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[POWC] POWC 2019 - Information & Administrative Decisions

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by HSOWA, Mar 4, 2019.

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  1. HSOWA

    HSOWA aqua Forum Moderator Server Moderator Tournament Host Forum Moderator Server Moderator Tournament Host

    Jul 28, 2010
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    Pokémon Online World Cup 2019

    Official Discord
    Hello, and welcome to the 2019 edition of Pokemon Online's Pokemon Online World Cup! In this thread, we are going to post everything related to all the POWC administrative matters and our decision on those matters. Here, the hosters (@Edna and myself) will post:
    • Season Schedule
    • Teams and their Rosters
    • Administrative Decisions
    First and foremost, those are the sixteen teams (in alphabetical order):

    Team | Captain | Assistant Captain

    Asia-Pacific | @gengar17 | @Noble GGFan
    Austria | @Za Meowdo | @Bedschibaer
    Brazil | @Mili | @Spl4sh
    Caribbean |
    @MULTI | @RyLon
    China | @bakebun | @FantasyZhezhi
    Europe | @Casparov | @Msnt
    France | @Z+V | @BlazingDark
    Germany | @La.Melle2402 | @real xray
    ISGME | @Oltan | @Ahmad Alfatih
    Italy | @Atli | @Tricking

    Latin America | @TFG Spectear | @ZDen
    NA East | @Finchinator | @Durza
    NA West-Central | @KingKdot | @meeps
    Spain | @Real FV13 | @Garay oak
    United Kingdom + Ireland | @Hassin627 | @Disaster Area

    The format for this tournament will be 4 groups of 4 teams, with each team playing each team in their group once in a round robin fashion.
    • Win = 2 points;
    • Tie = 1 point;
    • Loss = 0 points.
    After the group stage, the two teams with the highest amount of points, within each group, will move on to the quarterfinals. If two or multiple teams are tied in points, battle differentials (the wins minus the losses) will determine the placement of the teams. If this is still insufficient, the head to head record will determine the placement, except if one or more teams face elimination. In those cases a tiebreaker will be played with the format of SM OU / Tier picked by Team A / Tier picked by Team B. However, if one of the captains decides a tiebreaker would be desirable, then a tiebreaker will be held instead of consulting the head to head record.

    The following bracket will be used after the group stage has finished:

    Quarter Finals
    Q1: Winner A vs Runner-up B
    Q2: Winner C vs Runner-up D
    Q3: Winner B vs Runner-up A
    Q4: Winner D vs Runner-up C

    Semi Finals
    S1: Winner Q1 vs Winner Q2
    S2: Winner Q3 vs Winner Q4

    Winner S1 vs Winner S2

    Pokemon Online World Cup will feature ten tiers, and every team will have twelve players in its team. The tiers are as follows:
    • 3 SM OU;
    • 1 SM UU;
    • 1 SM RU;
    • 1 SM NU;
    • 1 ORAS OU;
    • 1 BW OU;
    • 1 DPP OU;
    • 1 ADV OU;
    • 1 GSC OU;
    • 1 RBY OU;
    We expect you to only choose a tier if you have experience playing it or are willing to learn it at a great level in a short window of time. After signing up, we encourage you to get in contact with captains of the teams you are eligible for via Discord, where they can do tryouts for their team's spots. Discord activity can be important depending on the team and multiple captains will have a team chat on there for easier communication! Remember that this is a team tour. Thus you're expected to get in contact with your team on a daily basis.


    After signups have been completed, the captains will have to post their final squad, consisting of at least 15 and a maximum of 19 players, in the player signup thread as soon as possible. (Co-)Captains are allowed to play in the tournament itself and will count for the player limit if they decide to play. You must have a Smogon account in order to join this tournament. We will check the validity of any account we deem to be suspicious. This does not apply if your PO forums account was made before January 1st, 2017.


    Players that played in POWC 2018 must play for the same team that they played for last year unless that team no longer exists, or the new team didn't exist last year.


    This thread will be locked and any further news will be posted separately.

    Some small reminders:

    1) The captains must send in their Line-ups on time and send them to both @HSOWA and @Edna, just in case something bad happens. If no roster has been submitted before the deadline, we will use the previous one.
    Please save your replays! This season, we will have a replay thread. And when a dispute arises, we will have to void the game result if no replay is provided.
    3) Please read the Universal Official Tournament Rules.
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  2. HSOWA

    HSOWA aqua Forum Moderator Server Moderator Tournament Host Forum Moderator Server Moderator Tournament Host

    Jul 28, 2010
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    The groups have been drawn!

    Group A: Asia-Pacific, Italy, France, Brazil
    Group B: Germany, Latin America, NA West-Central, Caribbean
    Group C: China, UK + Ireland, Europe, Spain
    Group D: NA East, Austria, ISGME


    Week 1:

    Asia-Pacific vs Italy
    France vs Brazil
    Germany vs Latin America
    NA West-Central vs Caribbean
    Europe vs Spain
    UK + Ireland vs China
    ISGME vs Austria
    NA East have a bye

    Week 2:

    Asia-Pacific vs Brazil
    Italy vs France
    Germany vs NA West-Central
    Caribbean vs Latin America
    Europe vs China
    Spain vs UK + Ireland
    NA East vs ISGME
    Austria have a bye

    Week 3:

    Asia-Pacific vs France
    Brazil vs Italy
    Germany vs Caribbean
    Latin America vs NA West-Central
    Europe vs UK + Ireland
    China vs Spain
    Austria vs NA East
    ISGME have a bye
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2019 at 6:09 PM
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  3. HSOWA

    HSOWA aqua Forum Moderator Server Moderator Tournament Host Forum Moderator Server Moderator Tournament Host

    Jul 28, 2010
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    RE: Greece

    Due to a lack of players, Greece has withdrawn from the tournament. After a captain's vote, we have agreed to make Group D a 3 team group instead, with the top two teams still going through. The team that would normally play Greece in a week will have a bye week instead.
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