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[POWC] Pokemon Online World Cup 2017 (Format and Teams)

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by Xdevo, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. Xdevo

    Xdevo Phrasing Super Moderator Tour Director Super Moderator Tour Director

    Jul 18, 2010
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    Potential Teams: Captain (Co-Captain)


    Group A

    European Union
    US East

    Group B

    Latin America
    US West/Central
    United Kingdom and Ireland

    SM OU x3
    SM Ubers
    SM UU
    SM LC
    BW OU
    DPP OU
    ADV OU
    GSC OU
    RBY OU

    Tournament Format:

    Qualification Stage:

    This is the first stage of the tournament. Every team will have to play all teams in their respective group in the span of 6-7 weeks. Beating another team gives you two points, drawing one point, and losing 0 points. In case of ties by the end of this stage, w/l ratio will be used as a tiebreaker; this means every match counts. If that ties, face-to-face will break the tie, if that doesn't work, then a BO3 will be done over the weekend.

    Playoff Stage:

    Based on the preliminary stage, top 3 teams of each group will qualify to Playoffs. The format for these matches is the same as it was in the previous stage. In case of a tie (6-6), the winner will be decided by a BO3 series. The BO3 tiers are: SM OU / Tier picked by the team with the higher seed / Tier picked by the other team.

    For 6 team Playoffs

    - Group's A #1 gets a bye
    - Group's B #1 gets a bye
    - Group's A #2 vs Group's B #3
    - Group's B #2 vs Group's A #3


    - Group's A #1 vs (winner of Group's B #2 vs Group's A #3)
    - Group's B #1 vs (winner of Group's A #2 vs Group's B #3)

    The Tournament will progress in this format until there is only one team left standing.

    Week 1

    Group A
    European Union vs Canada
    US East vs Brazil
    Greece vs Germany
    France: Free Week

    Group B
    Latin America vs Asia-Pacific
    US West/Central vs Spain
    China vs United Kingdom and Ireland
    Italy: Free Week

    Week 2

    Group A
    European Union vs US East
    Canada vs Brazil
    Greece vs France
    Germany: Free Week

    Group B
    Latin America vs US West/Central
    Asia-Pacific vs Spain
    China vs Italy
    United Kingdom and Ireland: Free Week

    Week 3

    Group A
    European Union vs Brazil
    Canada vs US East
    Germany vs France
    Greece: Free Week

    Group B
    Latin America vs Spain
    Asia-Pacific vs US West/Central
    United Kingdom and Ireland vs Italy
    China: Free Week

    Week 4

    Group A
    European Union vs Greece
    Canada vs Germany
    US East vs France
    Brazil: Free Week

    Group B
    Latin America vs China
    Asia-Pacific vs United Kingdom and Ireland
    US West/Central vs Italy
    Spain: Free Week

    Week 5

    Group A
    European Union vs Germany
    Canada vs Greece
    Brazil vs France
    US East: Free Week

    Group B
    Latin America vs United Kingdom and Ireland
    Asia-Pacific vs China
    Spain vs Italy
    US West/Central: Free Week

    Week 6

    Group A
    European Union vs France
    US East vs Germany
    Brazil vs Greece
    Canada: Free Week

    Group B
    Latin America vs Italy
    US West/Central vs United Kingdom and Ireland
    Spain vs China
    Asia-Pacific: Free Week

    Week 7

    Group A
    Canada vs France
    US East vs Greece
    Brazil vs Germany
    Eureopean Union: Free Week

    Group B
    Asia-Pacific vs Italy
    US West/Central vs China
    Spain vs United Kingdom and Ireland
    Latin America: Free Week

    Signups will close on March 25th. The tour will start on March 27th. All rosters must be sent to me by the 26th.

    You can change a posted roster until the 26th.
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  2. Rigas

    Rigas Active Member

    Feb 8, 2011
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    I have two questions:

    1: Why force a tiebreaker instead of adjusting the tour format to fit the number of teams? The current format lasts 8 weeks, so in the same timespan you can do 5 weeks of Swiss + 3 weeks of single elimination instead of 5 weeks of round-robin + 3 weeks of single elimination. That way no team gets left out.

