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Discussion in 'Articles' started by E.T., Jan 11, 2017.

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    Article Archive
    Player Interview
    Casparov - Lower Tier Triathlon Winner
    Hassin267 and MetaMence - ORAS OU Gym Leaders
    Mister Tim - RBY OU Gym Leader
    Annoying Orange - Inverted Gym Leader
    Mysterious M - ORAS Ubers Gym Leader
    gengar17 - ORAS LU Gym Leader
    diamondslight and JoyFrost - Challenge Cup Gym Leaders
    La.Melle2402 - Interview Nominee
    E.T. and Joyverse - Articles Leaders
    sulcata - Tiering Administrator and Side Metagames Tier Leader
    TraceofLife - Tournament Director
    Erzengel - SM Inaugural POT Winner
    Xdevo - Tiering Administrator and Tournament Director
    RiceKirby - Safari Creator / Leader
    HSOWA - SM LC Gym Leader
    Velvet Blood - Battle Factory 6v6 Gym Leader
    Eden's Embrace - ADV OU Gym Leader
    Zoroark - Server / Forum Moderator
    Draciel - Pokémon Online Viability Tournament Winner

    PO News
    November 2016
    December 2016
    January 2017
    February 2017
    March 2017
    April 2017
    May 2017
    June 2017
    July 2017
    August 2017

    Pokémon Spotlight
    OU - Volcanion
    OU - Toxapex
    Ubers - Solgaleo
    OU - Tapu Bulu
    Ubers - Lunala
    OU / Ubers - Celesteela

    Pokémon Through the Generations

    Move Showcase
    Quiver Dance
    Z-Moves in SM Ubers (Part 1)

    Campfire Talk
    Solgaleo and Lunala
    Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet
    Ultra Beasts [Part 1]

    Cool Sets to Use
    NU - SubSeed Gourgiest-S
    Ubers - Choice Specs Yveltal

    Core Breakdown
    Ubers - [Lando-T | Dialga | Deoxys-A]
    OU - [Mega Charizard Y | Tyranitar]

    Ubers - Pheromosa vs Deoxys-A
    Pokémon Go - A Guide
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