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Purity Before Existence is out!

Discussion in 'The Wastelands' started by チャンピオンワタル, Jan 20, 2017.

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    Greetings, people of Pokémon Online.

    Many months ago, I announced that I had written a fantasy novel, titled Purity Before Existence. I would like to tell everyone that the book is now out, and its hard copy can be ordered and bought on Xlibris's website.

    Author Lance Lichtengel releases ‘Purity Before Existence’
    New book enthralls readers with tale that explores philosophical, theological, ethical issues

    SYDNEY – In his debut into the literary world, author Lance Lichtengel offers an escape into a fantastic world for those who have grown tired of the boring and often mundane world in which they live through the pages of “Purity Before Existence”(published by Xlibris AU). Combining elements of chaos and insanity, which turn pain and unfairness into something far more volatile, this book highlights the very unique and special thing which courage ultimately exists for the purpose of seeking out: hope.

    Shirosakura Hakutenshi and Arumariya Angeletta, two seemingly ordinary schoolgirls who both possess a strong sense of justice, confront that which they perceive to be evil, initially in the form of numerous bullies at their school. In doing so, they catch the attention of many other people who are fighting their own battles of good and evil on a larger scale. Through this process, the girls discover that they possess a supernatural power known as the ‘Energy of the Gods,’ and their awakening of this power drags them into conflicts of increasingly grand proportions.

    This gripping tale focuses on fighting between characters with superhuman or supernatural powers, placing great emphasis on describing action scenes in vivid details. It also explores the various social, ethical, practical, religious, philosophical and psychological motivations behind people's decisions to engage in conflict and violence. It is a grand tale which takes the reader across a vast fantasy world.

    “Purity Before Existence and its sequels have characters bring up countless different viewpoints on philosophy, morality and other things,” Lichtengel says. “But ultimately, its goal is to explore and depict, not to argue or teach.”

    I would like to apologize for the sheer amount of time I have made many people wait for the release of this book. I had to wait about six months getting it professionally edited, when that editor originally stated that the book would only take two months to edit. And when I later found Xlibris, the publishing company I used to get my book out, its release was constantly delayed as a result of numerous corrections I had to make for the book during that timeframe - both in terms of the cover design as well as the book's interior. Coordination between my editor, the various people who worked on my book in Xlibris, and myself was rather tough. No one except for myself worked during weekends, and things like cover corrections, corrections for the book's interior, and even the completion of simple tasks such as payment for things via wire transfer usually took several working days to complete. As a result of all that, the date of the book's release was delayed a lot - in hindsight, there was no way the book could have been released at any time close to when I had originally promised. I attribute such a mistake to my inexperience as a publishing author - Purity Before Existence is my first published work ever, and I was incredibly naive to underestimate the time it took for my book to be released to such an extent. Once again, I hope people can forgive me for failing to have this book published at anywhere close to the time I originally promised, which probably led to many people being disappointed.

    But here it is! Below are various interesting excerpts from the book itself:

    At one point amidst what could very well be the infinity of time, a planet of an unfathomably gigantic size existed, trillions upon trillions of times larger than the entire Milky Way. Despite the unspeakable difference in size between this planet and Earth, its surface was very similar to that of Earth’s, although about three-fifths of it was covered in land, while the rest was covered in water. It had a diversity of landforms, with mountains, forests, plains, deserts, grasslands, snow-covered places, rivers, and just about any kind of natural features observable on Earth. Islands could be seen scattered across the oceans.

    Two celestial bodies of equal size orbited this planet, each being about one-third the size of the mother planet. One of them was an incredibly bright Sun-like body, which always illuminated the side of the planet facing it, making that part of the planet as bright as day on Earth, while the other celestial body resembled the Earth’s Moon. Strangely enough, not a single other star, or any other celestial object whatsoever for that matter, could be seen in space around this planet.

    At the moment, this incredibly large planet, when viewed from space, appeared to be in chaos. Huge seas of fire blazed over enormous areas of the land far eclipsing the total surface area of the Earth in size. Even larger clouds of pitch-black smoke billowed from those flames. Burning craters covered the planet's surface, while large parts of its oceans, rivers and lakes were painted in red, as if filled with blood. Millions of explosions as well as sparks of lightning could be seen happening every second on the surface when viewed from space, as if a war of an unbelievably grand scale was taking place on it.

    Suddenly, the colour of absolutely everything in the universe became inverted. A moment later, four incredibly thick beams of black energy, which each had a diameter about one tenth that of the entire giant planet itself erupted simultaneously out of the surface of that planet close to each other, while massive clouds of dust were raised on the part of the planet from which the beams came. A few seconds later, the beams faded away, revealing four gigantic holes on the planet’s surface left by the beams. After that, the colour of everything in the universe reverted back to normal.

    The clouds of dust around the four holes faded away, revealing that those holes were so deep that they penetrated to the other side of the planet. Cracks rapidly expanded outward from the holes across the planet’s surface, while massive tsunami, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and other natural disasters started happening all over the planet. The cracks exponentially increased in number and size, a few seconds before the entire planet suddenly blew up in a catastrophically enormous and bright orange explosion about ten times the size of the planet itself.

    The explosion, which resembled a giant supernova, instantly consumed and disintegrated both of the celestial bodies orbiting the now-destroyed planet. Innumerable blazing hot pieces of the planet of various sizes were sent flying outward towards every direction at a tremendous speed by the explosion. At that moment, millions of dragons of both the Eastern and Western variety flew outward from the explosion. They roared loudly in pain, fear and despair. Many of them were badly wounded. Their bodies were bleeding badly, with some of them missing one or more limbs. The vast majority of the dragons were consumed by the expanding explosion behind them, getting disintegrated within it. Others were crushed by the huge burning pieces of the planet flying outward from the explosion, and only a very small fraction were fortunate enough to escape.

    Deep within the core of the explosion, the silhouette of a massive dragon-like figure with a huge X-shaped structure on its back could be seen.

    ‘Ha, ha, ha,’ the dragon-like figure was heard laughing in a deep male voice from within the blazing energy. As the explosion began to fade, it was revealed that the dragon-like figure floating amidst that blazing inferno was a huge, predominately black mechanical-looking dragon. He had a long black horn on his nose and two demonic-looking black horns at the back of his head that curved forward. He possessed three very long and sharp white toes on each of his theropodous feet, a huge silver drill in place of his right hand, three sharp white blade-like claws on his left hand, and a massive, grey, diagonally-placed cube-shaped structure on his back. Four huge black cylindroid cannons with golden rings around their bases protruded outward from that cube in such a way that they formed the shape of an ‘X’ on the mechanical-looking dragon’s back. He also had a pair of absolutely gigantic and thick robotic-looking silver wings coming out of his back.

    His eyes glowed red, before he raised his head slightly.

    ‘By my very own hands . . . both of the Grand Beings have now fallen. I . . . am the Ultimate Organism!’ he said, revealing his incredibly sharp white teeth as he spoke, while looking around at his pitch-black surroundings. Despite the fact that not a single star could previously be seen in all of space around the huge planet that was just destroyed, the mechanical-looking dragon’s observation of space around himself revealed to him that right now, the countless burning pieces of the planet that just exploded, which were now very far away from him looked almost exactly like the innumerable stars observable in the night sky from Earth.


    Meanwhile, the variously-shaped pieces of the destroyed planet as well as the energy of the explosion drifted further and further away into space. Over countless years, the power of gravity shaped those pieces of the planet into spheres, forming a myriad of much smaller planets and other celestial bodies all across space. At the same time, other planets were formed from dust, gas and other materials scattered throughout the universe being pulled together by gravity. The energy of the massive explosion formed into innumerable stars scattered all across the universe. The force of gravity dragged the planets into orbit around the stars, which in turn formed galaxies among each other. As a result of all of this, after an incredibly long period of time, the universe was transformed from one in which only three absolutely enormous celestial bodies seemed to exist into one which far more greatly resembled the universe familiar to a person who reads this book.

    ‘Ya qowat al borkan al ha'ila, edkhaly al ardh wa ahrik man al dakhil!’ the swordsman chanted while continuing to dive downward. He changed the way he held both of his swords such that he was now holding them each in a reverse grip. As he did that, the blades of his swords began heating up to an exponentially higher temperature than before. This created a very strong, searing wind, which blew in the faces of everyone in the chamber, causing the other two men to cover their faces with their arms as their clothes waved wildly in that wind. ‘Thuran!’ the swordsman shouted loudly as he performed a rightward 360 spin in the air before thrusting both of his swords into the centre of the sand pit while landing on his feet. Immediately after doing that, he screamed, ‘Haaa!’ as while still holding his two swords in reverse grips, he moved those burning swords around in such a way that he wrote the Arabic word ‘<Prologue Part 5 - 5 and 6.png>’ in flames on the ground in front of him.

    Immediately as he did that, he jumped back away from the burning ‘<Prologue Part 5 - 5 and 6.png>’ on the ground in front of him. At that instant, an enormous and loud eruption of lava spouted out of the fiery ‘<Prologue Part 5 - 5 and 6.png>’ on the ground, with that eruption accompanied by a huge cloud of pitch-black smoke.