    2: Why not use seedings? This applies to both the current format and a hypothetical Swiss format. They can be based on last year's results, with new teams getting the lowest seeds.
  3. Xdevo

    Xdevo Phrasing Super Moderator Tour Director Super Moderator Tour Director

    Jul 18, 2010
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    1. The Swiss system would require me to do rankings between a round ending and the next one starting, which is a shitton of effort when combined with act wins. It also means that people won't know their opponent before sending in lineups, unless we start making 8 day "weeks."
    3 weeks of elimination means that you're going to be selecting at least 6 teams, and swiss makes telling the 3-8 places apart pretty meaningless without going into w/l records, something generally to be avoided in a luck based game like Pokemon
    We also have an uneven number of teams with means that byes will be needed, which also fucks the swiss system since it benefits the teams with the earlier byes, by giving them weaker opponents the entire round (since they'll have a better than average record)

    2. The teams aren't the same as last year so seeding by that is pretty much baseless for a RR tournament
  4. Rigas

    Rigas Active Member

    Feb 8, 2011
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    1: I'm recommending 3 weeks of single elimination as it's the same with the current format. It'd be very simple: teams 1 - 2 qualify to semis and teams 3 - 6 to quarters. #3 & #6 play each other and the winner plays vs #2 while #4 & #5 play each other and the winner plays vs #1.

    You won't have to go into W/L records for tiebreakers. This is Swiss. The main tiebreakers are head-to-head and Bucholtz. And while head-to-head only applies if all the tied teams playing against each other, Bucholtz always applies, so this isn't going to be a problem.

    I don't understand what you mean by saying that teams getting byes would give them weaker opponents. A bye counts as a win, and a win means you get to play against stronger opposition next round, that's how the system works.

    If you think the workload will be too much to process in time every time, I'm willing to lend a hand of assistance.

    2: Teams generally don't stay the same between different editions of various team tournaments, but obviously, that doesn't mean no team tournament in the world uses seedings. It won't be baseless at all. If a team played last year, seed them based on those results. Seedings not only help create a more competitive playing field, but also provide an extra motivation. We've seen tournaments were teams that are doing badly stop caring and practically give up. If they know that this is going to come back to bite them next year in the form of a more difficult group draw, they'll be more inclined to give it their all until the end.
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  5. Xdevo

    Xdevo Phrasing Super Moderator Tour Director Super Moderator Tour Director

    Jul 18, 2010
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    We're obviously going to have a bunch of ties when we only have 5 rounds. For three week playoffs, we're taking the top 6 (or 8), Swiss is terrible at ordering a middle set, especially when only given 5 weeks and when you're taking about half of teams, it's terrible.

    If we're not using the speedy system for a swiss tour, then we're going to have to deal with swiss gambit strategies, which is what the bye situation was talking about. Even then, that just benefits the people with the latter bye.

    In general though, the swiss system is terrible when you're dealing with a luck based game like Pokemon.

    I'm not letting a captain have a huge hand in the match ups, for the very, very obvious reason.

    A seed system won't encourage anyone to play more or better. There's no draft, and there are only 2 groups. It also will be completely irrelevant for people that don't care about next year (which is probably the same people that don't care this year).
  6. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Badged Deucer

    May 10, 2013
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    Disaster Area
    Could it make sense to have a 7-team pool and a 6-team pool?
  7. Rigas

    Rigas Active Member

    Feb 8, 2011
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    Of course we are going to have ties, but as I said earlier, the Bucholtz tiebreaker exists. Ties are not a problem.

    If a team actually wants to pull a swiss gambit, it's their decision. It's something that's way too risky (especially with only 5 rounds) and I don't think we can actually consider it a deterrent to using the swiss format.

