer season! This PO League season should end sometime after January 28th, so be sure to hunt down some Gym Leaders before it's too late!

    This concludes this edition of PO News. If there is any news that you would like to see discussed in future editions of PO News, post in our suggestion thread or contact @E.T. on the PO forums.

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