    ‘Hhhhhhhhhh!’ the cobra was then heard letting out a loud hiss in unbelievable pain as it emerged vertically out of the lava, with its entire body badly-burned. Flames covered its whole body, while its skin was also peeling off, with drops of lava falling from its now pitch-black skin. Its right eye was no longer functional, as nothing except for a torrent of unnatural-looking green blood could now be seen coming out of that eye socket. The swordsman, who had now landed back on the ground on his right knee and was holding his swords in a normal grip again, smiled confidently as he looked up at the badly-burned and blazing cobra. The gigantic creature displayed a furious look in its left eye at the swordsman, before opening its mouth and once again spitting a huge amount of purple acid down at him. The swordsman jumped back and dodged the acid, which landed on the sand and began disintegrating it rapidly.

    Upon witnessing its acid attack missing the swordsman, the cobra faced its opponent, as the eye-like patterns on its hood glowed blue. It once again fired a blue laser beam from each of those two eye-like patterns at the swordsman just as he landed back on his feet from his previous jump. However, the swordsman formed an ‘X’ with his swords in front of himself and blocked the two laser beams, which created some magnificent-looking sparks of flames on impact while pushing the swordsman back about 10 metres on his feet. He raised a huge cloud of sand in front of him as he slid across the sand pit.

    The cobra stopped firing its laser beams. It began ascending straight upward, until it reached the ceiling above. After that, it hissed loudly again as it started violently crawling upside down around the ceiling at random directions and at a very high speed, as if it was performing an upside down dragon dance on the ceiling. As it did that, it shook the entire chamber, while sending a rain of falling rubble from the ceiling down towards the swordsman. Due to the flames and lava engulfing the cobra’s body, much of the falling rubble was also covered in fire and lava.

    The swordsman narrowed his eyes while displaying a determined look in them, as the reflection of one blazing and falling rubble increased in size in his eyes. He quickly got into his signature fighting stance, before kicking off the ground and launching himself straight upward. He sliced the piece of rubble diagonally in half with an upward and rightward swing of his Scimitar, before thrusting his Khopesh straight towards another piece of rubble falling towards him, smashing it to pieces. After that, the swordsman did a rightward 360 spin before slicing yet another piece of rubble falling at him horizontally in half with his Scimitar.

    Immediately after cutting that piece of rubble in half, another huge piece of rubble fell towards him, but this one was covered in neither fire nor lava. The swordsman thrust both his feet at the piece of rubble as it approached him, before kicking off the piece of rubble in order to launch himself diagonally downward and backward through the air. He did a backflip while once again holding his two swords each in a reverse grip, before his feet landed on the solid perimeter of the sand pit behind him, with his knees bent.

    He stretched his arms out to the side, such that his two red-glowing swords held in reverse grips in his hands now resembled the wings of a fiery phoenix. He looked up at a huge cloud of dust in the ceiling with a determined look in his eyes. As he did that, he saw the cobra sticking its head out of that cloud of dust, looking down at him while hissing loudly. It briefly stuck its tongue out, while an absolutely insane amount of black energy began surging out of its body like a raging fire.

    ‘Ajnihat anqa'a!’ said the swordsman, as dozens of burning pieces of the chamber’s ceiling were falling all around him like a meteor shower, creating huge explosions and craters on the ground as they landed. The swordsman kicked off the ground and launched himself diagonally forward and upward towards the cobra, while leaving a magnificent and brilliant-looking trail of flames in the air behind him as he traveled. At that very instant, the cobra hissed loudly as it began diving diagonally forward and downward towards the swordsman for a head-on collision.

    As the swordsman continued flying diagonally upward, he screamed, ‘Haaa!’ as his entire body became surrounded in a great flame that manifested in the shape of a majestic-looking, blazing phoenix. The phoenix’s wings surrounded the swordsman’s arms and swords, while its head faced the same direction to which the swordsman flew. This made it such that when viewed from a distance, the swordsman resembled a flaming phoenix which was flying diagonally upward straight towards the descending cobra for a head-on collision. The diving cobra fired a huge amount of purple acid from its mouth straight down at its opponent, only to see that acid getting evaporated into steam in the air upon colliding with the sharp beak of the burning phoenix, before that acid could touch the swordsman at all.

    The swordsman and the cobra let out a battle cry and a hiss respectively and simultaneously. The other two men in the room watched with an amazed look in their eyes at the sight of the two combatants heading straight for each other at a point high up in the air at the centre of the room. As the swordsman reached the cobra, he swung both of his swords forward horizontally like a closing pair of scissors. The swordsman and the cobra collided at a point in the air right in front of the chest of the statue of the old man from the perspective of this battle’s two spectators, resulting in a catastrophically powerful, loud and bright explosion of flames in the air. An immensely strong shockwave radiated outward from the explosion, causing even more pieces of rubble to the fall from the ceiling.

    ‘Hhhhhhhh!’ the cobra was heard letting out its final hiss as its head was cleanly cleaved off the rest of its body at the centre of its hood, while both of the severed parts of its body began falling from the air engulfed in flames. At the same time, the swordsman landed back on the ground on his right knee with his head lowered and his arms spread out to the side. The huge phoenix-shaped flame around his body faded away, while the blades of his two swords rapidly cooled down, with pitch-black smoke rising from them.

    ‘I guess this was the final challenge . . . huh,’ said the swordsman as he raised his head while standing back up, while the two severed, burning and smoking pieces of the cobra’s body fell down from a great height behind him. Those pieces of the dead cobra crashed on the sand behind the swordsman, raising an enormous cloud of sand on impact, while once again shaking the entire chamber due to their huge weight.

    ‘Y-Your Highness! You did it!’ one of the two men watching this battle said excitedly, as both of them ran towards the swordsman, while the rain of blazing rubble stopped falling from the ceiling.

    ‘Your Highness . . . are you okay?!’ said the other man.

    ‘I’m fine,’ replied the swordsman as he looked at the other two men, while holding the hilts of his two swords in a normal grip again. Just then, all three men heard some swooshing sounds coming from the direction where the cobra had fallen. They turned to face that direction, and saw a massive amount of black energy leaking out of both pieces of the fallen cobra’s green blood-surrounded corpse before vanishing in the air. After that, the cobra’s entire corpse along with its green blood melted into sand, which mixed with and became indistinguishable from the rest of the sand in the room.

    ‘Huh?’ said Shirosakura as she faced the violet-haired girl.

    ‘Just like you, although my parents made me go through the ritual to become an Agalmatist when I was an infant, for most of my life I’ve actually been unsure of whether or not the teachings of Agalmatism are correct, both in terms of the history that it tells about this world, as well as the system of moral values it upholds,’ said Arumariya, looking down.

    ‘You sound like you feel guilty about that. Being a free thinker instead of conforming to others like a sheep is nothing to be ashamed of!’

    ‘I guess . . .’ said Arumariya. ‘But what I wanted to say was . . .’

    ‘Hm?’ said Shirosakura as she turned to look at Arumariya.

    ‘Recently, I’ve started to think that the question that should really be asked isn’t whether or not God or gods exist, but rather, which God or gods are the real ones. Well, assuming that the real deities behind this universe’s existence are even mentioned in any known religion, anyway.’

    ‘Huh? So you’re saying that you’re convinced that there’s at least one deity?’

    ‘Yes. Take for example, the solar eclipse that will take place here on Wednesday afternoon,’ said Arumariya as she briefly looked up at the sun, before lowering her head again to face her front. ‘A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, covering the Earth in darkness by blocking out the Sun’s light. The Sun is four hundred times bigger than the Moon, but the Moon just so happens to also be four hundred times closer to the Earth than the Sun is, making them both appear to be the same size when viewed from Earth. This results in the Moon being just the right size when viewed from Earth to perfectly block out the Sun during a solar eclipse. Not only is this a major coincidence which doesn’t occur in the case of a solar eclipse on any other planet we know of, but this coincidence also just happens to take place on a planet on which there is intelligent life to observe it happening.’ Then she looked at Shirosakura and said, ‘If you ask me, I think it’s very unlikely that this is a coincidence at all.’

    ‘Oh yeah, I never thought about that . . .’ said Shirosakura as she smiled. ‘But then again, the teleological argument can always be defended against by mentioning how just about anything is likely to exist given how big the universe is,’ she continued, before slightly lowering her head. ‘I don’t know why . . . but although what you mentioned may be a massive coincidence, something deep within me just tells me that it’s nonetheless just that, a coincidence. Or at least, even if God or gods did exist . . . they wouldn’t be completely benevolent in nature like most people claim they are,’ she said, before turning to look at Arumariya. ‘Like . . . do you remember what we both said about the nature of life back in that Art class we had back in Year Seven?’

    Arumariya nodded.

    ‘If there’s one thing I want to find out more about though, it’s the nature of the afterlife,’ Shirosakura raised her head and said. ‘The two of us both know that people do become ghosts after they die, though we also know that they disappear after a while. I’m particularly curious about those “agents of the afterlife” you said you’ve seen . . . I wonder if they take the ghosts to Heaven or Hell, or maybe both, depending on who the souls are.’

    ‘I feel the same way.’

    ‘But, umm . . .’ said Shirosakura, before smiling while facing Arumariya. ‘Please don’t go and ask them the next time you see them, okay? I don’t want you to get in trouble with them . . .’

    Arumariya looked at Shirosakura for a few seconds, before reciprocating her smile.

    ‘Oh, of course!’ she said. The two girls faced forward again. ‘If you’re so curious about this topic though . . .’ Arumariya said, before turning to face Shirosakura again while smiling. ‘Why don’t you accompany me the next time I go out at night to observe the supernatural?’ Arumariya continued, making Shirosakura blush while at the same time display a slightly fearful look on her face in response.