    There's no basis to that. The fact that the game has luck in it doesn't mean Swiss format is unsuitable for it, there's no connection between these two things. Besides, even official Pokemon tournaments use the Swiss format.

    You seem to be mistaken about how swiss match-ups work. It's not a matter of taking decisions, not something that can be "affected". There's a very clear process to swiss matchups. If two people both know how to the Swiss system works, they are going to come out with the exact same match-ups. There's no "obvious reason" here. It would only help speed the process up.

    There will be at least some people who care, and those people will be motivated. And besides, regardless of that, seedings help create a more competitive playing field.

    --- Post updated ---
    Really difficult. A 7 team group would need 7 rounds to finish, while a 6 team group needs 5 rounds. This 2 round disparity would be a problem. Besides the fact that the tournament would have to last further than the current intended duration, teams in the 6 team group would have an easier time due to less competition and a lighter schedule in the group phase.
  8. Xdevo

    Xdevo Phrasing Super Moderator Tour Director Super Moderator Tour Director

    Jul 18, 2010
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    Well, I was going to make a long reply, but exited the wrong tab apparently so fuck that.

    I'm not going to do a swiss system for this. Swiss's benefits at 13 players are marginal at best, and it introduces a bunch of issues and effort that I'm not going to deal with.

    I'm also not going to do seeding, since we literally had 2 sets of 4 teams last year with the same # of points, and the W/L of a luck based game is very unfair, especially when later rounds can be distorted by act wins. Seeding doesn't help make anyone stay involved anymore than simply choosing somewhat balanced groups would.
  9. Rigas

    Rigas Active Member

    Feb 8, 2011
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    I don't think there's a point in publicly continuing this conversation at the current time. Maybe when the tournament is over, we can open this subject again and try to figure out how to perfect the format for next year.
  10. [VoD]Metabeast

    [VoD]Metabeast Well-Known Member

    Oct 8, 2012
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    let the fun begin my friends.


    SM OU: xtrashine - decent / solid
    SM OU: Snowy - tbh i havent watched much of this guy play, but after i watched him completely DISGRACE the absolute masterpiece that is scolipede pass, i can't imagine he is remotely competent at Pokemon
    SM OU: Sakuya Izayoi - no idea who tf this is so ill assume theyre bad
    SM Ubers: Blume - iirc this guy players ubers on smogon? but he wasnt in spl and is sure as hell not one of omfuga, mazar, or faji so hes probably ass
    SM UU: Christo - rly solid
    SM LC: Kingler12345 - average af
    ORAS OU: gengar17 - relatively solid at oras
    BW2 OU: Escavalier - decent
    DPP OU: ToF - solid
    ADV OU: SunnyORAS - sunnyoras in adv...idk what to rly make of this but since hes one of the retards who puts his tier in his name hes probably awful
    GSC OU: BingBongBaller - decent
    RBY OU: Kamina - no idea

    Overall: a lot of question marks...maybe tof turns back the clock to 2009 and starts ghosting the 95% of the roster.


    SM OU: Echelon - decent in 2017 i guess
    SM OU: Hec - prob bad
    SM OU: lighthouses - is this ru? lol?
    SM Ubers: Klefkwi - according to omfuga hes HIGHKEY GOOD
    SM UU: Highways - prob bad
    SM LC: ggggd - ??? what kind of dumbass name is this
    ORAS OU: Nintendi - performed p well in spl and has the omfuga seal of approval so i think he's p solid
    BW OU: nabo galático - this team rly just digging up complete randoms with retarded names
    DPP OU: Tamaaa - amazing
    ADV OU: Retorno - prob bad
    GSC OU: Yes. - didn't really impress me in spl
    RBY OU: Bloody Rabbit (Dilmae .ban) - amazing

    unless sogeking randomly comes in and starts ghostin every new gen and tiba returns to ghost gsc idk how tf this team is winning


