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Create Your Own Safari Event!

Discussion in 'Safari' started by Whereabouts Unknown, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Whereabouts Unknown

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    Miki Sayaka
    Ever wanted to make your own Safari event with your own rules? Well, now you can!

    We have pretty much revived the old method for hosting events. Because I'm lazy, and also because the rules for hosting before were pretty good, I'm going to steal most of the entire ruleset.

    Please see our calendar to help decide on a time frame that would work well for your event. We usually do not want more than 3 events running at a time.

    To participate:
    - Write a Proposal explaining how your event will work. Explain the format (a tournament, a quiz game, etc), describe all the rules in as much detail as possible, how participants can join it and the rewards you would like to give to the winners. Don't forget to name your event. Once all of that is written down, send the Safari staff (me & and Doy) a Forum PM with that proposal.
    - If your proposal is approved, you will be given a time frame to host the event. It will be advertised as an Authorized Event at #Safari and here. Even if your proposal it's not approved, I may give ideas and opinions on how to improve it.
    - If your event runs smoothly, the rewards you chose in your proposal will be given to them by the Safari Auth (so no costs for you!). In addition, you will also receive a special reward picked by us!
    -If we find something fishy about the event, or the date or any other requirement that we request are not followed, the rewards may be reduced or even cancelled.

    Some hints to write a good proposal:
    - Explain everything in as much detail as possible. For example, if you are are hosting a Battle Tournament, you may want to explain rules like elimination system, number of battles per match, Pokémon allowed, how to log/validate the matches, time limit before a W.O., etc.
    - Have a clear rule to define the winners.
    - Be creative with your event's format. A simple tournament is perfectly fine, but you may also try some crazier ideas. Just try to stick to Safari elements.
    - If you are confident at the quality of your event and at how well you can host it, feel free to suggest a really good reward for winners!
    - You can ask someone else to help you co-host the event, but the Host Reward will only be given to the main host.

    The current reward given to the Host of a successful event is: 10 Cherry Delight and a random shiny Pokémon from the list below!
    Current list: Paras, Snubbull, Gulpin, Croagunk, Cottonee, Helioptile, Jangmo-o.*

    This means that if you get your proposal approved and host your event flawlessly, you receive all the items listed above.

    By 'flawlessly', consider that any issue that comes up during your event (like deadlines not met, rules not being upheld, players cheating, conflicting rules, lack of proper logs, etc.) will count negatively if you are unable to deal in a proper way with them. In the event that this scenario does occur, your reward may be scaled down.

    *A list with 7 shiny Pokémon, one from each generation, will always be posted here. When someone successfully hosts an event, they can choose 3 Pokémon from that list, and then the host will receive 1 of those 3, determined by RNG. That Pokémon will then be removed from that list and replaced by another one from the same generation.

    If you have any questions about hosting an event, post in this thread.