    ‘A-Arumariya! I knew you’d say that!’ she said, while Arumariya placed her left hand in front of her mouth and giggled again.

    In her memories, a much younger version of herself was dressed in her school uniform and sitting on a chair in a large white-floor tiled classroom. Back then, she did not wear any earrings. Her hair barely extended past her shoulders and were tied in a ponytail behind her head by a white ribbon bow. She sat near the teacher’s desk, which was located at the front left corner of the classroom, while many other female students of her age were also sitting in that classroom. Hanging all over that classroom’s white walls were various paintings, many of which were portraits of people or depictions of cities and landscapes, while others were more abstract, ranging from being cubist to Dadaist and surreal in nature. Many sculptures were placed on some shelves around the classroom. In front of each student, on their desk, was a canvas. The canvas in front of Shirosakura was completely blank, while every other student had a canvas in front of them which displayed a painting of various content.

    ‘Alright girls, I take it everyone has finished by now?’ said the teacher. Her long blond hair brushed her shoulders as she looked around the class. Like Venomica and Gicela, she had pointed elf-like ears and a pair of tiny demon-like horns on her head. Her facial markings were brown and consisted of three identically-shaped vertical squiggly lines on each of her cheeks.

    ‘Yes, miss!’ the class responded together with enthusiasm.

    ‘Okay, good,’ the teacher said with a smile as she clapped her hands together and then placed her joined hands on the desk in front of her. ‘I want each of you now to one by one, come up here and show what you have painted to the rest of the class. I want you to explain why you have painted what you have painted, and also how your paintings relate to how you feel about life and the world. I’ll just start from this side of the room,’ she continued as she looked at Shirosakura. ‘First up!’ she said, as she pointed her left hand at Shirosakura, who looked at her and smiled. ‘What is your name again?’

    ‘It’s Shirosakura.’

    ‘Alright, Shirosakura. Come up the front!’ the teacher said to the brown-haired girl with a smile, as she watched her get up from her seat while lifting up her blank canvas. But the teacher’s smile was abruptly replaced by a cross between a frown and a surprised look as she beheld Shirosakura’s canvas, and noticed that there was absolutely nothing painted on it.

    Shirosakura walked to the front of the classroom, to the left of the teacher’s desk while facing the other students. She held her blank canvas in front of her and showed it to the rest of the class.

    ‘This is a painting I have made to represent my views on life and the world,’ she said, prompting the rest of the class, with the exception of one student, to laugh loudly. This response from the other students provoked a frown on her face. The student who did not laugh was a younger version of Arumariya, who was sitting near the back of the classroom. She had her usual knee-length long violet hair, except she did not have any hairpins on her head, and instead wore a red headband around her forehead. She displayed a gentle smile on her face while looking at Shirosakura’s blank canvas, with an appreciating look in her eyes.

    ‘Your . . . painting?!’ asked the teacher in disbelief. ‘There’s nothing there!’ she continued as she pointed her left hand at Shirosakura’s blank canvas.

    ‘Miss Leitzke . . . if I were to spill paint on a canvas in such a way that not a single dot of white can be seen on it, would you call that art?’ Shirosakura asked the teacher with a serious look on her face.

    ‘Well, it depends on how the paint is arranged, I guess?’ said Miss Leitzke, making the class, once again with the exception of Arumariya, laugh once again.

    ‘What if I didn’t spill paint on a canvas then, and instead painted a picture on it, with that picture including a lot of white?’ Shirosakura asked Leitzke.

    ‘What is your point?!’ said Leitzke, frowning.

    ‘No one would disagree that that is a work of art. But the painting’s status as a work of art is defined as much by the paint on it as the lack of paint on it. Just like how a sculpture is defined by the empty spaces around it as much as the space it takes up.’

    ‘So even though you put absolutely zero effort into that, you call it a work of art?!’ asked Leitzke raising her voice towards the end of her question.

    ‘I didn’t put zero effort into that, and yes, I do!’ said Shirosakura, prompting Leitzke to lower her head while covering her face with her right hand. The other students except for Arumariya laughed again, and then Shirosakura frowned. However, in the midst of that, she noticed Arumariya sitting at the back of the classroom, looking at her with her large, innocent-looking eyes. Shirosakura gasped, while Arumariya looked surprised for a bit before she moved her eyes in such a way that she broke eye contact with the brown-haired girl.

    ‘Well okay, fine,’ said Leitzke as she uncovered her face before turning to face the brown-haired girl again. ‘Explain how it relates to your thoughts and feelings on life and the world, then,’ she continued in an irritated voice. ‘Even though there doesn’t seem to be much to explain anyway!’

    Shirosakura waited for the class’s laughter to die down, before she began saying to the class, ‘For any living thing to survive, it must consume other living things, leading to a struggle where some beings survive through the death and suffering of others. This is a fundamental law of life, and yet it contradicts what I believe it means to be morally good - to be completely lacking in the will to harm any other living thing, unless another living thing has proven itself to not be morally good, such as by trying to harm others while unprovoked.’ Arumariya raised her head slightly. ‘The fact that merely surviving requires going against moral goodness is a very depressing thought. To the point where, I can literally paint a thousand detailed pictures of the way I think the world should be. But if you were to ask me to paint a picture representing my thoughts and feelings about the world as it is, I think I can represent it in no better way than with a white canvas, which symbolises the emptiness and meaninglessness I see in everything.’

    ‘So . . . you decided to make a “painting” whose purpose is to represent how lacking in everything it is? Wouldn’t that leave your viewers very . . . disappointed then?’ said a younger version of Emma, who was sitting somewhere in the middle of the classroom, trying to control her laughter initially. However, she failed to contain it halfway through her second question, and the rest of the class laughed once again as they heard her laughing.

    ‘And that disappointment, which was originally born out of an expectation of meaning, further emphasises the idea of nothingness,’ replied Shirosakura, making the class laugh louder, while Leitzke facepalmed again as she heard that.

    ‘Shirosakura, stay back after this period.’


    Shirosakura, in the present, recalled Arumariya’s turn to show her painting in that class. She had depicted an incredibly vicious thunderstorm happening in a dark cloud-covered sky hanging over a grass field. There were several bolts of lightning as well as a tornado in the background, and rain falling everywhere. At the centre of that painting, there was a coin falling in the air, with that coin taking up about one third of the entire painting. On the side of the coin that was facing the viewers of the painting, there was a picture of a grass field that looked exactly the same as the one on the bottom of the painting, except the grass field was shown standing under a clear-blue and sunny sky. On that grass field, there was a white rabbit standing up on only its hind legs, with a blade of grass hanging from its mouth.

    ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful painting you made!’ Leitzke said to Arumariya.

    ‘Thanks,’ Arumariya replied with a soft smile.

    ‘Heeeh?’ said a younger version of Charlotte, with an amazed look in her eyes, while the other students in the class all displayed similar reactions of awe.

    ‘For the same reasons Shirosakura previously explained, life is a struggle in which some beings thrive at the expense of others, and I have represented this through the storm I have painted,’ said Arumariya, as the class became silent to allow her to speak, while Shirosakura looked surprised as she heard that. ‘Yet in spite of that, there are many people who believe that life is a fundamentally positive experience. They argue this by pointing towards enjoyable feelings such as love, friendship, and happiness. But they conveniently forget that not everyone has the chance to experience such feelings, at least as often as they experience suffering and injustice. And they forget that even those who have lived enjoyable lives so far may have their joys ended at any time depending on their circumstances, as well as their luck, as much as they don’t want to admit it since everyone wants to think that they have perfect control over their own situation,’ she continued, while Leitzke gazed at her artwork while appearing to be in deep thought.

    ‘Nonetheless, that which is painted on the coin in my picture represents those who have lived in a lucky or sheltered enough manner to believe that life is inherently positive, and the fact that the coin is surrounded by a raging storm represents the peril they can face at any time. As for the coin itself, it symbolises the element of luck in life that I explained before, but there is more to it. The concept of luck is inseparable from the idea of chance, and chance is inseparable from hope. In this way, the coin also represents my hope that one day, however it may happen, the world may truly become the fundamentally positive place that many people falsely believe it to currently be.’

    As she finished her explanation, Leitzke and the students all clapped loudly. Arumariya smiled at the rest of the class, and then she bowed before her audience. She looked at Shirosakura, who was also clapping with an amazed look on her face. Arumariya smiled at the brown-haired girl, who briefly widened her eyes in surprise as she saw that, before a soft smile appeared on her face.

    ‘I’m sorry, mate,’ Jamez’s voice was heard coming from behind Thomas. Immediately upon hearing that, Thomas, with much effort, turned his head just enough to look behind him with the left corners of his eyes, while blood continued rapidly flowing down his mouth as well as the wound on his chest. As he looked, he saw Jamez standing behind him, with a serious look on his face. He held his black-hilted katana in his right hand, with that katana’s blade thrust into Thomas’s chest from behind. ‘As a Whitchelician, I can perfectly empathise with your desire for revenge,’ said Jamez, and then Shirosakura widened her eyes and gasped as she heard that, while an image of the Pierrot-like being she saw in her nightmare before flashed through her mind. ‘Nonetheless, I cannot afford to let you kill her,’ Jamez continued, before suddenly turning the blade of his katana 90 degrees anti-clockwise, such that the weapon’s edge, which was initially facing downward, was now facing his right.

