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PO News: May 2017

Discussion in 'Articles' started by E.T., May 5, 2017.

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    Hello, and welcome to the May edition of PO (Pokémon Online) News! Tiers are continuing to make progress; SM OU has completed a couple of suspects, and SM UU is continuing to stabilize itself by banning the most broken aspects. The POWC (Pokémon Online World Cup) for 2017 is in its sixth week, and several other forum tournaments are in progress as well!

    Recent Tier Changes

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Pheromosa and Metagrossite Banned from SM OU
    Pheromosa, the first suspect of SM OU, has been banned after suspect posters and tier leaders unanimously decided that it should go. Pheromosa's base 137 Attack, base 137 Special Attack, and base 151 Speed allowed it to be threatening as either a physical or a special attacker. Pheromosa's versatility allowed it to utilize sets ranging from Quiver Dance sweeper and mixed Life Orb attacker to Choice Scarf. Its Beast Boost ability could either give it a Moxie-like boost to its offenses to facilitate a sweep or a Speed boost to make it harder to revenge kill, depending on its highest stat. Ultimately, the clear lack of counterplay to Pheromosa in SM OU led to it being banned.
    Metagrossite has been banned from SM OU because it could still do everything that made it problematic in ORAS, but in SM, it could Mega Evolve freely due to the change in Speed mechanics. While Mega Metagross did have several situational checks, most of these checks could be dealt with by running the appropriate move. Mega Metagross also enjoyed a metagame with the Tapu Pokémon because it benefitted from any Terrain: Electric Terrain boosted the power of Thunder Punch, Psychic Terrain boosted the power of Zen Headbutt and protected against Sucker Punch, Misty Terrain protected against status such as Scald burns, and Grassy Terrain weakened the power of opposing Earthquake attacks while also providing passive recovery.

    Recent SM UU Bans
    [​IMG] Drizzle
    Drizzle was banned due to the devastating Swift Swim sweepers that it could support by simply having the Drizzle user enter the battle. Pelipper and Politoed have access to Drizzle, while Kingdra, Kabutops, and Ludicolo are notable rain sweepers that appreciate the Speed boost and the 50% boost to their Water-type STAB moves.

    [​IMG] Jirachi
    Jirachi got a new weapon in Generation 7 in the form of Z-Happy Hour, which allows it to boost all of its stats by one stage. The increased Speed and Attack can make Jirachi's infamous Iron Head flinches more threatening than ever, and for those that can endure an onslaught of Iron Head attacks, Jirachi can dispatch them with its other moves such as Psychic, Energy Ball, Fire Punch, and Drain Punch. Of course, Jirachi also retained its classic sets such as SubToxic, Choice Scarf, and Calm Mind, which are already pretty good in their own right. Ultimately, it was determined that Jirachi was too overwhelming to stay in SM UU.

    [​IMG] Medichamite
    Medichamite was recently released in Sun and Moon, so it was introduced in SM UU on PO, since Medicham is also in SM UU. However, it did not take long to determine that Mega Medicham was way too powerful for the tier due to its high Attack stat (thanks to Pure Power) and its strong STAB High Jump Kick. Medicham also commonly carried STAB Zen Headbutt and coverage such as the elemental punches or priority, such as Fake Out and Bullet Punch, which allowed it to be a nuisance to every playstyle. Medichamite was quickbanned from SM UU.

    [​IMG] Thundurus
    Thundurus was banned for being versatile enough to threaten teams with a variety of sets that made it very difficult to check reliably. Nasty Plot sets and mixed sets with Z-Moves, combined with its rich move pool, made Thundurus difficult to check defensively, while faster offensive threats had to be cautious not to be crippled by Prankster Thunder Wave.

    [​IMG] Thundurus-T
    Thanks to its massive base 145 Special Attack, Thundurus-T was able to act as a double dance sweeper with Nasty Plot and Agility without having to rely on Life Orb for power, which allowed it to run Electrium-Z to nuke something or Leftovers for longevity. To illustrate Thundurus-T's raw offensive power, a +2 Gigavolt Havoc could potentially OHKO Latias. Thundurus-T was banned due to the lack of reliable ways to stop it.

    [​IMG] Serperior
    Thanks to its Contrary ability, access to Leaf Storm, and base 113 Speed tier, Serperior can be a threatening sweeper. While it does have checks such as Tornadus-T, Serperior can carry Glare to cripple them. Substitute + Leech Seed is another option Serperior has, which allows it to break through bulky Pokémon like Blissey. Serperior was banned due to its resourcefulness of finding ways to get around would-be checks and proceeding to threaten teams.

    Primal Groudon Banned in SM Balanced Hackmons

    Primal Groudon's sheer offensive capabilities proved to be too much for it to remain in the tier. STAB V-Create, which could be further boosted by Choice Band and punish switch-ins via Stakeout or Tinted Lens, proved to be too difficult to wall. Primal Groudon could also be hard to predict due to having the versatility to run other effective sets such as Contrary, Desolate Land, and several possible lure sets. Primal Groudon's bulk also made it difficult to wear down.

    Monotype Quickbans
    Mawilite was quickbanned from Monotype due to the limited options available to deal with it in an environment where all team members share a type. Mega Mawile could normally be a threatening Swords Dance wallbreaker or sweeper (with Sucker Punch), but support offered to Mega Mawile through Fairy-types like Aurora Veil Alolan Ninetales made it even more threatening. Thousand Arrows was also banned due to its ability to bypass the immunity that Flying-types and Levitate users usually have to Ground, which is significant in Monotype. Hoopa-U and Genesect were supposed to be banned on the initial ban list but remained legal due to an oversight, so they were quickbanned to correct this.

