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Heart of Springtime Festival [Event]

Discussion in 'Safari' started by Whereabouts Unknown, Feb 13, 2019 at 4:01 AM.

  1. Whereabouts Unknown

    Whereabouts Unknown Absolutely Stunning Forum Moderator Channel Leader Forum Moderator Channel Leader

    Aug 17, 2010
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Miki Sayaka
    Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and that can only mean one thing. That's right, our first ever Valentine's Day Trials Event! What, were you expecting chocolate?

    We're bringing back Trials!!
    A 20-day-event where every safari players will have a chance to win one of 3 major prizes. Starting from February 13 to March 6, every players will be given with series of missions divided into 7 tiers. Each tier has 12 (yes, twelve!) missions. You can access your available missions and points by typing /trials. And of course, so that everyone feels special, there is a nice prize for completing any mission!

    To see the points payout per tier, click inside this spoiler.
    Tier 1: 5 points each mission
    Tier 2: 6 points each mission
    Tier 3: 7 points each mission
    Tier 4: 8 points each mission
    Tier 5: 9 points each mission
    Tier 6: 10 points each mission
    Tier 7: 12 points each mission

    Gather as many points as you can!
    will win their own of one of the following shiny, shimmering, splendid
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Wait there's more, [​IMG]will also win a cool random SHINY STARTER! (Poplio, Chikorita not included)
    in addition to 16 BRIGHT EGGS for both them and the lucky [​IMG]Isn't that splendid?

    Daily login gives you an additional 1 point per day. Furthermore, an extra special 10 points can be rewarded for posting in this thread, same as last time! This time, we're asking you to write a limerick. It doesn't have to be good, but it does have to fit the rhyming scheme of a limerick, and it MUST relate to Pokémon! If your limerick is deemed to be sufficiently "funny" or "poppin'" you are eligible to win an extra special prize!

    The final payout has been changed based on the increased amount of possible points due to there being 12 missions per tier. However, the prizes are the same as last time.

    Players will be given 3 chances of trial 'forfeit': if ever you get stuck on a trial that you can't do for some reason, we can forfeit the trial for you if you completed all other trials at that tier.

    1~99 Points: 5 Golden Baits, 10 Silver Coins, 1 Ampere Gem, 1 Eviolite, 2 Nuggets and introducing our mystery item "DEW" and that's 50 dew.

    100~239 Points: 8 Golden Baits, 16 Silver Coins, 2 Eviolite, 2 Ampere Gems, 3 Nuggets and 70 Dew

    240~359 Points: 12 Golden Baits, 24 Silver Coins, 3 Eviolites, 3 Ampere Gem, 1 Mega Stone, 1 Big Nugget and 90 Dew

    360~419 Points: 16 Golden Baits, 32 Silver Coins, 5 Eviolite, 5 Ampere Gems, 1 Mega Stone, 2 Big Nuggets and 100 Dew

    420~499 Points: 20 Golden Baits, 40 Silver Coins, 6 Ampere Gems, 6 Eviolites, 2 Mega Stones, 2 Big Nuggets and 140 Dew

    500~549 Points: 25 Golden Baits, 50 Silver Coins, 8 Ampere Gems, 8 Eviolites, 2 Mega Stones, 2 Devolution Spray, 2 Big Nuggets and 180 Dew

    550~559 Points: 30 Golden Baits, 60 Silver Coins, 12 Ampere Gems, 12 Eviolites, 1 Bright Egg, 2 Mega Stones, 2 Devolution Spray, 2 Big Nuggets, 180 Dew and 10 Legendary Dew

    600~649 Points: 50 Golden Baits, 100 Silver Coins, 16 Ampere Gems, 16 Eviolites, 2 Bright Eggs, 3 Mega Stone, 2 Devolution Spray, 3 Big Nuggets, 250 Dew and 20 Legendary Dew

    650~699 Points: 60 Golden Baits, 120 Silver Coins, 20 Ampere Gems, 20 Eviolites, 4 Bright Eggs, 5 Mega Stones, 3 Devolution Spray, 5 Big Nuggets, 300 Dews and 30 Legendary Dew


    (Also is it just me or is it still too cold for this a spring event... and isn't it technically winter? Guess we'll have our chance next season...)
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  2. lalelilulo

    lalelilulo New Member

    Nov 26, 2016
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    Since no one has posted, let me start first :D

    If a lime makes a limeade,
    and lemon makes lemonade.
    Wouldn't it be shocking,
    to know I'm hoping,
    that a gall can make gallade.

    BTW, im currently in the guise of a goose berry...

    --- Post updated ---
    Another one

    There was a lonely LITWICK,
    who made half a LIMERICK.
    It tried its best,
    to fill the rest.
    But nobody gives a FLICK.
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  3. Ashrohith

    Ashrohith New Member

    Dec 22, 2016
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    PO Trainer Name:
    The players treat me like TRASH But to me that seems a bit RASH For when I evolve, all will be resolved . And I'm the best Pokemon that can use SPLASH ​
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  4. lalelilulo

    lalelilulo New Member

    Nov 26, 2016
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    Since it doesn't have to be good,
    Here's a really really really bad one...

    A Jiggly Jiggly Jigglypuff
    Jumpluff Jumpluff Jumpluff Jumpluff
    Bastiodon Bastiodon
    Gastrodon Gastrodon
    Slurpuff Slurpuff Slurpuff Slurpuff.
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  5. HBC

    HBC Health, Beauty and Cosmetics!

    Dec 24, 2012
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    PO Trainer Name:
    When I use my gun
    I try not to make any pun
    But pew pew, when I do
    My Trubbish smells like poo
    Ew, I gotta run.