    ‘UUGH!’ screamed Thomas in pain as he coughed out a torrent of blood, before Jamez, with a quick move, swung his katana to his right. In the process of doing that, he cut the right side of Thomas’s upper body open horizontally, with the cut extending from the centre of his chest, where he was initially stabbed, to the right side of his upper body. After Jamez’s blade exited the right side of Thomas’s upper body, it chopped off the teenager’s right arm, before Jamez ended his sword swing with the tip of his katana pointing straight to his right dramatically. ‘UUUAARGH!’ Thomas screamed in excruciating pain as he immediately dropped the stick he was holding, while an enormous fountain of blood erupted out of his mouth, the huge wound on his upper body as well as the part of his right arm where it was cut in half. He fell on his back and landed in a pool of his own blood, with his head at Jamez’s feet, while his severed right arm fell on the ground to his right.

    Shirosakura displayed a shocked expression on her face as she looked down at the fallen and badly bleeding Thomas, before immediately turning her attention towards Jamez, with a fearful look on her face. The grey-haired man looked down into her eyes with a calm and expressionless look on his own face.

    However, as she was doing that, her attention was suddenly caught by the sound of some eerie screams and cries coming from the television. Immediately, she raised her head and widened her eyes before looking at the television screen, which was now showing a news report, with the headline ‘ATTACK ON NYRHEIMIA’ displayed on the bottom of the screen.

    ‘Terrorists have launched a devastating attack on the Sacred Nyrheimian Kingdom,’ a female voice was heard from the television, as the screen showed an aerial view of what appeared to be a large University campus standing under the daylight. Huge amounts of pitch-black smoke billowed out of eleven different buildings within the campus. Arumariya got up on a kneeling position on both knees on her bed, while continuing to watch the television screen with her large and curious-looking tear-filled eyes.

    ‘There are more than five hundred casualties,’ said a male voice from the television. The screen showed a scene of countless people running across a street away from that campus and screaming with fearful looks on their faces, while smoke rose within the campus in the background. Arumariya wiped her tears away with the back of her left hand, before moving closer to the television.


    Shirosakura was still chained on a pole with her mouth sealed by sticky tape, while everyone on the couches watched the same news report on the television there.

    Nyrheimia . . . was attacked?!’ thought Shirosakura, looking shocked.

    The screen changed to silver, with the large, golden text ‘TSBO News’ displayed on the screen. A few seconds later, the screen displayed two black-dressed news reporters sitting behind a brown desk and facing the screen. The left one was a middle-aged man with grey hair and black eyes. The right one was a woman with long, well-groomed brown hair, dark brown eyes that were almost black, and had red lipstick on.

    On the wall behind the two news reporters, there was a large image of a beautiful harbour standing under a pink sun-setting sky, with the surface of the sea reflecting the brilliant-looking pink of the heavens above. On that harbour, there were two shores, one on the left side of the image and one on the right side. Connecting the two shores was a massive black through arch bridge with two sand-coloured stone pylons standing on each end of the bridge. Two flags could also be seen standing at the highest point of that bridge, at its centre, though the flags were too small for what was displayed on them to be seen clearly. The image displayed the bridge at any angle, such that the left side of the bridge was closer to the viewer than the bridge’s right side. To the right side of the bridge, in front of it, there was a large white building, whose roof consisted of multiple white shell-like structures.

    The television focused on the female news reporter.

    ‘Good evening,’ she said in the same female voice as the one heard coming from the screen before. ‘A major terrorist attack has struck the Sacred Nyrheimian Kingdom. At exactly twelve noon, ten bombs simultaneously went off inside the University of Drages’s Kastali campus in Drengskapr, Drages, each in a separate building. The Library, the Nyrheimian School of Business, the CHH Centre, the Great Utopian Tower, the Central Hall of Teaching, The Heavens, the XYZ Building, the Mechanical Engineering Building, the Terrasaurus Rex Building, and the Building of Natural Philosophy have each been at least partially devastated by an explosion,’ the news reporter continued, as the screen showed a series of ten different buildings within the University campus. All of those buildings either had a huge hole on it with large amounts of smoke coming out of that hole, a collapsed wall with smoke building up from that wall, or in some cases, completely obliterated to ruins.

    ‘Holy . . .’ commented the black man as he witnessed the news. Following that, the screen changed to the male news reporter.

    ‘After being alerted by the blasts, the surviving students and staff began to evacuate the campus, naturally heading towards its nearest exit,’ said the male news reporter, before the screen changed to show a shaky and low-quality video of a large group of people gathered in front of a lawn. Their backs faced the camera and their hands were raised, as if they were being held at gunpoint.

    ‘However, a large number of those who were escaping from the upper end of the campus were cut off by the attack’s ten perpetrators themselves, who concealed their faces in masks but were clearly dressed in Ardalfawdan-style clothes. They held the students and staff at gunpoint from the top of the Lady Tenshi Kamihana Building as they reached the Tenshi Lawn,’ the male news reporter said.

    The shaky footage revealed a scene of ten men dressed in white thawbs and red demonic-looking masks standing on top of a large building, while looking down at the people standing on the lawn. All but one of those ten men each held a shotgun in their hands and had them pointed down at the people below them.

    The building on which the ten masked men stood was a large, dark green-roofed and orange-walled building standing in front of the lawn. Its design heavily resembled that of a Japanese temple, with a long wooden stairway leading to the building’s main entrance. Above that main entrance, there was a large, horizontally-placed rectangular white sign with the green words ‘神花天使様ビル’ on it. On top of the stairs, at the left side of the building’s main entrance was a dark green statue of Tenshi – dressed in a kimono, carrying her katana and looking exactly the way she did five hundred years ago. She stood with a sweet and gentle smile on her face, while having her hands joined together in front of her thighs.

    On the right side of that building’s main entrance was a black rectangular stone tablet, with its shorter sides parallel to the ground. Near the bottom of that stone tablet, the large white letters ‘UoD’ were printed. Above those letters was a coat of arms consisting of an orange shield with a mystical-looking creature at the centre of that shield. The creature was a yellow sauropod-like beast which appeared to have a black cloud covering its torso. It had a pair of huge golden dragon wings on its back, an extremely long tail, and an intricately-designed silver hammer-like object attached to the base of its huge neck, resembling the legendary Mjölnir. This beast appeared to wear a silver mask on its head with a long silver horn on its nose. Beneath that sauropod-like creature was a scroll, on which the black text ‘Kunnskap for den Store Utopia’ was written.

    ‘One of the terrorists proceeded to give the students and staff a speech denouncing the ways of Jafnaorism while promoting the religion of Fawdaism,’ said the male news reporter. The screen showed a close-up scene of the masked man standing on top of the building who was not holding a shotgun.

    ‘This University has disrespected not only its own students, but also humanity, truth, and mankind’s natural pursuit of knowledge by making the study of Jafnaorism compulsory for its students!’ said the masked man as he raised his arms up in the air dramatically. ‘A University is a place where teachers and scholars pass on their knowledge and skills in the various faculties of sciences and arts known to mankind to the students! In hope that they may utilise such abilities they have gained in their studies to contribute their part to society, and mankind’s march towards the peak of evolution! Its purpose is to give rise to free-thinking and rational members of society! Not brainwash students to become cowards who turn towards an inhumane and irresponsible set of “ethics” to glorify their own existence instead of truly bettering themselves! The greatest step towards recognising your own imperfection is to realise just how insignificant you are compared to the Ultimate Organism himself! A being fully and truly perfect, his level unreachable by anyone else in existence! Yet despite it being impossible to reach his level, we strive towards it nonetheless, as it is the recognition of the . . .’

    The video of his speech was interrupted by the screen changing to show the male news reporter.

    ‘The terrorist’s speech lasted approximately eight minutes – just the right amount of time for him to finish on time as the police arrived at the scene,’ said the news reporter, before the screen changed back to the shaky camera-recorded scene of the terrorist’s speech in front of the people held at gunpoint on the lawn.

    ‘Oh my goddess . . .’ said Lisa, looking shocked at what she just saw and heard.

    ‘That’s what happens to those who worship an evil god . . . they become literally batshit insane!’ said the spiky-haired man.

    ‘Good thing our goddess will return to end this disgusting crap soon, eh?’ said the eyepatched man as he turned to look at Shirosakura.

    On the television screen, the camera shakily moved away from the terrorist giving the speech to focus on about a dozen police officers entering the scene, with their pistols held in both hands and pointing up at the terrorists on top of the Japanese temple-like building.

    ‘Put your hands up!’ the police officers were heard saying.

    ‘May all in the universe submit to the Overlord of Chaos, Zaim'aldamar!’ the voice of the terrorist giving the speech was heard.

    ‘Those were the terrorist’s last words before he detonated explosives attached to himself and those who were working with him,’ said the male news reporter’s voice. The ten terrorists along with the entirety of the building on which they were standing, as well as the statue of Tenshi were completely obliterated in some massive, extremely loud and bright fiery explosions. The people standing on the lawn screamed loudly as they began running away from the site of the explosion, while Shirosakura, who was watching the explosion gasped loudly as she saw that.

    Meanwhile, Arumariya was standing near the door of the classroom, facing the other students in it, all of whom had now fallen to the ground along with every single desk and chair in the classroom. Countless textbooks, exercise books, stationery and random sheets of paper had also fallen all over the floor in a huge mess. The students in were now looking at Arumariya with fearful and disgusted looks on their faces.

