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[POCL] POCL VII - Administrative Thread

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by Mr. Perry, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. Mr. Perry

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    Mar 31, 2012
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    Mr. Perry
    Pokémon Online Champions League VII
    Hello, and welcome to the seventh edition of Pokemon Online's Pokemon Online Champions League! Here in this thread we are going to post everything related to POCL administrative matters/problems and so on. Here, the hosters (@fsk and myself) will post:​
    • Season Schedule
    • Teams and their Rosters
    • Administrative Decisions
    • Auction Logs
    First and foremost, those are the eight teams:
    Chelsea Chatots, captained by @HSOWA and @Annoying Orange
    Winchester Wobbuffets, captained by @CALLOUS and @PhilosopherKing
    Arsenal Arcanines, captained by @Genesis7 and @Shaka Brah
    Southampton Seakings, captained by @Lutra and @Mr.378
    Milan Bisharps, captained by @Draciel and @Z+V
    IFK Göteborg Gogoat, captained by @Dr. Fomantis Toboggan and @snaga
    Geneva Goodras, captained by @z0mOG and @drud
    Stuttgart Stoutlands, captained by @La.Melle2402 and @Hassin627

    As everyone is aware by know, first those eight teams will battle in a Round Robin tournament and they will be awarded the following points:
    • Win = 2 points;
    • Tie = 1 point;
    • Loss = 0 points.
    When all seven weeks are finished, the four teams with most points will face each other in semifinals. If there is a need of a tiebreaker, the overall W/L ratio and direct confront shall be used (in this order) - if both are tied, a tiebreaker will be held with the format of SM OU / Tier picked by Team A / Tier picked by Team B.


    To sign up, you're required to personally post the following format in the sign-ups thread at http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/36501/
    Code (text):
    2. [b]Nickname[/b] (please include Smogon ones as well):
    3. [b]Timezone[/b]:
    4. [b]Tiers[/b]:
    5. [b]Inactivity[/b] (optional):
    Pokemon Online Champions League will feature nine tiers, and every team will have ten players in its titular team. The tiers/spots are as follow:
    • 1 RBY OU;
    • 1 GSC OU;
    • 1 ADV OU;
    • 1 DPP OU;
    • 1 BW OU;
    • 1 ORAS OU;
    • 2 SM OU;
    • 1 SM Ubers;
    • 1 SM LC.

    We expect you only to choose a tier if you have experience playing it. If you think you might miss some week(s) of the tournament, please fill up "Inactivity" with details so the managers can be aware of the fact - this is really important!
    After signing up, we encourage you to get in contact with the team's captains via Discord, where they will handle tryouts for their team's spots. Discord activity is really important, and if you're absent from that platform they might not pick you fearing activity concerns! Remember that this is a team tour. Thus you're expected to get in contact with your team on a daily basis.


    After signups have been completed, there will be an auction hosted in Pokémon Online server (a channel will be announced alongside the date on this thread, so don't worry) where the captains will pick their players for the tournament. The eight teams will have 120K to spend on, at very least, twelve players for this tournament, with the minimum bid for a player remaining 3K. Captains are strictly not allowed to play in the tournament itself, but Assmans can play if they are bought and assigned after the auction - otherwise, they may not play.


    The official schedule will be announced when Auction is held, but you may already know that it's going to take, at very least, ten weeks. Retentions will not be allowed for this edition of POCL, and all Captains have previously agreed with that.


    This thread will be locked and any further news will be posted separately.
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  2. fsk

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    Jan 15, 2016
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    We have a bunch of announcements here:

    1) Auction Time is decided to be August 19th, 9AM EDT (GMT-4) on the PO main serve. The Channel it happens will be announced soon.
    2) There is a Midseason sign-ups and auction, tentatively after the fourth week.
    3) @Mazar and @GOAO dropped out of the tournament due to busy schedule, and @La.Melle2402 and @Hassin627 have replaced them in the tournament. (As a result, Melle and Hassin cannot play for the tour themselves.)

    Several other reminders:

    1) Managers please send Line-ups on time, and send to both @Mr. Perry and @fsk just in case. Late roster may result in using the line-ups the week before, or randomized if it is week 1.

    2) Players should upload replay and save the link, if playing on PS. (Save logs on PO.) Post it in the thread of each week, or the manager will be asked to provide the replay link. A game without a PS replay link / PO log is not valid.

    3) Even though it is stated in the Universal Official Tournament Rules, I would like to emphasize that players should all send in their team before playing, to either @Mr. Perry or @fsk through Forum PM. Use https://cryptobin.co/ is highly recommended as it ensures no chance at impropriety. Always remember, if you DCed and you didn't send in tour team while your opponent does, you would lose without condition.
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