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[Undecided] Pokemon Online Premier League I

Discussion in 'Tournament Applications' started by oppeeps++, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. oppeeps++

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    Jan 28, 2019
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    The Pokemon Online Premier League (or POPL as its lovingly called) is a project that I came up with almost a year back. It was, in my opinion, the most exciting concept for a tournament yet. Sadly though, I wasn't able to get it going due to a number of factors.

    Fast forward to a couple of months back when I put in the work to revive it and this time, its actually happening.

    Without wasting any more time, here's what the SPL is all about:

    The Concept

    In the SPL, 10 teams consisting of the best players we have today participate in a league type tournament which lasts for a duration of 9 weeks. After that, the top 4 teams enter a knockout stage, with the winners becoming the champion of that season.

    Each team has to consist of a minimum of 10 players, going up to any number they wish (there are some limitations here, which I'll talk about later).

    Over the course of the tournament, teams face each other in head to head matches with 8 players per side who 'play' in the matches. This tournament encompasses A number of 'generations' of pokemon and each pairing has the following matches:

    SM OU 1:
    SM OU 2:
    SM OU 3:
    SM UU:
    SM Ubers:
    ORAS OU:
    BW2 OU:
    BW/DPP OU:

    Each week, the team manager will mail the hosts (in this case,only myself) the team they are playing that week. If you know someone will be busy and/or unable to finish their battle that week, you have substitutions you can make. There are no caps on subs so players can move around in various roles as the manager sees fit.

    Before I explain how the points system works or how a team goes about qualifying for the semi's, I'll take you through how exactly these teams are going to be formed.


    Managers are one of the most important parts of a team. We'll be posting a manager signup thread in a few days, if you want to be a manager, apply then, not in this thread. Managers however, will be handpicked by us as we're only willing to let people who we know will put in the time and the effort into this manage the game.

    Another thing to note is that managers cannot actually play for a team, so if you want to actually play in the tournament, you can't be a manager.

    Managers are the people who in essence run the teams. They decide who plays on it, who plays what position and even handles the team finances (yes, finances, keep reading!).
    Managers also makes sure the team keeps running on a day to day basis. If a team fails to complete their matches by the end of the allotted time, the onus is on the manager to inform as to why this happened.

    The most important thing they do is actually signing the players which is done using the following system:

    The Auction

    Once we've picked the 10 managers for this season, we shall open up a signup thread where people can sign up for playing in the league. A signup post should look like this:

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    Disaster Area
    pocl already exists and po is already dead besides a few tours. It isn't a big/relevant enough forum to need 2 auction-based team tours, certainly w the fact its userbase overlaps almost entirely w other forums