    ‘Wh-What?!’ said Gicela.

    ‘What on earth just happened?!’ said Liz.

    ‘That energy radiating from her body . . . that scythe . . . her glowing eyes . . . just what is going on here?!’ said Kalila.

    ‘Could this be . . . Dark Arts?!’ said Melissa.

    ‘Damn! It’s like everyone’s been saying all along! She’s a witch! A damn wicked witch!’ said Gicela, with her voice trembling in shock and fear.

    Just then, Arumariya widened her eyes and gasped.

    No way . . . could this be . . .’ she thought, before she remembered some words that May had read from the textbook earlier:

    But then, in the midst of suffering severe humiliation from the evildoers around him, a magnificent golden sword formed in Hyhlagrydra’s hands, while his body suddenly began surging with an aura of otherwordly energy. With that sword and energy, which Fyrstr describes as ‘the Dragon Sword’ and ‘Energy of the Gods’ respectively, Hyhlagrydra effortlessly killed all those who ever abused him in his life.

    Arumariya narrowed her eyes and displayed a concentrated look in them as she faced the fallen girls in front of her.

    And why did I feel Shirosakura’s presence just now? Does this confirm that she’s still alive? In any case, I can’t be completely sure of what just happened, but this turn of events seems like it does nothing but benefit me . . . or rather, goodness itself!’ she thought as she tightened her grip of her scythe's snath with her left hand. The girls in the classroom got up on their feet, without even daring to take their eyes off Arumariya. ‘Whatever this energy emanating from my body may be, there is one thing I feel to be certain: I have no doubt in my mind that right now, I will finally triumph over all the evildoers I’ve been dealing with in my life so far!’ Arumariya continued thinking, and then she got into a fighting stance in which she positioned her right foot forward and her left foot back. She turned her body to her left and used both hands to hold the snath of her scythe. The snath pointed diagonally to her left and behind her, looking as if she was about to swing her scythe rightward and forward like a baseball bat.

    As she did that, she slightly changed the angle of her weapon’s blade in such a way that the extremely bright yellow light reflecting off its surface momentarily shone straight into the eyes of everyone else in the room, causing them to close their eyes reflexively. As Arumariya saw that, she immediately and suddenly kicked off the ground in order to launch herself straight towards Liz in a huge and superhuman burst of speed.

    ‘Haa!’ she screamed her battle cry while having a sharp and serious look in her large eyes as she performed a huge, upward and rightward diagonal swing with her scythe as she closed in on Liz. Liz reopened her eyes, only to be immediately greeted by an absolutely massive diagonal slash wound on the her front body, starting from the right side of her waist and extending all the way up to her left shoulder.

    ‘AAAAAH!’ she let out a loud and prolonged scream as she was instantly hurled diagonally upward and backward off her feet, while an insane amount of blood spouted upward out of her wound like a volcanic eruption. With the exception of Arumariya, who maintained a serious and serene look on her face, everyone in the classroom watched in horror at the extremely gruesome sight they saw. Liz almost did a backflip in the air before landing back-first on the ground in a pool of her own blood, her eyes wide open in a lifeless stare.

    Meanwhile, Darkmann and Zachalson stood near that hole, though far away from each other. Hundreds of civilians were running away from the place as they witnessed the building on which Shirosakura was standing before collapsing to the ground. All the cars stuck in the surrounding area were also completely evacuated by this point. Suddenly, Darkmann and Zachalson saw Shirosakura flying out of the cloud of dust surrounding that collapsed building.

    ‘There she is!’ shouted Darkmann, as he and Zachalson pointed their machinegun and arm cannon respectively at the airborne girl, before firing a large barrage of bullets and missiles respectively up at her. Shirosakura pointed the front of her staff at the two men’s direction, before the orb on her staff glowed white. A white magic circle appeared in front of her staff, which she used to block the bullets and missiles. Zachalson’s missiles created some huge explosions in the air as they collided with Shirosakura’s white energy shield, sending the girl flying backward through the air, above a thick road.

    After a few seconds, Darkmann’s machinegun ran out of bullets, while Zachalson also stopped firing his missiles. Shirosakura flew backward at an incredible speed by the force of Darkmann’s and Zachalson’s attacks. She did a backflip before her feet landed on the side of an office building behind her. After that, she kicked off that building and launched herself flying diagonally forward to her right.

    ‘Did we get her?’ asked Zachalson, narrowing his eyes at the huge explosion in front of him, which obstructed his sight of his opponent. At the same time, Shirosakura launched herself behind another office building from the perspective of the two men she was fighting, before suddenly emerging out from behind the other side of the building, causing Darkmann and Zachalson to dilate their eyes. Shirosakura kicked off the side of another nearby office building, before she gracefully and elegantly dived straight down towards Darkmann diagonally, with her right knee bent. Her staff was held in her right hand while positioned behind and parallel to her right arm, and her hair and clothes were blowing in the wind.

    ‘Oh no!’ said Darkmann fearfully while reloading his gun.

    But as Shirosakura closed in on him, she screamed, 'Huuut!’ as she raised her staff above her head with both hands. Darkmann looked shocked, before the brown-haired girl landed right in front of him while performing a powerful downward swing resembling a kendo slash with her staff. She hit his machinegun, instantly snapping it in half while making him drop his weapon’s two broken pieces. Darkmann gasped loudly as he nervously took three steps back, before Shirosakura got into a stance in which she had her right foot forward, her left foot back, her body turned to the right, and her staff held with both hands in front of her chest. Both her head as well as the front of her staff faced her right, and the front of her staff pointed straight at Darkmann’s face. ‘Holy Ray!’ she said with an extremely serious look in her eyes, before firing a basketball-sized shot of white energy out of the orb on her staff. That energy shot hit Darkmann straight in the head at point-blank range, blowing it up in a huge explosion of blood, skull fragments and pieces of his brain before he could even scream. About a second after Darkmann’s headless body collapsed backward on the ground, Shirosakura noticed three figures falling towards her from above and in front of her. She looked up, and from left to right, she could see Lisa, Zachalson as well as the one-armed Bruto falling towards her.

    ‘Haaa!’ the three airborne people screamed their battle cries as they had their whip, arm cannon and right fist respectively raised up in the air while having their entire bodies each surrounded by a huge aura of dark energy. Then, just as they were about to land in front of Shirosakura, they swung their whip, arm cannon and right fist down at the girl. She immediately jumped upward and slightly backward to avoid the attacks, which hit the ground where she stood before, smashing a crater on that part of the ground while raising a cloud of dust. After missing with their attacks, Lisa, Zachalson and Brut raised their heads and saw Shirosakura high up in the sky above and in front of them, in such a way that she partially covered the sun from their perspective. She had her staff raised above her head with both hands, spinning it around skilfully and rapidly like a helicopter’s propeller.

    As she was doing that, her body became surrounded by an immensely powerful aura of white energy. Strong invisible energy radiated outward from her body and covered a huge area around her, causing the whole atmosphere to shake as small rocks were being lifted off the ground by that energy before disintegrating in the air. As that happened, the orb in front of her staff began absorbing an absolutely insane amount of solar energy from the blazing sun above. The orb began radiating an incredible amount of sunlight outward, with that orb glowing more and more brightly as Shirosakura continued spinning her staff around.

    ‘Get her!’ said Bruto, before he, Lisa and Zachalson jumped off the ground, launching themselves upward towards Shirosakura.


    In the meantime, back in the room where Shirosakura was held before, Vulkanrich, Yuki, Sofianna and Thunderking were still on the ground. The cloud of dust surrounding the wall in the room which had collapsed as a result of Darkmann’s gunfire before also faded away, revealing a long, dark and brick-walled corridor which led outside the room. Suddenly, the four of them noticed some insanely and unnaturally bright sunlight entering the room from the huge hole in the ceiling, and then Vulkanrich gasped.

    ‘Yuki, Sofianna, Thunderking! We need to get out of here! Fast!’ Vulkanrich continued in a desperate voice, while Yuki looked at him and nodded.

    ‘Yeah!’ said Thunderking seemingly telepathically.

    ‘But mother . . .!’ argued Sofianna.

    ‘She’s not our mother yet!’ said Vulkanrich in an impatient voice. ‘After initiating the White Goddess Darkness Resurrection ritual, we won’t be able to use our powers until thirty minutes later! That’s more than enough time for us to get killed by that girl! We have no choice! We can always find her later!’

    Sofianna looked down thoughtfully and hesitantly, before saying, 'Mm!’ as she nodded at Vulkanrich. The three people and the cat got up from the ground and began running fast towards the newly-revealed tunnel connecting to the room, with Vulkanrich sheathing his huge sword and Sofianna putting her minigun behind her back in the process. As Sofianna ran past the plastic bag which Yuki had placed on the shelf before, which had now fallen to the ground, she grabbed it with her right hand. As they ran, the sunlight entering the room became exponentially harsher than before.


    Meanwhile, Shirosakura suddenly stopped spinning her staff as she caught it in a position such that the top end of it was pointing straight up at the heavens, while the orb on the staff was now shining as brightly as the sun itself. ‘Solar . . .’ she said, while Lisa, Bruto and Zachalson, who were still flying up at her, widened their eyes as they heard that. ‘OBLITERATION!’ she screamed as she lowered her staff to point its unbelievably brightly-glowing orb straight down at the three people flying at her. After that, she discharged a massive, insanely bright, extremely hot and incredibly thick ray of solar energy out of the orb on her staff straight down at Lisa, Bruto and Zachalson.