    SM OU: Always! - decent / below average
    SM OU: iloveleague - decent / below average
    SM OU: Hector Hard Mode - didn't really impress me in spl
    SM Ubers: Wepwn - THE KING HIMSELF! absolutely bodied SPL so I'm sure he can achieve similar feats in this awful tournament
    SM UU: Bushtushin - beat abr so LOLO honestly i have no idea but prob cant expect too much
    SM LC: Heysup - amazing
    BW OU: watashi - flcl rly out here in bw...i mean its powc so he'll probably do p well since hes a solid battler
    DPP OU: champagnepapi - rly solid, espec in powc
    ADV OU: autumn leaves - best adver in the tournament
    GSC OU: [VOD] MetaBeast - im amazing obv

    Overall: pretty solid team with a lot of really solid players. definitely have some holes, though, so going to have to rely on their top players to carry them. still solid for a powc team tho.


    SM OU: -Snow - this dude innovates so fucking much i dont even kno wut to say. decent.
    SM OU: MetalGross - he plays ou?? ???? decent i guess? i mean hes solid at rby lol
    SM OU: welliou - decent
    SM UU: Kushalos - solid
    SM Ubers: overdose - idk who this is but they managed to beat FAJI the great week 1 so prob solid enuff
    SM LC: ZoroDark - solid
    ORAS OU: blackoblivion - decent
    BW OU: GTM - decent / below average in bw i would say
    DPP OU: Void - below average in dpp
    ADV OU: Vinc2612 - blunder and abrs favorite player is back once again LOLO definitely had a rough spl so itll be interesting to see how he bounces back in adv. ill say slightly below average for now
    GSC OU: Bedschibaer - decent enough in gsc, solid in rby but no room
    RBY OU: Alexander. - rly solid

    Overall: This team seems to be relatively balanced, with no really awful players in any slots, so I guess that's a positive. For POWC, I would say its above average.


    SM OU: 超夢夢 - the pdc slayer...relatively solid from what ive seen
    SM OU: JohnYiu - lol...his spl performance left a lot to be desired so im going to say hes definitely a liability in this tier...which is kind of problematic when hes probably the 2nd best player on this dogshit excuse for a lineup
    SMOU: lxz
    SM UU: Yoppie
    SM Ubers: Ahhh
    SM LC: fsk

    ORAS OU: minakamiyuki - psychicmewtwos gf or some nonsense...ya decent i guess
    BW OU: Laputa
    DPP OU : Akanemoe
    ADV OU: Snower
    GSC OU : Athena Asamiya
    RBY OU: beiyingtest

    Overall: Somehow...SOMEHOW...someone managed to create a lineup worse than Greece's. I don't even know what to say. yeah...I mean you would think that with China's population there would be some competent Pokemon players willing to play POWC, but then you realize that if you apply that same principle, India should be good enough to field a World Cup-level soccer team. soooo...yeah this team is fucking atrocious no comment


    SM OU: Lange - bad
    SM OU: Curtain - bad
    SM OU: HQuaze aka BIMBO RICOLA - bad
    SM Ubers: Troller - LOLOLO HES BACK OMG! decent
    SM UU: Rennyy - bad
    SM LC: Tricking - solid. performed well vs finch last round in sm ou and lc is prob easier, espec in this dogshit tournament
    ORAS OU: Lone - bad
    BW2 OU: Ale Duncan aka kamp1 - bad
    DPP OU: Keysoul - bad
    ADV OU: Coffe - didnt this dude literally get benched for a complete random named smilzo in world cup LOLOLO oh my god why even bother playing again
    GSC OU: Bomber. - not good at gsc
    RBY OU: marcoasd - the best rbyer besides tibagod

    Overall: awful team. my god. this would honestly be worse than China except marco is 100x more skilled than all of China combined..HOW TF DO U MAKE TEAM ITALY WITH NO ALEXANDER!? WHAT IS THIS WTF! im guessing luck>skill doesnt want to play but if he did, he would b solid in bw espec after his spl performance. tbh this team might be able to exceed expectations considering theres always 15 of them playing in a call anyway so mayb combined they can equal the level of one above average player.


