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[Announcement] Aegislash, Landorus-I and Kangaskhanite banned from SM OU

Discussion in 'Gen 7 Discussion' started by Draciel, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. Draciel

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    Sep 19, 2013
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    The OU Tiering council has decided to ban Aegislash, Landorus-I and Kangaskhanite from the SM OU metagame. Brief reasonings for the said bans will be provided below:


    With unmatched offensive and defensive capabilities in OU, Aegislash is unlike any other pokemon we have encountered. It's combination of stats, excellent Ghost/Steel typing, movepool and fantastic ability took Aegislash beyond OU and into the realm of Ubers in the ORAS gen, and this hasn't changed in SM. It has been a centralizing force in OU so far, finding it's way into a vast majority of the teams because of it's simultaneous offensive and defensive prowess. With it's ability to run both all-out offensive physical, special, mixed sets and defensive sub/toxic sets Aegislash can theaten all kinds of playstyles equally, and due to it's movepool and coverage options there is so failsafe way to deal with it. This amount of centralization being extremely unhealthy for OU, Aegislash will be quickbanned with immediate effect.


    One of the best stallbreakers, if not the best, to ever grace OU: Landorus-I was banned unanimously in ORAS due to it's outstanding offensive prowess. Come SM, and it's still just as deadly. Even though it's not invincible with a 4x weakness to Ice and being outsped by a number of OU mainstays like Tapu Koko, Greninja and Pheromosa (all of which can revenge kill it easily) Landorus-I's power and versatility makes nigh impossible to switch into. An impressive movepool comprising of Earth Power, Sludge Wave, Focus Blast, Psychic, Rock Slide: all of which get boosted by Sheer Force and no Life Orb recoil; Stealth Rock and Knock Off for utility, and even Calm Mind/Rock Polish for late-game cleaning: Landorus-I can run a variety of sets aplomb. Only counter available in SM OU is Cresselia, which isn't really a viable OU mon. Overall Lando-I has no place in the OU tier and hence will be banned immediately.


    Even with the Parental Bond nerf, Mega Kangaskhan hits incredibly hard with it's STAB Normal type attacks and decent coverage which includes priority Sucker Punch/Earthquake/Ice Punch and a 200 BP Seismic Toss. Power-up-Punch gives it a +2 attack with zero drawbacks, allowing it to pummel through the opposing team, and 105/100/100 defensive stats means it's no slouch defensively either. Not much to add in this case, Mega Kanga still has no place in OU due to it's power, bulk and coverage, and Kangaskhanite will be banned from now on.
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