    The ray of solar energy, which propagated at the speed of light and rapidly expanded in width as it traveled, headed straight towards the three people, who all reflexively closed their eyes as the ray reached them, consuming all three of them within its incredibly huge width. Lisa, Bruto and Zachalson could be seen screaming with their mouths wide open, seemingly in excruciating pain within the ray of solar energy while their entire bodies immediately got caught on fire as soon as the ray touched them. However, despite the fact that they could be seen screaming, their screams could not be heard at all, as such sounds were completely drowned out by the insanely loud, raging inferno-like sound emitted from the ray of solar energy. Within a split second of being hit by the ray, the clothes and flesh of Lisa, Bruto and Zachalson were completely burned off their bodies, briefly revealing their skeletons, which were also incinerated to ashes about a second later. The ray of solar energy descended straight into the hole from which Shirosakura had previously emerged, while also covering a large area around that hole, instantly setting everything it touched on fire.


    Elsewhere, Vulkanrich, Yuki, Sofianna and Thunderking were still running away from the room they were in before, along the dark corridor. Suddenly, a huge ray of solar energy descended from the hole in the ceiling of the room behind them before reaching the floor of that room itself. Immediately as that happened, that entire room instantly became engulfed in an enormous fire, which burned down absolutely everything in it.

    ‘Uuughh!’ screamed the leaders of Reincarnation as they felt the heat of the flames coming from behind them, blowing their hair and clothes powerfully, before a huge burst of flames started chasing them along the corridor from behind.

    ‘We need to hurry!’ said Sofianna while turning her head just enough to look behind her. Bright orange light shone in her eyes, while Thunderking growled.


    Meanwhile, after firing the ray of solar energy from her staff, Shirosakura did a backflip before landing on her right knee on top of a large, thirty-storey high building covered in blue square-shaped windows. She slid back for about a metre before breathing tiredly in relief, while watching a huge amount of black smoke rising from the absolutely enormous raging inferno in front of and below her.

    ‘Those facial markings and that sword . . . you can’t be . . . the Dämon der Asche?! How are you still alive?!’ said Steiner, while looking at Vulkanrich with a curious look on his face. Suhaylah also turned to Vulkanrich, awaiting his response.

    ‘Hmph. What an ironic question given the current situation,’ said Vulkanrich, making Steiner narrow his eyes. ‘The question is, how are you still alive?’ he asked, prompting Steiner to smile in amusement.

    ‘Oh? And I would have expected the Dämon der Asche to be more experienced in battle to ask such a question!’

    ‘What?!’ asked Vulkanrich, narrowing his eyes in confusion.

    ‘This is a fight in real life. You don't expect your opponent to just stand around explaining to you how his powers and abilities work like a fictional character would . . . do you?’ said Steiner, maintaining his amused smile, while his wounds completely healed. The destroyed tentacle that used to be in place of his right arm regenerated back into his right arm.

    Just then, Steiner’s voice was heard coming from the ball of flesh he had spat out before, which was currently high up in the air in front of Yuki and behind Vulkanrich.

    ‘I understand now. How dishonorable of you though, Miracle Healer.’

    Vulkanrich and Yuki narrowed their eyes and gasped, while the former turned his body completely around to face the ball of flesh as he got into his fighting pose.

    ‘You deceived the public, telling the world that the Dämon der Asche was dead . . . in truth, you’ve been hiding him from all those who have been seeking to bring him to justice, haven’t you?!’ Steiner’s voice continued, as the ball of flesh rapidly grew and transformed into his head, before his neck, followed by his torso and then the entirety of his body grew downward out of that head, until he was completely regenerated.

    After regenerating himself, he grew six tentacles out of his back, looking exactly the same as those with which he had grabbed Shirosakura and Arumariya before. Three of those tentacles pointed to his left and the other three pointed to his right. After that, some thin flesh grew in the gaps between the tentacles pointing to his left, as well as in the gaps between the tentacles pointing to his right, until those pairs of three tentacles each merged together to form a huge wing on his back.

    ‘Justice? Don’t spout that word so easily . . . naive Jafnaorist!’ said Yuki while looking up at Steiner, who floated high up in the sky above and in front of him with the large pair of wings on his back. He was partially covering the sun from the perspective of Vulkanrich and Yuki, in such a way that he appeared as a god-like figure from their point of view.

    ‘Naive Jafnaorist, you say?’ said Steiner. ‘Please. It’s true that I affiliate myself with Nyrheimia. Though this has no change in the fact that I’m a scientist, not a priest!’ he continued while looking down at Yuki from the sky, with the light blue-haired person and Vulkanrich looking as tiny as insects from his perspective.

    ‘Even after gaining this energy you possess, you still think that science and religion don’t go hand-in-hand?’ asked Yuki.

    ‘Sometimes they do, but that’s irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. Both are just a means to the same thing anyway, and it’s undeniable that one is far more effective than the other,’ said Steiner. ‘More importantly . . . while I never knew that you were capable of changing your Yojigen no Ou into a double-sided sword, judging by what I know about your Yojigen no Ou’s powers, you probably think that your sword can cut through anything, right?’

    ‘ . . .’ Yuki remained silent, while his twin tails blew in a strong wind coming from the ocean.

    ‘If that’s the case . . .’ said Steiner as he once again straightened his fingers and joined them together, before a katana blade-like bone grew out of his fingertips of each hand. ‘Then let me, as a scientist, help you test out that hypothesis!’ he continued, while suddenly enlarging his eyes in a very creepy manner towards the end of his speech. At that instant, an absolutely insane amount of green energy surged out of his body, shaking the atmosphere all around. An incredibly concentrated amount of that green energy became infused into his two bone blades. He dived straight down at Vulkanrich and Yuki at an extremely high speed while having his two bone blades pointing diagonally outward and behind him like a descending jet plane. Vulkanrich and Yuki gasped, before Steiner shouted, 'HAAAAAA!’ as he thrust his green energy-infused right blade down at them. But the two people jumped away. The former jumped diagonally backward and rightward, while the latter jumped diagonally backward and leftward to dodge the attack, which crashed on the ground where they were standing before, smashing yet another massive crater and creating another huge explosion of sand.

    ‘Ugh . . .’ said Yuki as he flew backward through the air. Suddenly, he looked alert as he saw Steiner flying straight out of the cloud of sand towards him at an astonishing speed. As he saw that, Yuki screamed, 'Haa!’ as he held the handle of his double-sided blade with both hands while raising it up to his left. He spun that weapon around by the handle three times, before performing a rightward swing forward. At that instant, Steiner reached him and did a downward slash at him with his green-energy infused left bone blade. Steiner’s blade collided with Yuki’s blade, and then both blades were stopped dead in their tracks as soon as they touched each other.

    What?!’ thought Yuki, widening his eyes in extreme surprise.

    Impossible . . . he stopped Yuki’s Jikuu no Yaiba?!’ thought Vulkanrich, who was in the air far away, as he displayed a similar facial expression.

    Steiner smiled evilly as he grew a long, upward and forward-pointing spike at the top of the front of each of his feet, before he suddenly delivered an extremely powerful leftward horizontal kick straight at the left side of Yuki’s waist with his right foot. Yuki’s eyes quickly snapped to his left, before he was suddenly struck by the kick with insane power.

    ‘Uuughhh!’ he screamed as he coughed out a lot of blood, while the spike coming out of Steiner’s right foot impaled him straight in the stomach.

    ‘YUKI!’ screamed Vulkanrich as he witnessed Yuki’s predicament.

    ‘Aaaaahhhh!’ screamed Yuki as he was sent back flipping diagonally towards the ground at an incredible speed, while blood rapidly sprayed out of the hole in his stomach.

    ‘Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Fall in despair, Miracle Healer!’ laughed Steiner. He flapped his wings repeatedly to remain airborne while leaning his head back and displaying an insane and extremely satisfied-looking evil smile on his face while looking down at Yuki, who just then crashed onto the beach with much power, smashing a crater and creating an explosion of sand upon landing. ‘Isn’t it scary to know . . . that as it turns out, even the power of spacetime itself cannot triumph over the ultimate power in the universe! The Energy of the Gods!’

    ‘The Energy of the Gods?’ said Vulkanrich, who was still falling backward through the air. ‘What a pretentious thing to say. Let me add a little fact to your collection of scientific knowledge, you four-eyed bastard!’ he continued, and as he finished saying that, he landed on his feet.

    ‘Hm?’ said Steiner as he turned to look down at the silver-haired man.

    ‘To call the energy that you possess “the Energy of the Gods” would be to imply that that energy originated from your gods. That’s wrong!’ said Vulkanrich, before jumping up towards Steiner with his sword held in both hands and pointing behind him at the right side of his body. ‘The power that you possess is life energy . . . and the one from whom it originates is the creator of all life on this planet . . . Lady Whitchelicia Bioreejin!’ he continued as he reached Steiner and tried to behead him with a blazing leftward slash. But Steiner effortlessly blocked the attack by positioning his green energy-infused left blade to his left with it pointing upward, and then a huge fiery explosion happened as the two blades collided.