    SM OU: Aurious - decent
    SM OU: Liones - decent
    SM OU: Erzengel - no idea so assuming bad
    SM Ubers: Zaionar - ^
    SM UU: Lord Esche - decent
    SM LC: Ice Tea - solid, espec for this tour. should do p well
    ORAS OU: AdvanceShip - LOLOL OH MY GOD THE BLACK SLUDGE GLISCOR GUY IS BACK OMG! decent i guess if he doesnt mind black b4 the game and run like a leftovers chansey
    BW OU: Mence - jamvad?
    DPP OU: Bluri - i mean...he seems fine in bw...dpp??? yea idk lol
    ADV OU: Fakes - rly solid
    GSC OU: La.Melle2402 - ???? conflict is that you
    RBY OU: Lusch - amazing player. 2nd best besides marco and has the potential to do better than him tbh

    Overall: Decent roster. They have some really solid players in ict, fakes, and lusch who will have to carry the fuck out of this team...WAIT AM I READING THIS RIGHT?? WHY IS MAZAR THE UBERS GOAT ON THE BENCH FOR THIS RANDOM?? ya deserved loss good lord hope mazar starts next week. they also have sapientia whos prob decent enuff at gsc, along w slurmz for a lower tier.


    SM OU: Hyper - bad
    SM OU: Sakis - LOLOLOLO this clown ass bitch challenged me to a bo7 and got absolutely blown away. surprised this dude is still alive playing pokemon and not writhing on the ground like a pathetic worm. absolutely atrocious player
    SM OU: GLFGno007 - bad
    SM Ubers: Mysterious M - relatively solid according to omfuga the great
    SM UU: CBU - bad
    SM LC: LePros - bad
    ORAS OU: Laz (GR) - bad
    BW OU: Ace-11 - bad
    DPP OU: White Lion18 - bad
    ADV OU: Foggi - LOLO this guy gets mad so easily omg hes awful too
    GSC OU: Astamatitos - rly solid player. not sure how good he is in gsc but im sure he'll do p well considerin his general skill and probable metagame knowledge
    RBY OU: Roudolf13 - bad

    Overall: LOLOLO oh my god. these fucking clowns are really back. my god what an awful team. its actually amazing how bad this lineup is. im not even sure whos worse between this and china. i mean at least china has like one relatively solid player in pm2 and like johnyiu and pm2s gf at least made it into spl? this team literally consists of one amazing player and a bunch of complete shitsacks who should never touch this game again...ya idk. this team, china, and italy are all ridiculously bad. its mind blowing. ill give italy the edge just off ghosting, and the race for the bottom between the other two should be a battle for the ages
    kind of like this:
    altho their records will prob be closer to
    but you get the point


    SM OU: Lednah - got bought in spl? idk wut else to say, prob below average
    SM OU: Rodriblutar - was amazing and then completely fell off the map in the 2nd half of the season. idk what to think. prob an average / slightly above average player maybe?
    SM OU: Trosko - p solid
    SM UBERS: Garay oak - idk so prob bad
    SM UU: Erness - no idea
    SM LC: Sken - solid
    ORAS OU: Alastor Law - decent
    BW OU: Derk - decent
    DPP OU: Pokebasket - .................................not this retard in dpp again OMFG not after that fucking awful oupl shit...and that hpl shit from eons ago...ya terrible. no comment
    ADV OU: DestinyUnknown - decent
    RBY OU: Maestro Arena - decent i guess

    Overall: relatively decent team with some holes...TBH if mdragon just ghosts all the old gens theyll make playoffs lol. their success depends p much entirely on how much mdragon wants to involve himself.