    Current Suspects


    Diggersby Suspect in SM UU
    Diggersby is being suspected in SM UU due to its capabilities as a wallbreaker, late-game sweeper, and revenge killer. Huge Power gives it an excellent Attack stat, and it can effectively act as a wallbreaker with a Choice Band or a revenge killer with a Choice Scarf. The Swords Dance set also poses a threat to defensive builds and can threaten to sweep after a Swords Dance thanks to STAB Quick Attack. The suspect discussion is currently leaning toward a ban.

    Update: Diggersby has been banned from SM UU.

    Tornadus-T Suspect in SM UU
    Tornadus-T has excellent base 100 Attack, base 110 Special Attack, and base 121 Speed and typically carries moves such as STAB Hurricane, Knock Off, Heat Wave, U-turn, and Superpower. While Hurricane has poor accuracy, the 30% chance to confuse the foe can sometimes help Tornadus-T get by Pokémon that would normally beat it. Tornadus-T's Regenerator ability allows it to function as a defensive check if it is equipped with Assault Vest, or it can help to negate the Life Orb recoil on an offensive set.

    Scolipede Suspect in SM UU
    Life Orb Scolipede is problematic due to having access to Speed Boost. It can run Protect to be able to safely get a boost against offensive teams, or it can run Swords Dance to break through bulkier teams. Between Poison Jab and Megahorn as STAB moves and Earthquake or Aqua Tail for coverage, it can be difficult to switch into and very hard to revenge kill. The suspect is currently leaning toward a ban.

    Update: Scolipede has been banned from SM UU.

    Tournament News


    POWC 2017 Week 6
    The POWC (Pokémon Online World Cup) 2017 has reached its sixth week. The current standings are as follows:
    Group A
    1stCanada(4-0-1) (9)
    2ndEuropean Union(2-1-2) (6)
    3rdFrance(2-1-1) (5)
    3rdGreece(2-1-1) (5)
    5thBrazil(2-2-0) (4)
    6thGermany(0-3-1) (1)
    7thUSA East(0-4-0) (0)
    Group B
    1stAsia-Pacific(4-0-1) (9)
    2ndLatin America(3-1-1) (7)
    3rdChina(1-0-3) (5)
    4thSpain(2-2-0) (4)
    4thItaly(2-2-0) (4)
    6thUK and Ireland(0-3-1) (1)
    7thUSA West-Central(0-4-0) (0)
    As a reminder, the three teams from each division with the best overall record at the end of the round robin phase will advance to the playoffs, and the top team from each division will begin the playoffs with a BYE. Next week, Week 7, is the final round of the round robin phase. The point total (number in parenthesis) is awarded based on the W-L-T record: wins are worth 2 points, ties are worth 1 point, and losses are worth 0 points. The full spreadsheet, which includes the scores from all of the weeks played so far, can be found here.

    The match-ups for Week 6 feature European Union vs France, USA East vs Germany, Brazil vs Greece, Latin America vs Italy, USA West vs United Kingdom and Ireland, and Spain vs China. Canada and Asia-Pacific have a BYE this week.


    Forum Tournaments
    The NCA (National Championship of Alola) has progressed to Game 4 of the regular season. @MetaMence currently leads the Group 1 standings with a (3-1) record, and @sky dust currently leads the Group 2 standings with a (4-0) record. The drafted Pokémon that the players are using for their teams can be found here.

    The SM UU Kicking It Off tournament, a standard best-of-three SM UU tournament, is underway in the Gen 7 UU subforum. The Ubers Pentathlon, a best-of-five Ubers tournament in the tiers ADV Ubers, DPP Ubers, BW Ubers, ORAS Ubers, and SM Ubers, is approaching its conclusion as the final features @White Lion18 vs @チャンピオンワタル. White Lion18 won the first best-of-five series, but since the tournament is double elimination, White Lion18 will play チャンピオンワタル in a second best-of-five series to determine the winner of the tournament. Meanwhile, the SM Balanced Hackmons Experience Building Tour has concluded with @jinwengong emerging victorious against チャンピオンワタル. Congratulations, jinwengong!

    Server News


    Server Tournaments
    It's time to announce the winners of the April leaderboards! It seems that the server migration had an effect on the points for this month, so these scores are based on activity since then. On the regular leaderboard, @diamondslight moved up a couple floors to take first place with 108 points, @Arceus_17 finished in second place with 102 points, and just behind him was @Annoying Orange with 101 points. An honorable mention goes to @HSOWA who just barely missed out with 100 points. On the event leaderboard, not so new user performed not so badly by claiming first place with 12 points, @mibuchiha finished in second place with 8 points, and yuni claimed third place with 5 points. Congratulations everyone!

    It is time to announce who finished with the most points on the Trivia leaderboards! Again, it seems that the server migration had an effect on the points for this month, so these scores are based on activity since then. The player who finished in first place on the knowledge leaderboard was @M. Bakhsh with 58 points. First place on the speed leaderboard was claimed by M. Bakhsh as well with a modest 6 points. The player in first place on the event leaderboard for the fourth consecutive month was M. Bakhsh, who still managed to rack up 198 points. Congratulations, M. Bakhsh, on your impressive achievement!

    In other news, difficulty modes have been added to Trivia! The difficulty modes are Easy, Intermediate, Hard, and All, where All covers any difficulty level like Trivia has always done. The difficulty for a game can be set when using the command to start the game.

    This concludes this edition of PO News. If there is any news that you would like to see discussed in future editions of PO News, post in our suggestion thread or contact @E.T. on the PO forums.

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