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Mushroom + Gbait list

Discussion in 'Safari' started by fitzy, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. fitzy

    fitzy Heart of the cards Forum Moderator Forum Moderator

    Apr 16, 2012
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    A new theory after the addition of big mushrooms is to combine Gbaits + Mushrooms + Chef contest to have a larger chance to bait a 600 bst legend or UB. This is a reference list of themes, spawns and suggested leads. Themes without unique spawns I would suggest to not use gbaits.

    Abundant Shrine- landorus so use pure water
    Asia- jirachi landorus celesteela - Rotom-heat if you have one otherwise greninja looks solid.
    Brown- heatran landorus - Any water
    Cave- Diancie, Zygarde - Klefki
    Cerulean Cave- mew - Pure bug looks solid
    Dojo- marshadow - I would suggest a pure ghost
    Dragonspiral Tower- guzzlord - Pure bug
    Factory- genesect xurkitree - Hard one, either pure fire or maybe ground
    Fairy Tales- hoopa tapu lele - ghost seems good
    Forest- buzzwole celebi tapu bulu - Fairy type or a way to hit celebi like ghost. Fire/Flying also work but hit the entire theme
    Lake- Tapu fini - Nidoking/queen
    Meadow- shaymin meloetta - Pure Dark type or Weavile
    Mega Pokémon- Latios/Latias - Use scizor
    Mt. Pyre- darkrai necrozma - Either heracross or Fairy type
    Night- jirachi cresselia darkrai - Volcarona looks solid
    Normal- meloetta - Dark type
    Object- kartana - Use pure fire
    Parallels- Latios/Latias cresselia darkrai - Pure bug seems really good
    Ruins- magearna - Pure fire type
    Sea- manaphy - Grass type to avoid flying
    Sky- landorus tapu koko - Pure water or ground. Pure poison also good to hit the rest of the theme for neutral to catch.
    Space- jirachi deoxys cresselia - Chandelure seems solid
    Starter Pokémon-
    Urban- victini hoopa pheromosa - Drifblim seems great. Krookodile if you want some rotoms
    Volcano- heatran volcanion nihilego Tricky. Ground type hits like the entire theme. Could use electric to hone in on volcanion.
    Weather - koko so ground?

    Updated thanks to LittleRoot
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  2. LittleRoot

    LittleRoot Active Member

    May 15, 2015
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    Cave - Diancie, Zygarde - Alolan Sandslash seems the best but Klefki would do good to.
    Fairy tales- Tapu Lele and Hoopa any pure ghost would be the best
    Forest- Tapu Bulu, Buzzwole- MOLTRES for Celebi use pure bug to avoid bulu and that mosquito.
    Lake- Tapu Fini , could use Nidoking to avoid flyings
    Sky - it's hard to bait both Lando and Koko using single mon (literally impossible) so pure poison for Koko I guess
  3. Arcadian

    Arcadian Alt Shifter

    May 31, 2017
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    Don't forget that Buzzwole spawns in Forest, and Pheromosa spawns in Urban.

    Oh and Tapu Koko is also in Weather

    It just kinda threw me off a little when I was viewing it the other day.
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  4. beforedawn

    beforedawn Active Member

    Mar 10, 2011
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    For themes that have only one possible 600 BST spawn, it won't be necessary to type-match it. That's because there won't be another 600 BST to compete for the spawn. You could use any type, and if a 600 BST "happens" to spawn, it will always be that exact one anyway.
  5. Tilon

    Tilon New Member

    Feb 20, 2017
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    I thought big mush avoids chef and type effectiveness.
    hmm what's best to get a Latias uh-uh?

    Well most of the safarians say so, abt big mush