    Latin America

    SM OU: POSHO THE THUNDER - solid, espec for this tour.
    SM OU: Gondra - decent / bad
    SM OU: Mephet - prob bad
    SM Ubers: Vileman - ?? he plays ubers? lol? at least i know who he is i guess. prob below average / average
    SM UU: Lcans - rly solid
    SM LC: DennisEG - ? he plays lc?
    ORAS OU: Femen - LOL this guys been a lord in hpl
    BW OU: CyberOdin - decent
    DPP OU: NightFox - decent / solid
    ADV OU: ]V[X - decent i guess?
    GSC OU: Elmanzano - hello this guy exists? didnt he play spl back in like 1995 LOL tf prob below average i guess
    RBY OU: DarkThunder~ - wasnt this dude some meme a while ago...

    Overall: not rly a good team tbh...lcans and posho gonna need to carry tf out of this. they do hav some decent players tho so mayb they have hope


    SM OU: teal6 - good player, idk how much he rly plays sm so above average prob
    SM OU: Sword of Seals - amazing at bw, prob solid enuff in this
    SM OU: Starmaster - solid enuff w good teams
    SM UU: bouff - lol decent i guess
    SM Ubers: stardokaloveaffair - i guess solid enough?
    SM LC: Illusions - amazing
    ORAS OU: namehtmas - solid enuff w good teams
    BW OU: Finchinator - the owner of this deserted island. well. solid.
    DPP OU: Omfuga - rly stole the kings name. aids
    ADV OU: Mr. 378 - idk prob below average in adv
    GSC OU: rozes - below average in gsc i guess?
    RBY OU: leviticus - brofist doesnt play rby

    Overall: This lineup doesn't seem that good for obvious reasons. However, if they actually play the people on the bench...LIKE OMFUGA THE GREAT..and put people in optimal tiers which I'm assuming will happen in the future, this is definitely the best team in the tournament.

    US West / Central

    SM OU: Analytic - decent
    SM OU: z0mOG - decent
    SM OU: Mob Barley - decent
    SM UU: Shiba - decent
    SM LC: Zebraiken - decent
    SM Ubers: The Trap God - decent
    ORAS OU: theurbandear - decent i guess?
    BW OU: Big Bad Booty Daddy - the lord cased victory is back omg. solid
    DPP OU: d0nut - ??? i didnt kno he played dpp...decent i guess
    ADV OU: Analog - solid
    GSC OU: IFM - solid
    RBY OU: Golden Gyarados - hes been doing pretty badly lately so below average

    Overall: relatively solid roster with no really awful players. And i guess there's something to be said for that. They don't have very many 'superstars' in their respective tiers but they have enough skill on this roster to make the playoffs and do well. Solid roster for POWC.

    UK and Ireland (that argument in the thread was the dumbest thing I've ever seen btw...who tf cares what your team is called in THE POKEMON ONLINE WORLD CUP. ARE U KIDDING ME)

    SM Ubers: Hurricane - no idea
    SM OU: Annoying Orange - see above
    SM OU: porygon2 - solid enuff if he can replicate spl, espec against worse competition
    SM OU: Anty - isnt this a pu player hello lol
    SM UU: fitzy - ?? decent i guess? doesnt he play lc
    SM LC: HSOWA - ???? below average prob
    ORAS OU: Hassin627 - these guys rly just throwin out randoms
    BW OU: Lycan1 - ya no comment
    HGSS OU: george182 - decent
    ADV OU: CZ. - decent
    GSC OU: PomMan - below average prob...altho in this tour he mite do decently
    RBY OU: Teddeh - ???? teddeh? rby?

    Overall: another terrible roster. my god this tournament is awful these guys mite just be competing with greece, china and italy.


    SM Uber : Eris Greyrat - ??
    SM OU : kory2600 - ????
    SM OU : Corazan - ????
    SM OU : Edna - ?????
    SM UU : Sacri' - decent / below average
    SM LC : majaspic22 - decent
    ORAS OU : BlazingDark - ?????
    BW OU : H-C - decent / below average
    DPP OU : MiyoKa - ????
    ADV OU : 0NI - ???
    GSC OU : giara - didnt do well in spl, but was good in wcop. for this tour, prob p solid
    RBY OU : linek - ???