    ‘Is that so? Thank you!’ said Steiner as he tried to stab Vulkanrich in the chest with the bone blade in his right hand. Vulkanrich gasped as he leaned his body backward, downward and rightward in order to barely dodge the attack, which only managed to cut a bit of his shirt above his chest, as well as draw a tiny amount of blood from the surface of his chest. ‘You just made me even more excited . . .’ Steiner continued as he did a leftward 360 spin in the air, horizontally smashing Vulkanrich with the huge wings on his back in the process.

    ‘AAAAAAARRRGGHHH!’ screamed Vulkanrich as he began back flipping diagonally downward through the air as a result, falling straight towards Yuki’s general direction.

    ‘About the prospect of researching you people after I capture you!’ said Steiner as he began diving diagonally downward through the air with his wings, relentlessly pursing the falling Vulkanrich.

    ‘Ugh . . .’ said Vulkanrich as he fell.

    ‘Hm!’ said Steiner with a confident smile on his face as he caught up to Vulkanrich in the air and delivered a leftward swing at him with his left blade, but the silver-haired man swung his sword to his left and blocked the attack. However, while he was busy doing that, Steiner stabbed him straight in the stomach with his right blade.

    ‘Ooooaaarrghh!’ screamed Vulkanrich as he widened his eyes in pain and coughed out some blood.

    Steiner smiled evilly as he briefly pulled his right blade out of his opponent’s stomach, before loudly laughing, ‘Hahahahahahahaha!’ as he delivered many rapid thrusts at Steiner’s stomach with his two blades, alternating between them with each thrust.

    ‘Aaaaaarrghh . . . ahhhhhh . . . AAAAAAARRRGHH!’ screamed Vulkanrich in excruciating pain as he was stabbed repeatedly, with blood rapidly flying out of his stomach and mouth while he fell. After being stabbed about two dozen times, he clenched his teeth while gripping his sword tightly with both hands, before shouting ‘Haaarrghh!’ as he did a blazing upward slash at Steiner. Steiner gasped as he quickly flew diagonally upward and to the left in order to dodge the attack, which failed to hit him directly. However, the flames that erupted out of Vulkanrich’s blade consumed his left wing, before quickly incinerating it completely to ashes. After finishing his fiery attack, Vulkanrich kept falling until he landed on the sand next to Yuki, smashing yet another large crater there and raising a cloud of sand on impact.

    Vulkanrich said, 'Yuki, stand back.’

    Yuki nodded before jumping back about 30 metres.

    Then the silver-haired man screamed, 'Hhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhh!’ as a huge fiery aura surged powerfully out of his body. The fiery aura cratered the sand beneath his feet while burning it black. ‘O heilige Kraft, die in den Tiefen der Seele Fernenweltians ruht, erwache!’ he chanted.

    Yuki stood silently, watching in anticipation. Bright orange light shone on his front body, and his twin tails blew high in a very hot ember-carrying wind radiating from the fiery aura around him.

    ‘Hahahahahahaha! Very well! Show me! Show me the power . . . of your Kriegssieger!’ said Steiner excitedly with a huge smile. As he spoke, he clenched his upward-facing right palm into a fist and then pulled it back to the right side of his waist.

    ‘Ehre wirst du erlangen in jedem siegreichen Gefecht und möge die Herrschaft deiner stolzen Rasse für Jahrtausende bestehen!’ Vulkanrich chanted, as the blood covering his body evaporated in the heat of his flames, and his jacket and shirt disintegrated within that fiery aura, revealing his muscular body and six pack.

    I see . . . so the incantation is just like Rensingelv’s, huh,’ thought Steiner.

    ‘Kriegssieger . . . Höllenfeuer!’ shouted Vulkanrich. An enormous fiery explosion radiated from his body. Steiner jumped back 20 metres to avoid being caught in the explosion.

    Within the gigantic inferno, the silver-haired man’s two small demon-like horns grew much longer and became black in colour, curving back above his head and pointing diagonally upward behind him. They extended 30 centimetres behind his head, resembling a pair of horns at the back of a dragon’s head. His medium-length spiky silver hair changed to a glowing fiery reddish-orange colour, dramatically increasing in length until it reached his knees, and his hair also became flowy, fiery, and wild in nature. The irises of his eyes remained blue while their sclerae became black. His teeth became sharp, draconic, and inward-curved, and the flame-shaped markings, which previously covered only his cheeks, spread over his body.

    In addition to those transformations, the muscles of his body became larger and more defined and his forearms became completely black. He grew a long, thick, and muscular black dragon tail which tore a hole through the back of his pants. A pair of massive dragon wings, black at the back and blood-red at the front with huge flames burning across the entire length of their arm bones sprouted from his back. His hands changed to a pair of glowing red-nailed five-fingered dragon claws, and his feet changed to a pair of black dragon feet each with three extremely sharp red-glowing toes. His sword’s blade glowed brightly in red, having been heated to an extreme temperature. His long hair blew dramatically in the powerful fiery aura which constantly flowed from his body, covering a huge area around him, making it difficult for anyone to even get close to him.

    ‘No!’ Vulkanrich shouted at Yuki, making him enlarge his eyes a bit. ‘It’s not your fault! I shouldn’t have let that happen to you, and besides, you even broke out of his possession technique yourself! You have nothing to apologise for!’ he continued with a trembling and upset voice, making Yuki relax upon hearing that. ‘Also, you shouldn’t speak . . . I’ll find the Yojigen no Ou right away, so yo—’ said Vulkanrich as he looked around at his surroundings again.

    Before he could continue, he and Yuki both gasped before turning to look at the direction of the ocean. They saw Steiner emerging out of the water far away on the ocean’s surface, before standing on the water’s surface.

    His skin was still grey, while his eyes still had golden irises and brown sclerae. His hair was still shoulder-length, although he no longer had the spikes on his knees, elbows, feet and forehead. He no longer had eyeball tentacles on his left hand or any tentacles on his back. His right arm was now normal instead of demonic, and was not holding anything. In short, aside from the colours of his eyes and skin as well as the length of his hair, he was completely back to his human form, prior to his transformation. Steiner stood on the water’s black and orange surface, with his body slumped forward while panting tiredly.

    Vulkanrich looked down at Yuki and said, 'Yuki, hang in there! I’ll be back to save you . . .’ before turning his attention back towards Steiner. ‘After I finish that guy for good!’ he continued, as he got into his fighting stance.

    ‘Vul . . . Vulka . . .’ said Yuki.

    ‘What is it?’ asked Vulkanrich, without turning his attention away from his opponent.

    ‘Just . . . be careful . . . and save yourself . . . and the rest of our family.’

    ‘Idiot,’ said Vulkanrich, before turning his head just enough to look at Yuki, and then Yuki looked confused. ‘We still need you for the White Goddess Darkness Resurrection!’

    ‘A-Ah yeah . . .’

    Vulkanrich smiled softly, while Yuki did the same, before Vulkanrich turned his head to face Steiner again.

    ‘You bastard!’ Vulkanrich shouted at Steiner, as he clenched his weapon’s hilt more tightly, while Steiner narrowed his eyes a bit as he heard that. ‘So even my Brennende Heilige Schnitt wasn’t enough to destroy your heart, brain, or whatever, huh? But I wonder how much longer you’ll last now!’ he continued, before kicking off the ground and beginning to fly towards Steiner at a high speed.

    ‘Hm!’ Steiner laughed quietly and eerily with his mouth closed. He covered his right eye as well as the right side of his forehead with his right hand while slightly lowering his head. ‘Hmhmhmhmhm . . .’ he continued laughing as he lowered his head more while closing his eyes. He shook his shoulders a bit in an attempt to contain his laughter.

    ‘Hm?’ said Vulkanrich, looking confused as he flew over the water’s surface at his opponent.

    ‘Hahahahahahahahaha!’ Steiner raised his head, opened his eyes and mouth and let out a loud laugh while lowering his right hand. He displayed an insane look in his eyes. As he opened his mouth, it was revealed that his teeth were no longer sharp. An incredibly powerful aura of green energy radiated from his body, shaking the whole atmosphere and sending ripples outward from where he was standing on the water’s surface. ‘I still have no idea how the Miracle Healer was able to break out of my Parasitt with seemingly his dark energy alone, but either way . . .’ he said, before falling down on his knees while placing his palms on the water’s surface. ‘ Hope has come to an end for you right . . . now.’

    Vulkanrich looked confused as he saw and heard that, though he continued flying at his opponent.

    At that moment, more dark clouds began covering the sky. A pair of dragon wings sprouted out of Steiner’s back, with those wings being the same colour as his grey skin.

    Wh-What?!’ thought Vulkanrich, as he dilated his eyes in surprise.

    ‘Hhhhhhhhhh . . .’ Steiner let out a loud and intimidating beast-like hiss as a sharp white claw grew out of the tip of each of the three middle fingers of each of his hands, as well as the tip of each of his toes except for his outermost ones. He began growing a long, grey dragon tail. Simultaneously, his eyes’ golden irises gradually turned yellow while his sclerae changed back to white. His head began to morph into a reptilian one, while his teeth changed shapes to become sharp and inward-curved. Steiner’s entire body rapidly expanded in size. The colour of his entire body began to change, such that everything on the left side of his body, with the exception of his eyes, teeth and claws were gradually changing to red, while everything on the right side of his body, once again except for his eyes, teeth and claws were gradually changing to blue.

    As Steiner grew bigger and bigger, he lifted his hands off the water’s surface to assume a bipedal stance. He was eventually no longer standing on the ocean’s surface, as the lower parts of his body became submerged under the water. The green energy aura surging out of his body grew in size proportionally to the increase of his own body size, resulting in massive tidal waves being sent outward towards every direction from his body.

