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[Announcement] Genesect banned from SM OU

Discussion in 'Gen 7 Discussion' started by gengar17, Jan 23, 2017.

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  1. gengar17

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    Jun 8, 2014
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    Genesect is a fairly unique Pokemon. Not many things in the tier get the coverage it does, the mixed offensive stats it does, or the ability it has, but those points alone do not make a Pokemon banworthy. What is being measured here is if Genesect can use what it has at its disposal to be broken or not.

    I think that the main set that spotlights how potent Genesect is in SM OU is the LO 4 attacks set. This set runs a variety of moves - Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Iron Head, Ice Beam, Extreemespeed, etc. - but it usually is able to hit a vast majority of Pokemon in the tier no matter which four it elects to use. Any arguments for "4MSS makes Genesect not as threatening" are fairly irrelevant as the opponent doesn't know which moves Genesect has and prediction is always a two-way street in these discussions. There will always be a small handful of Pokemon that can check/counter Genesect; Heatran and Alolan-Marowak are seen as the most reliable answers (HP Ground EBelt is viable and Douse Drive have been seen here and there although neither is insanely common), but there are others depending on the set (Mantine, Pelipper, and various bulky waters work when Genesect lacks TBolt, for example, but that doesn't make them too reliable, especially w/ TBolt becoming more and more common w/ time). Overall, defensive counterplay to Genesect is on par with that of many other banworthy threats of the past. With that said, having checks and counters is not all there is to it. If a Pokemon is too frail, slow, inconvenient, or simply not practically relevant to the extent that it compromises the effectiveness of it, then it doesn't matter what counters it has or doesn't have due to it not being too good in the tier. With that said, Genesect does not have any of the aforementioned pitfalls to the crippling extent necessary to detract substantially from its usefullness or viability. Genesect has a solid defensive typing and it is in no way "bulky", but it's far from being as frail as some of the tier's other breakers - it can live most relevant priority moves and while it only has base 99 speed, it can tank some hits and it has priority of its own that it sometimes uses on non-scarf variants

    Therefore, the OU council has decided to quick ban Genesect from SM OU.

    (reasoning brought to you by finchinatorpo)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.