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Summer Volleyball League

Discussion in 'Safari' started by Whereabouts Unknown, Jul 5, 2019.

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  1. Whereabouts Unknown

    Whereabouts Unknown Absolutely Stunning Forum Moderator Channel Leader Forum Moderator Channel Leader

    Aug 17, 2010
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    Miki Sayaka
    It's the surprise event of the season! So get your kneepads and get ready to dive into a brand new minigame event!

    Volleyball games can be started using event forms. The prizes are nice, but you know what would be even more nice? Some friendly organized competition!

    The Summer Volleyball League is a Safari event organized by 2 managers, each with a captain at their side. It lasts for the rest of the summer, so you'd better get a good team!

    Each game gives prizes to the winners, but wait, there's more! There are more prizes for participants of the league based on their performances throughout the games they participate in. Place in the top 3 of any category over the course of the Summer Volleyball League and win some prizes!

    Most Points Scored on Spikes (+Serves):
    1. 50 Prize Packs + Big Nugget + Comet Shard + 2 Cosmog
    2. 25 Prize Packs + Big Nugget + Cosmog
    3. 10 Prize Packs

    Most Points Scored on Blocks:
    1. 50 Prize Packs + Big Nugget + 100 Harmonic Dews + 2 Cosmog
    2. 25 Prize Packs + Big Nugget + 50 Harmonic Dews + Cosmog
    3. 10 Prize Packs

    Most Points Assisted (Set):
    1. 50 Prize Packs + Big Nugget + 100 Mystical Dews + 2 Cosmog
    2. 25 Prize Packs + Big Nugget + 50 Mystical Dews + Cosmog
    3. 10 Prize Packs

    Most Hard-driven Spikes or Serves Received:
    1. 50 Prize Packs + 20 Mega Stones + 5 Prima Materia + 2 Cosmog
    2. 25 Prize Packs + 10 Mega Stones + Prima Materia + Cosmog
    3. 10 Prize Packs

    Best Plus/Minus:
    1. 100 Prize Packs + 5 Big Nuggets + Cosmoem
    2. 50 Prize Packs + 3 Big Nuggets + 2 Cosmog
    3. 25 Prize Packs + Big Nugget + Cosmog
    4. 15 Prize Packs + 2 Nuggets
    5. 10 Prize Packs + Nuggets
    (explanation: calculated using the amount of points scored by their team during the games they participate in vs the amount of points given up in games that they participate in)

    Medals will also be rewarded for players who placed on the leaderboard. The medals will read "Summer Volleyball League 2019" + the epithet. The epithets (in order of listing above) are Ace, Middle Blocker, Setter, Libero, and MVP.

    Leaderboards are competitive within and between teams. That means that one leaderboard is shared for each category and players from both teams are competing to rank highly within it.

    Finally, a reward of 5 Prize Packs will be given to each team member of the team that won, as long as they have participated in at least 5 official matches.

    What's an official match?
    An official match is a sanctioned Volleyball Event between the two teams of this summer's league that has at least 6 human players present (3 from each team) where the team names are identical to the official team names of the league. The event is only considered official if each player joins the correct team. In other words, it doesn't work if a player who is affiliated with League Team A joins a Volleyball Event under Team B.

    Official Matches count towards the leaderboards and the overall record between the teams. This will all be recorded internally, so no match reporting will be necessary except in the case of a system failure.

    How do I become a manager?
    The manager selection process different from usual events which have forum signups and all that.
    Step 1) Send Miki Sayaka an inbox message on the server using Mail starting with "Volleyball Manager Application: ". Make sure your message includes the name of the team you would like to manage, and an explanation for why you think you would be a good manager. You may also suggest a Pokémon that SHOULD be legal in volleyball that is not currently, and that will weigh into your application's considerability.
    Step 2) Staff reviews the applications and selects the funniest two to be official managers for the event.
    Step 3) There is no step 3, it's that counterintuitive!

    Managers receive 10 Legendary Dews for participating. The manager of the team with the winning record at the end of the league also receives an extra Cosmoem.

    A Manager's job is to organize their team, which means making sure that all of their players are ready to fill their role on the court to their best possible efficiency. They should pick a Vice Captain who is able to fill this role at time that they will not be available to rally their teammates on the court.

    "I just want to play, not manage":
    Just send Miki Sayaka an inbox message using Mail with simply the message "Volleyball Signup". If you do, you will be added to a list of players who the managers can pick from to assemble their teams. If you sent me a message that you want to be a manager and didn't get picked, you will automatically be added to signups as well.

    Team Drafting:
    Once the managers are chosen, the full list of participants will be provided to both managers, and they will draft teams in a snake draft format. After the draft is complete, the managers may pick their Vice Captains. The final teams will be published in this thread.

    How to start an official match:
    An official match as far as the League is concerned is one started by a Manager or Vice Captain from either team with the team names being identical to the League Names decided by the Managers. If at least 3 players affiliated with each team join, it becomes an official match.

    Announcing official matches:
    Managers and Vice Captains can post in this thread a time for a match they would like to start ahead of time by as much as couple days and as little as one day in advance. That match becomes mandatory, which means that if 3 members of the other team do not show up, it will be considered a forfeit. This feature ideally will not be how most official matches will be started, but it exists to prevent a manager from picking an entire team of top tier johners and refusing to play their opponent. Each team may announce up to three mandatory matches per week. Don't abuse it to pick a time when you think the other team has weak activity though, because I will void matches picked at deliberately dead times.

    Okay, that's all the nitty gritty details. The important part for most of you will now be to familiarize yourselves with the way to play the game. Here are some useful commands:
    /vblegal - a list of legal Pokémon in this format
    /vbhints - a list of useful hints about how to play this game mode
    /use form:volleyball to start an event for practice

    Signups will last 1 week or shorter.
    If you wish to participate, send me "Volleyball Signup" or "Volleyball Manager Application: [etc]" using Mail in Safari. DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. You may post in this thread if any rules are confusing to you and I will do my best to clarify.
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  2. Whereabouts Unknown

    Whereabouts Unknown Absolutely Stunning Forum Moderator Channel Leader Forum Moderator Channel Leader

    Aug 17, 2010
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Miki Sayaka
    We'll call signups closed for now.

    Lord Neptune: Paranormal Phanpies
    Azumarill (Mumu): Gloomy Oddishes

    Free Agents:
    Petit Dragon
    Miki Sayaka

    The two managers will draft the free agents from the above list, as well as one vice captain from their chosen team. Once the results are finalized, the event will officially start.

    Since there are 13 free agents available, I will allow a ~Sub~ to join the event and even the teams.

    I've also updated the prizes for the leaderboards because it will be a very long event.

    --- Post updated ---
    The Teams

    Paranormal Phanpies: Lord Neptune (Manager), Miki Sayaka (Vice Captain), riko (Vice Captain), Troller, Hurricane, HBC, Flash, Isabelle
    Gloomy Oddishes: Azumarill (Manager), Python (Vice Captain), Petit Dragon (Vice Captain), Sasuke, Wolf, Atli, mibuchiha, Rodgerthat

    Due to the amount of players two vice captains is allowed. Managers and Vice Captains can start events and they will be considered official for the purposes of this event.

    The event will start later this weekend. Good luck!
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