    ‘Ugh!’ said Vulkanrich as he stopped flying forward. He covered his face with his left hand while flapping his wings forward in order to launch himself backward, seemingly feeling overwhelmed by the incredible power of the energy radiating from Steiner’s transforming body. Back on the island, Yuki also gasped upon seeing that. Steiner continued morphing and growing, until he eventually took the form of an absolutely massive half red and half blue yellow-eyed European-style winged dragon with three-fingered sharp claws. He looked exactly the same as the one depicted on the coat of arms above the main entrance to Ragnvald’s palace.

    Upon completing his transformation, Steiner stood on two feet on the seafloor with everything beneath his waist submerged underwater. The end of his gigantic tail stuck out of the water’s surface behind him. Dark clouds now completely covered the heavens above, engulfing the entire island in darkness. Steiner initially stood with his head lowered, his wings folded and his eyes closed briefly. Suddenly, he spread his wings outward powerfully in a very proud and regal manner, sending tidal waves away from him with the sheer wind created by the movements of his wings. Simultaneously, he opened his eyes, raised his head up high and let out an unbelievably loud, intimidating and absolutely monstrous-sounding skyward roar, which could be heard from extremely far away.

    At the very instant when he let out that roar, an insanely gigantic and blindingly bright bolt of lightning flashed amidst the dark clouds above, lighting up the whole atmosphere momentarily. A thunder was heard as soon as Steiner completed his roar. A torrential downpour began falling from the ominous heavens as soon as the thunder ended. That rain was accompanied by a very strong hurricane-like wind which began blowing all over the island as well as a huge area of the now pitch-black ocean around it. After that, Steiner focused his attention back on his two opponents, looking at them with his extremely ferocious-looking yellow reptilian eyes, while the rain and wind rapidly put out the huge flames burning all over the island.


    At the same time, Sofianna was still holding Shirosakura captive in the bushes, while Thunderking was sitting next to them. The three of them looked up at the dark sky above in alert upon hearing Steiner’s loud roar. They noticed the lightning, the thunder, the rain as well as the strong wind that followed.

    Vulkanrich . . . Yuki . . .’ thought Thunderking, while narrowing its eyes.


    In the meantime, Arumariya grabbed the snath of her scythe with her left hand, while the drop bear’s green blood which was previously stained on the blade of that scythe was now all washed off by the rain. At the moment, the blade of Arumariya’s scythe constantly flickered in yellow light, with it briefly shining extremely brightly every time a bolt of lightning appeared in the thunder storming sky above. The sand around the violet-haired girl had now become completely wet. The rainwater washed the pool of blood around her away, carrying that blood down the slanted beach towards the ocean. A few seconds after Arumariya grabbed her scythe, her body became surrounded by a violet-coloured aura.


    Back at where Yuki was, Yuki said, 'Wha—’ with disbelief in his trembling eyes as he looked at Steiner in his newly-transformed state.

    ‘What the hell?!’ said Vulkanrich. He looked equally shocked as he flapped his wings repeatedly to remain in the air in front of Steiner, who now dwarfed him in size so much that he currently looked like a firefly in comparison to the massive half red and half blue dragon.

    ‘HA! HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!’ laughed Steiner as he once again raised his head heavenward. His laughter revealed his current voice to be the same as the voice he had prior to his draconic transformation, except his voice now sounded noticeably louder and more distorted, monstrous and sinister. ‘Yes . . . you two have wonderful expressions on your faces! Absolutely wonderful and magnificent!’ he continued as he looked at Vulkanrich and Yuki. ‘Yes . . . it would seem that even ignorant Whitchelicians such as yourselves recognise what this form is! Dragonaurus, the God of Power! The second highest god of Jafnaorism! The ultimate dragon in the universe!’

    ‘Yuki, wait there! I’m gonna kill this guy!’ said Vulkanrich as he gripped his sword’s hilt tightly. The fiery aura coming out of his body intensified, evaporating the rain around him. He pulled his sword to his right, before shouting ‘Flammenden Halbmond!’ as he did a leftward swing at Steiner’s direction, sending a blade of flames towards him. This blade of flames was huge from Vulkanrich’s point of view, but tiny relative to Steiner. The blade of flames hit Steiner at the chest and created a fiery explosion, but Steiner did not even flinch from it.

    ‘How ridiculous!’ he said as he suddenly did a rightward slash at Vulkanrich with his left claw. Vulkanrich flapped his wings and flew upward and backward to dodge the attack. However, a powerful slicing wind came out of Steiner’s left claw, which effortlessly severed his opponent’s left wing and left arm while snapping his left horn.

    ‘GRAAAAARRGHH!’ screamed Vulkanrich in excruciating pain as a huge amount of blood spouted out of his wounds like a volcanic eruption, before Steiner did a leftward slash at him with his right claw. ‘Gugh!’ said Vulkanrich as he did a leftward swing with his huge sword, which was still held in his right hand. However, as that sword collided with Steiner’s claw, the entire weapon instantly shattered to blazing pieces in a huge fiery explosion, while Vulkanrich’s torso got slashed open horizontally by Steiner’s simple claw swipe attack. ‘AAAAAAARRGHH!’ screamed Vulkanrich with blood spraying out of his mouth. The force of that slash sent him flying straight towards the island at an astonishing speed, with blood blasting out of his body as he flew.

    He landed on the beach and slid across its wet sand while barely losing any speed. He carved a ditch along the sand as he traveled, before crashing onto the base of the tree-covered hill at the centre of that island. After that, he slid up that hill, smashing hundreds of trees to pieces along the way while still carving a ditch on the ground as he slid. Eventually, he reached the top of the hill and then got launched diagonally upward into the sky, with the slant of the hill serving as a ramp to send him flying upward in that way. Now, Vulkanrich was high up in the dark sky above the island, surrounded by drops of his own blood everywhere in the air around him.

    ‘GRROOOUUUGGHH!’ Steiner roared loudly as he was sent sliding back on his feet for a massive distance by the explosion, carving an empty river in the ground and destroying about a hundred buildings as he slid. Blood sprayed out of his entire body, and several holes were created on his left wing by the explosion. Flarealong wasted no time as he began flying after his opponent at a high speed and low altitude while Steiner was still flinching from the explosion. Then, upon reaching Steiner, he grabbed him with both claws before downward slamming the ground with his tail, cratering it. In doing so, he changed the direction of his flight by 90 degrees, such that he now flew straight up into the sky vertically. ‘Uuuugghh!’ screamed Steiner, coughing out a lot of blood. Flarealong, who was still holding on to him, continued flying skyward, being well above the clouds now. He was heading straight towards space, while spinning his body around like a tornado at an increasing speed, disorienting his captive victim.


    As that was happening, the spaceship-like object from which Steiner had departed when he first arrived in Palysyrus that morning was currently flying over the dried up ocean towards the direction of the island where Shirosakura, Arumariya, Sofianna, Thunderking and Yuki were right now, with the same two soldiers inside.

    ‘Lord Steiner . . .’ said the soldier who was not piloting the spaceship-like object, as he noticed Flarealong flying upward with Steiner through the left window.

    ‘We shouldn’t interfere,’ said the man piloting that spaceship-like object. ‘That battle is at such a high level that the two of us getting involved would be meaningless. Rather, we should focus on our objective,’ he continued, before narrowing his eyes at the island in front of him.

    ‘True, but I wonder who or what his opponent is though. The other dragon doesn’t seem to possess the Energy of the Gods . . .’ said the other soldier, before also looking at that island.


    Meanwhile, holding on to Steiner, Flarealong kept ascending higher and higher, until the two dragons reached space. Upon reaching space, Flarealong began flying around in vertical circles at an increasingly high speed while still grabbing his opponent, with the spinning movement starting to make Steiner extremely dizzy.

    Then, after flying around in a vertical circle about thirty times, Flarealong said, 'Gaia . . .’ as he began diving straight back down towards the planet from which he came, heading towards the south-eastern corner of a continent on that planet's southern hemisphere. The speed at which the two dragons descended rapidly increased through the power of gravity. Eventually, the air resistance became so incredibly great that both dragons’ bodies caught on fire. Steiner began roaring in pain upon being burned, although Flarealong did not seem to mind the fire at all. Like a flaming and vertically-descending comet, the two dragons kept falling, until Palysyrus was within their sight. ‘Slam!’ shouted Flarealong, before suddenly letting go of Steiner, allowing the half red and half blue dragon to continue falling vertically towards the city, while Flarealong flew diagonally downward away from his opponent.

    ‘Ugh . . .!’ said Steiner, fear clouding his vision, a few seconds before he crashed head-first straight onto the Palysyrus city, at the exact spot where Flarealong had slammed the ground with his tail before. An unbelievably massive mushroom-shaped orange explosion was created on impact, which smashed a crater five times the size of the Palysyrus city itself on the ground. As that happened, absolutely everything within the city, as well as countless suburban areas around it were instantly obliterated.

    ‘GRAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHH!’ screamed Steiner as his blood as well as burning pieces of his flesh and bones scattered towards every direction by the force of the explosion, which was so enormous that it could be seen even from space. A massive earthquake radiated outward from the point of the explosion, violently shaking the entire eastern half of the continent on which it happened. Thousands of birds around an area ten times the size of the explosion itself instantly scattered away towards the sky.

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