    Overall: jesus christ how many fucking awful teams are there in this shit. Finch take better care of your desolate island bitch

    Overall Rankings

    1. USA East
    2. Canada
    3. US West / Central
    4. Europe
    5. Spain (M Dragon effect)
    6. Germany
    7. Asia-Pacific
    8. Brazil
    9. Latin America
    10. Italy (circlejerk ghosting effect)
    11. France (maybe giara bribes ojama irl to start ghosting the entire roster)
    12. UK
    13 and 14. Greece and China

    Overall, this might just be the worst tournament in Pokemon history. We really need to never do this again. My god. East with their best lineup is definitely the best team. Canada is a relatively close second, and US West-Central / Europe are not far behind. The competition in this tournament is absolutely atrocious...I really don't know how people managed to come to terms with clicking the 'post reply' button after staring at the awful list of names in front of them. And yet, somehow, in this conglomeration of complete dogshit, Greece and China managed to send out the worst rosters known to man. Whatever, someone has to win...and considering its PO where the best team rarely ever wins, someone besides East or Canada will probably win.
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  11. TadaRinri

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    Mar 20, 2017
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  12. Mazar

    Mazar perplex

    Jul 15, 2015
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    Zaionar will go undefeated, here you hear it first
  13. Mysterious M

    Mysterious M Dream /\ Bigger

    Nov 18, 2014
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  14. Edna

    Edna Chasing the Dragon Forum Moderator Forum Moderator

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    I've seen no posts about it, but is Excadrill and Sun allowed in BW OU? I know some people prefer Smogon rules where Driller is unbanned and where chloro sun is banned so might as well know for the rest of the tour
  15. Xdevo

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  16. Edna

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    Ah my bad thanks!
  17. ZoroDark

    ZoroDark i know everything

    Dec 25, 2011
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    edit: it appears i'm retarded
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  18. snaga

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    Good thing this is the format thread retard
  19. fsk

    fsk Woke up after a long dream Forum Moderator Server Moderator Tournament Host Forum Moderator Server Moderator Tournament Host

