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Player Interview: La.Melle2402

Discussion in 'Articles' started by E.T., Feb 16, 2017.

Moderators: E.T.
  1. E.T.

    E.T. Proud Member Super Moderator Server Administrator Articles Leader Super Moderator Server Administrator Articles Leader

    Aug 22, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:

    Hello and welcome to another edition of Player Interview! Today, the first player to be nominated for an interview, @La.Melle2402, is here to tell us a little about himself. La.Melle2402 was the ADV OU Gym Leader for this past PO League, and he is a well-known Mega User in the Tournaments channel on the PO Server. Without further ado, let's get started!

    1. How did you first discover Pokémon?

    I watched the anime since I was a kid, and in 2003 (I was 7), I got my first Game Boy Color and Pokémon Gold Version.

    2. How did you first discover PO?

    I wanted to play Pokémon on my phone, but I was tired of using an emulator, so I talked to my cousin, and he found Pokémon Online.

    3. How long have you been playing PO?

    It was in March 2013 or 2014; I'm not sure. I just know it was the same time @gengar17 joined. After some weeks, I joined a clan named [Hail], but it died. After that, I met @Casparov, and he let me join La Resistance. The clan is dead now, but I still wear the tag.

    4. During your time here, have there been any players that you’ve looked up to?

    Yeah, there were a few. I think Poliwrath Says was a great player, and many players looked up to him. Sadly, he quit. Also, I looked up to Trademark, who I see sometimes on PS!. I also looked up to Gengar, Carl, and especially Casp. We played a lot in the tours room, and I still love it to battle them. And ofc, Lord Outrage; rip him.

    5. What was it like to be the ADV OU Gym Leader this past season?

    It wasn't that exciting tbh. I had just three matches, I think, and won all of them. Old gens are pretty dead on PO.

    6. If you could be a Gym Leader for a different tier, which tier would it be and why?

    I actually didn't sign up as an ADV Gym Leader. I signed up for Ubers and GSC, but there was no ADV leader, so I told Trace he could place me there so we could start the league.

    7. Is ADV OU your best tier? If so, why? If not, in what tiers are you more skilled with?

    For years my main tier was Ubers. But around 1 1/2 years ago, I started to play old gens, and my favourite one was GSC. It's by far my best gen, and I can play it on the highest level.

    8. What are your thoughts on the SM tiers so far?

    I'm not a fan of SM Ubers, I got haxed out of Ubers seasonal on PS!, and now I'm done with Ubers for awhile. But OU is a really cool tier, and I like it. I'm also excited about LU/RU and wondering how the tier will look.

    9. What is the story of how Hippolas Cage became your forum avatar?

    My profile picture was a pic of my best friends and me, but then I wanted a new one, and this was the first one in my gallery, so I used it.

    10. How long have you been a Mega User for the Tournaments channel?

    I'm not sure; I think it has been about 1 year now. I could have been a Mega User a lot earlier, but I tend to rage when I lose (#Saltbae) to hax, and I like it to provocate people sometimes, so it took awhile until sulcata made me a Mega User.

    11. What is your greatest accomplishment regarding Official Tournaments?

    My greatest accomplishment was reaching semifinals of the last Old Generations Tournament. In Round 1, I had an activity win; in Round 2, I won against gengar17 3-1; and in Round 3, I won against TraceofLife with the same result. In the semifinal, I had to play against Finchinator. It was a really cool series, but sadly I got haxed hard. In ADV OU, I lost to a last turn Rock Slide miss, and in HGSS OU, I lost to a crit. I even got haxed in GSC OU but managed to win. I was about to win RBY OU, but then it was a mix of hax and chokes. After he won 3-1 we played BW as well and I haxed him hard back, but I was still pretty happy that I reached the semifinals and went undefeated in GSC OU.

    12. What are some of your most memorable moments from playing in Official Tournaments?

    Another memorable tournament was the POT. I got a really hard bracket but managed to beat great players. In the quarterfinals, Lacus haxed me out, and I was really pissed :(

    But my most memorable tour moment was my first POWC win. It was last year in RBY OU against BKC/autumn leaves. I just won because his Slash didn't crit me, but I double critted him back. Germany had no POWC for years, but I did a lot to get a team together. Well, we failed hard lol, but this year we have a good team with experienced players. I can't wait for the POWC to start ^^

    13. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

    Germany is winning this year's POWC. :]

    Thanks, La.Melle2402, for the nice interview! This edition of Player Interview is coming to an end, but there will be more to come. To nominate players to be interviewed, post here or contact @E.T. on the PO forums.

    La.Melle2402 - For Being Interviewed
    E.T. - Questions, Writer, Grammar
    Joyverse - Questions
    JoyFrost - Artist

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    Last edited: Apr 5, 2017
  2. Joyverse

    Joyverse Road Roller time!

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    PO Trainer Name:
    What is your favourite Snorlax set in GSC and why?

    ADV > GSC Y/N? (If you say n, kill you)

    Favourite Pokemon to use in ADV, least favourite.

    When are you going to win the OGT? ;_;
  3. La.Melle2402

    La.Melle2402 I'm the bone of my sword

    Feb 7, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I prefer this set:
    - Double Edge
    - Fire Blast
    - Curse
    - Rest
    I try to keep Fire Blast as long as possible hidden and Double Edge against Steel Types, so they think im Mono-attacker or EQ. This set wins most 1v1 and normaly just loses to Misdreavus and AA Vaporeon, or to Curse Rhydon/Ttar.

    GSC > ADV
    because im a gameboy color kid

    Favourite Pokemon in ADV:
    Gengar. I dont use it that often, but it's the best Mon in Gen3 OU. It had an amazing movepool and Dbond/Boom to get at least 1kill.
    Least favourite:
    Cacturne lol. Fuck Sand Veil

    I hope this year lol but BKC is the overall the best old gen player. You really need an amazing day to beat him
    Joyverse likes this.


    Jan 14, 2012
    Likes Received:
    PO Trainer Name:
    What was your favourite POCL moment?
  5. La.Melle2402

    La.Melle2402 I'm the bone of my sword

    Feb 7, 2015
    Likes Received:
    There are plenty memorable matches that I watched
    NAVIDAD PIRATE likes this.
  6. Annoying Orange

    Annoying Orange sweet creature Server Moderator Social Media Rep Server Moderator Social Media Rep

    Sep 29, 2010
    Likes Received:
    PO Trainer Name:
    Annoying Orange
    is there a time where you lost an official tour and wasn't haxed? i see no mention
  7. La.Melle2402

    La.Melle2402 I'm the bone of my sword

    Feb 7, 2015
    Likes Received:
    POVT and LTT last year. So 2/4 official single player Tours
    Annoying Orange likes this.
  8. Hassin627

    Hassin627 feels dank man

    May 30, 2014
    Likes Received:
    PO Trainer Name:
    Hassin627/dank jesus
    Why are you so bad?
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  9. Brycen-Man

    Brycen-Man Member

    Apr 1, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Dammmm I got no love! Fuck you too melle
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  10. Mr. Perry

    Mr. Perry wat

    Mar 31, 2012
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Mr. Perry
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