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GSC OU Gym – Bomber

Discussion in 'PO League' started by Bomber., Jun 12, 2017.

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  1. Bomber.

    Bomber. Active Member

    Apr 21, 2012
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    GSC OU Gym


    Boom, its me Bomber!
    i'll be the new GSC OU gym leader, im italian (GMT +2) and during the week i prefer to play in my evenings but i can be accommodating sometimes, in the weekend i have the most of my availability and i can be very flexible to schedule a time to play. Thats all, enjoy yourself challenging me for obtain my badge! Have fun to all my future opponents.

    Gym Availability:

    Monday - Friday: from 10 PM to 1 AM
    Saturday / Sunday: flexible most of the day, just times for lunch (from 12 am to 2 pm) and dinner (from 8 pm to 10 pm) i could be not available and saturday evenings too.

    I play on PokémonShowdown, main server, RoA channel. bo3 challenge.

    Battle Clauses:
    • Evasion Clause
    • OHKO Clause
    • Sleep Clause
    • Species Clause
    • Timed Battle
    • Sleep Perish Trap Combinations are not allowed

    Players must post a link to their challenge log and a time from the Gym Availability when challenging the Gym or else their challenge will be invalid. Also when you lose to a Gym, you must wait 5 days before challenging a Gym again, and if re-challenging, you must make a proper challenge post again.
    Some advices: dont blame hax, its a game where RNG plays a role in determing game sometimes so deal with it. Be a sportsman and accept lose as a stimulus to return stronger than before. And last but not least: Have fun! its only a game.

    Record (updating) : 0/3

    L vs La.Melle2402 - 21/06/2017
    L vs Slurmz - 01/07/2017
    L vs SunnyORAS - 12/07/2017
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