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Player Interview: Mysterious M

Discussion in 'Articles' started by E.T., Jan 13, 2017.

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    This edition of Player Interview features @Mysterious M, who is the current ORAS Ubers Gym Leader for the PO League. Mysterious M has been playing Ubers since XY and is quite experienced in ORAS Ubers. Without further ado, let's begin!

    1. How did you first discover PO?

    I have been a huge fan of Pokémon games since I was a little kid. Having played Gen 1 to Gen 5 on my Nintendo consoles, I wanted to try Gen 6, but I was too old for a Game Boy. Therefore, after searching for an online competitive simulator, I came across PO. I started playing XY, and since then, I have played ORAS, and I am waiting for SM!

    2. How long have you been playing Ubers?

    I have been playing Ubers since I first came on PO, which is, I think, like three years ago. I started as a ladder player in XY Ubers, and when ORAS came, I started playing on the forums as well. It is the tier I have a high level of knowledge in both playing and teambuilding, as it is basically the only tier I play!

    3. What is your most favorite and least favorite ORAS Ubers Pokémon and why?

    This is an easy question. Mega Gengar is by far my favorite. I used it back in XY, where it was doing wonders, and this amazing Pokémon still has a spot in the top five threats of Ubers, not only in ORAS, but in SM as well. Its high base 130 Speed and base 170 Special Attack, in combination with its unique ability that traps the opposing Pokémon, has been the reason for its amazing use in the Ubers tier in all these generations. Regarding my least favorite Pokémon, that would be Giratina. It is just a wall without many uses, and it is outclassed by its other forme, Giratina-O. It's slow and hard to make effective, thus a really bad option for any style of team in ORAS.

    4. Do you have a preferred playstyle? Which playstyle do you think works best in ORAS Ubers?

    I would say my favorite playstyle is balance. I do like offense, but I enjoy bulkier Pokémon, and I like controlling the game a bit. I dislike both straight-forward offense and hyper stall teams. A balance team with Mega Gengar is the perfect team archetype for me. Regarding ORAS, it has been the generation of offense. A lot of offensive threats, like Xerneas, Mega Salamence, Arceus, Primal Groudon, Mega Gengar, and Darkrai, just to name a few, were used. With all those weapons, it was really easy to build a straight offensive team and get some wins.

    5. What are your general thoughts on the final state of ORAS Ubers?

    ORAS as a metagame was really matchup based, at least in Ubers. There was an offense spam, and a 90+% usage of Primal Groudon in teams. Those are some of the negative aspects, but all in all, I find it a competitive metagame. Primal Groudon might be in pretty much every team, restricting the teambuilding process, but it is not overpowering the rest of the Pokémon. Of course, it is a really strong threat and every team has to be prepared to face it, but it was a fine addition to the tier, in my opinion. ORAS also helped some Pokémon with lower viability in older generations to pop up and take part in the competitive scene (such as Bronzong, Arceus-Dragon, Cloyster, and Deoxys-S). Overall, it was a pleasure to play this gen, and I hope SM will be even better!

    6. If you could be a Gym Leader for a different tier, which tier would you choose?

    Hmm... as I mentioned above, I do not play any other tier in a high level, but if i had to pick, it would be LU. I love the bulk of every Pokémon in this tier, and I am trying to learn it!

    7. How does it feel to be an ORAS Ubers Gym Leader?

    It was my first time as Ubers Gym Leader, and I really enjoyed it. There were not many challengers; in fact, I played only five different opponents, but the level was high and I enjoyed every series. I haven't been defeated yet, but I am looking forward to it ;)

    8. Have there been any memorable gym matches so far that you'd like to recall?

    Yes, one of the challengers, Holy Break, beat me with my own team! I had RMTed a balance team with Choice Specs Xerneas, and it did pull a victory against me. I won the series 2-1, but all three matches were intense and clean.

    9. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

    Since SM is almost out on PO, I would like to encourage people to get involved with Ubers. It is a fun and competitive tier with a really high level of players. Of course, I am able to help anyone who needs it! Do not hesitate to leave me a PM on the forums or on the client.

    Thanks Mysterious M for the lovely interview, and good luck defending your gym with the remainder of the PO League season! This edition of Player Interview is coming to an end, but there will be more to come. To nominate players to be interviewed, post here or contact @E.T. on the PO forums.

    Mysterious M - For Being Interviewed
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    Sobi - Grammar
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    God @Mysterious M and you didnt Knew it was your team till i said it rofl
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