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[Undecided] Diverse Regional Advanced Metagames

Discussion in 'Tournament Applications' started by Whereabouts Unknown, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Whereabouts Unknown

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    Miki Sayaka
    Diverse Regional Advanced Metagames

    This tournament features a 4 week "regular season" during which players can play in 7 unique metagames crafted for the purposes of this tournament. The metagames are different from standard play because each Pokémon in a metagame is assigned a cost value from $1 to $5 and a team is restricted to $15 to spend on Pokémon.

    Below is a sample metagame that will be featured in this tournament if it is accepted:

    Swamp Temple (Monday)
    $5 Celesteela Gengar Greninja Marshadow Tapu Lele
    $4 Lunala Mawile Sableye Shedinja Swampert
    $3 Goodra Medicham Meloetta Mimikyu Vikavolt
    $2 Bronzong Kecleon Lopunny Muk Politoed
    $1 Dragalge Lunatone Shiinotic Toxicroak Tsareena

    There are 25 mons available, with 5 Pokémon at each cost rank. Examples of legal teams include:

    Celesteela ($5) Sableye ($4) Bronzong ($2) Kecleon ($2) Shiinotic ($1) Dragalge ($1)
    Swampert ($4) Shedinja ($4) Goodra ($3) Politoed ($2) Lunatone ($1) Toxicroak ($1)
    Gengar ($5) Marshadow ($5) Mimikyu ($3) Kecleon ($2) Lunatone ($1)

    This example shows a metagame revolving around Normal/Ghost priority abuse, and tricky interactions with immunities and type changes. Rain offense is also viable. $5 threats like Tapu Lele, Greninja, and Marshadow are difficult, but not impossible to contain with lower cost options. Gengar can trap and remove some Pokémon like Celesteela and Tapu Lele, but at the high cost of $5 + a mega stone. Celesteela may be hard to remove if opposing wallbreakers like Goodra and Vikavolt are removed. $4 mons are capable of winning against weakened teams with sufficient wall and counter removal. $3 mons provide answers to more expensive mons while exerting offensive pressure of their own. $2 and $1 mons are mostly support or weak sweepers.

    Swamp Temple and 6 other metas based around a 'location' or 'region' will be rotated throughout the week, with each region only being playable within its allotted day. Participants can play up to 1 game against each player each day, and there is no restriction on how many different players they can play during a day.

    The players with the highest records move onto the Tournament round, which has its own ruleset but uses the same regional metagames. The number of players to advance to the Tournament round will be determined based on how many participants there are, but I project it will be roughly 25% of players who make it. Furthermore, the players with the best records may receive bonus $ to use in the tournament round and/or a bye week.

    All seven metas have been extensively tested by myself and a handful of other testers. We've found that each meta offers an array of different challenges. Each $5 mon can be reasonable prepared for using $2 or $1 mons. Some metas are arguably more balanced than others, but the variability is part of what makes this an interesting style of tournament.

    Finally, the best advantage that can be argued for this format is the inclusion of weekly rotation, that rewards players for learning multiple metagames, and bringing people on the PO server multiple times per week. While some might feel this is a disadvantage to players who do not have time to play consistently, this format is actually beneficial to such players as they do not have to worry about scheduling conflicts during the regular season - they can just pop into the channel this tournament will be run from on the server and see who is around to battle.

    Tournament Round

    The tournament round will feature the players with the top records, and will be a single-elimination bracket with best of 5 game matches (best of 7 for finals).

    Extra dollars can be used during the tournament round to increase your team budget for a SINGLE game to give yourself an edge. Extra dollars are rewarded to players who have good records overall, or good records in specific metagames. The reward for having the highest win-loss record in a specific metagame is $5. The overall records bonus will be given to the top 2 players if the number of players in the tournament round is 4 or 8 ($10). If the tournament round ends up having a number of players like 6 or 10, bye weeks will be given to the two players with the best records overall instead of extra dollars. If you use extra dollars in a tournament game, those dollars are subtracted from your budget and cannot be used again. If you enter an official tournament game with a team that is above your budget (for example, team total is $18 but you only have $2 of extra dollars), you are considered to have forfeited that game.

    Seeding for the tournament round will be based on regular season records.

    The best of 5 format is the trickiest part of this format. Matches consist of up to 5 games and the player who gets to 3 wins first wins. Once a match between two players in the tournament round begins, they must continue until one of them has won 3 games and is declared the winner. If a player leaves mid-match, they forfeit.

    Each game will be played on a metagame chosen by one of the players, except for the first, which will be determined by striking. Of the 7 metagames, the player with the lower seed will strike 1 to eliminate it. Then the higher seed strikes 2. The lower seed strikes 2 more metagames, and then the higher seed strikes 1 last metagame and they play the remaining one. After that, the loser of the first game choses the next metagame, and the loser of that game choses the next metagame, etc. The only exception is that the loser cannot choose a metagame they have already won previously in the match.

    That's pretty complicated, so for an example:
    Player A and Player B strike metagames and play on Volcano Summit. A wins, so B picks Mystical Seaside. B wins on Mystical Seaside. It is A's turn to pick a metagame to play on, but they cannot pick Volcano Summit since they already won there. A picks Tunnel Plant and wins. Now it's B's turn to pick. Likewise, B cannot pick Mystical Seaside since they already won there.

    The rules for the best of 7 finals are the same, except, of course, the first player to 4 wins is affirmed the winner.

    In the event of a tie: instant rematch of the same teams in the same metagame. Ties should not happen since Self-KO Clause will be enabled but it's best to be prepared.

    Miscellaneous Rules

    I tried to be thorough with this part, but if I forgot anything important let me know!

    The following rules will be enabled for all games:

    Sleep Clause
    Species Clause
    Team Preview
    Self-KO Clause

    All alternate forms of a Pokémon listed as legal are available for the same price (e.g., any Rotom form can be used, Alolan forms are legal, etc).

    Mega Stones and Z moves are legal.

    Moves that raise evasion or lower accuracy are banned in all metagames (I'll make a list of them if necessary).

    All battles must be played on PO in the channel #DRAMtour. To claim victory during the regular season, post in the thread. I will recommend screenshotting with timestamps in case of a dispute.

    Although each meta will be playable only one day a week, it just has to be that week for one of the players. (You can play someone in Swamp Temple on Sunday if it's Monday during their time.) I will choose to be lenient in most cases as long as both players agree to play in the metagame and it is "that day of the week somewhere."

    In case of disputed wins with not enough proof (neither player has a log or screenshot, or contradictory logs, contradictory timestamps or screenshots etc) I will give both players involved a yellow card and reward them both with a loss. If disputes continue I will give them more losses and possibly remove them from the tournament if it's the third dispute, depending on the severity of the dispute. I and a co-host will also try to leave an alt on in the channel as often as possible with player events enabled to discourage cheating.

    I hope that the variety both of and within the metagames will encourage players to try unique Pokémon combinations that they wouldn't have a chance to otherwise. That said, all the metagames in this format are pretty standard. One of them is LC (lv 5 locked), but the rest are lv 100 standard singles. If this format does well, I would like to consider more experimental metagames in future iterations, like an inverted metagame, a doubles metagame, etc.