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    Was a good run overall. Was close to play-offs and better luck next year Team China 0.0
    The guy who brought us a lot of players from his clan and among his friends to make this roster happen, and pulled a lot of work preparing for OUs from gen 5-7. Sadly got matchup'd too often in the games he played, and hope everything works better for u in OUPL and WCOP!
    SM OU: @JohnYiu
    John is an old friend of mine already and without team China he could have been with APC to advance to playoffs with ease. Many didn't buy his performance this SPL and pressure is really his biggest enemy I would say. Again this gen OU is quite matchup based so it could have been better for him. Nice to see his performance is great when he can forget about the pressure. Sadly he stepped down from WCOP Asia captain, but good luck to APC in both WCOP and the remaining POWC!
    SMOU: @lxz
    The OU stall fag/ BW uber legend who actually signed up several years ago in POWC but infracted due to multiple accounts when registering for other guys that can't have access to the forum. It's good that PO offered him a second chance and he did what he should do. Ironically he is very known for using stall in OU within our community but oh well, he got matchup'd week 1 from a guy that never changed that same stall team afterwards.
    Another well-known stall fag within our community but somehow made teams that always get good/decent matchups with very his interesting builds (amazingly offensive heh) He did choke quite some times but I believe he can be very reliable in the future.
    SM OU: @soryuasukalangley
    SM UU: @Yoppie
    Apparently the pressure is too much for you guys. Hope this tournament help you grow buddies, esp. in dealing with pressure. Both of you have a lot of school work and I really appreciate your effort 0.0 Hope to see some better performance next year!
    SM Ubers: @Ahhh
    The guy who represents our Ubers community. I would say he did a relatively ok job when everyone was like "who this, why you didn't just pick Lance." It's still sad that he can't prove himself against more players but there would be a chance since I'm asking him to join the upcoming UML.
    SM LC:
    we don't actually have anyone who plays this gen LC but we ends up with a 4-2 record which is quite good ?_?
    A very versatile player that helped us build for LC, G3 and even G4. I would say there is a lot room for improvement if pressure wouldn't lead to underperformance.
    @Ansel Starlight
    You begin as rusty but manage to get back on track and amazed us by winning over kingler. Nice run, and maybe play for Asia in the future (if China didn't form a team) as they showed some interest already!
    Another guy that helped us a lot in team builds and testing in LC. Appreciate your effort friend.
    ORAS OU: @minakamiyuki
    Yuki was expected to show off his skills as he did amazing jobs in previous pspl and such (just watch that amazing game vs zamrock lol), but with a lack of practice after some long time of retiring and an extremely tight IRL schedule he didn't show what he is fully capable of. Better luck friend, and hope you can let them know how good you are next time 0.0
    BW OU: @Laputa
    Believed to be the god-like player in our community, laputa showed us that a tangela-stunfisk core, or a slaking can win in this level of games. I am happy that he can share some of these hot squads he built during the old good time of PO BW ladder. Fun fact: he actually participated the suspects back then when we were still the top-notch sim.
    DPP OU : @Akanemoe & @Snower
    Our dpp rule back then on Chinese server was really different from what PO/PS are using and we can't find anyone that actually play them. It's nice that you two offered what you can do and hopefully this tour gives you guys some good memory and learning experience 0.0
    ADV OU: @Tuzhuzi
    Really impressive run and apparently god bless you with good luck in those games. Already started to learn gen4 and I really appreciate your dedication.
    GSC OU : @Athena Asamiya
    The old gen legend who introduced PO to the Chinese community back in 2009, and being the no.161 user on this forum. Sadly his internet is shit and got DC when winning in week 1, and ends up building teams instead of playing in later weeks. Special thanks as he managed to help while having to take care of his little baby.
    The oldest guy on the team in his 30s and his child is in primary school already. I can't imagine how we manage to find him to play for us and he did a really good job!
    RBY OU: @beiyingtest
    Beiying the lucky-noob is not that much luckier than others and I really hope he didn't say stuff to me in private chat when watching the games, like "eyyy we won the game from here already right?" and then the next turn our player get critted or actually choked LOOOL. Still he amazed me by winning over marcoasd and such. Nice run overall friend.

    In the remaining teams I would root for APC as our technically geographical ally, and + - gengar and trace are dumb but cute fags that I still have to root for lol.   Good luck to admirable opponent Team Italy too as that was the only week I don't need to alert the captain to get the matches done.

    Technically we only need one more win in previous weeks except the one with Italy, for any game we choked/lucked/matchup'd. After all, I believe this is a decent debut for Team China.

    Last edited: May 15, 2017
  20. kqy13579

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    thanks everyone in this team and i love it ,i will insist playing pokemon in future!!
  21. Rigas

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    @Xdevo I may be missing something here, but according to the information in this format thread, shouldn't the quarter-final pairs be Brazil vs Italy and Spain vs France? In Group A, Brazil finished 2nd and France 3rd. In Group B, Spain and Italy tied in 2nd and 3rd place with 8 points each. The first tiebreaker is win/loss ratio. Since both teams have exactly the same wins and losses (37 wins, 33 losses), we have the to use the second tiebreaker, which is head-to-head. Spain won the head-to-head encounter. Therefore, they should finish 2nd in Group B and play against France, while Italy should play against Brazil.
  22. Atli

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    you probably miscalculated somewhere, Italy's w/l difference is +6 while Spain's is +4
  23. Xdevo

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    Italy has 39 wins, not 37. Unless people have been editing the spreadsheet wrong behind my back again,,,
  24. Rigas

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    @Atli @Xdevo

    My mistake, turns out that I used an incorrect result in my own calculations (6 - 4 instead of 8 - 4 in the match vs U.S. West).
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