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fun chain of PM's I received today

Discussion in 'Lake of Rage' started by Annoying Orange, Apr 19, 2017 at 3:18 PM.

  1. Annoying Orange

    Annoying Orange Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times. Social Media Rep Social Media Rep

    Sep 29, 2010
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    Annoying Orange
    (10:08) La.Testhax01: duuuude, why did u have to push me around like that? just cuz im not auth & answer your question u try to vet me muted
    (10:08) La.Testhax01: why?
    (10:08) La.Testhax01: who the f*
    (10:08) La.Testhax01: are u
    (10:09) La.Testhax01: like can i at least get an apology for bullying me?
    (10:09) La.Testhax01: like pushing me around in chat to assert dominance with ur friend
    (10:11) La.Testhax01: its not nice. thats like beating a child at a children's card game then gloating about how you beat a child at a children's card game to your other adult peers who likely are bad people considering they hang out with someone who would do something like that
    (10:12) La.Testhax01: they probably gloat about running over squirrels with their 2018 tesla
    (10:12) La.Testhax01: or peeing on a 1st grader on camera & selling it to a hobo for 25 bucks
    (10:13) La.Testhax01: yeah.... your friends would gloat about stuff like that i bet because of the person you project yourself to be
    (10:14) La.Testhax01: just breathe for a second & stop inhaling your own farts
    (10:14) La.Testhax01: oml... I wasnt trying to spam, i said lots of much's to emphasize how my age proportionate to the average pokemon player's age is quite a sad number. typing all this out to explain it clearly takes way more text than using the "much method". I feel like the mute wasn't 110% unjust but it wasn't practical for any use except to assert dominance in-chat over me.
    (10:15) La.Testhax01: so sucx it bishshshshsh
    (10:15) La.Testhax01: kash me ousi
    (10:15) La.Testhax01: kash me ousi
    (10:15) La.Testhax01: ha bah dat
    (10:15) La.Testhax01: ill end ur pussy homie
    (10:16) La.Testhax01: end it faster
    (10:16) La.Testhax01: than a 43 year old at a strip club
    (10:16) La.Testhax01: playing a pokemon battle simulator
    (10:16) La.Testhax01: trolling some guy's pm while doing things with my hands
    (10:16) La.Testhax01: and other body parts
    (10:17) La.Testhax01: finger to finger action all the way
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  2. Joyverse

    Joyverse Road Roller time! Article Contributor Article Contributor

    Aug 23, 2014
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    (10:15) La.Testhax01: kash me ousi
    (10:15) La.Testhax01: kash me ousi

    B O I
  3. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too. Article Contributor Article Contributor

    Jun 24, 2010
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    That 43 year old at a strip club was oddly specific.