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Arts and Graphics Guidelines

Discussion in 'Arts and Graphics' started by zeroality, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. zeroality

    zeroality Artificial Insanity

    Apr 22, 2010
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    Welcome to the Arts section of the Pokémon Online forums! This is the section of the forums wherein Pokémon Online artists, which can be anyone, can exhibit their talent through posting their artworks in different threads.

    Remember that Art is not only pictures of pokemon. All kinds of Artists are encouraged to post their work here, be it pokemon - related or not. You just need to follow a few general guidelines when posting in this forum, be it for commenting or sharing your own work.

    • State what kind of art you're going to post in the thread title.
      Thread titles such as "My Awesome Art" are not really helpful. You should at least prepare the visitor to your thread as to what he's going to see: sketches, paintings, graphics, sprites, etc. Titles don't really need to say anything other than that.

    • Keep your thread organised.
      If you're posting big images, it's generally preferable to hide them with the Spoiler tag. This helps reduce the size of the thread, and also differentiates the text from the image - otherwise, no one will pay attention to what you write on your thread. Make sure that your images are not broken.

    • Refrain from making request threads if possible.
      Pretty self-explanatory. Please do not make a brand new thread just for the sake of a new customised image, especially if your request thread has gone un-answered before. You can still ask an artist who has declared he is taking requests for custom art in his own thread though.

    • Be responsible when taking requests.
      If you decide to take on requests, be responsible about it. Do not make people wait unnecessarily. If for some reason you are not able to take requests anymore while still being active, please specify it in your thread.

    • Do not flame for no reason.
      If you want to criticise an artist's work, please do so in a constructive manner, with arguments to back up your criticism and suggestions for improvement. Do not post offensive comments of any manner. If someone's art offended you, please refer to a moderator.

    • Do not plagiarise art.
      Obviously, any artist who is found to present other peoples' art as their own will have their thread locked and trashed.

    • Do not post offensive art. Again self-explanatory. Any thread with artwork deemed offensive will be locked and trashed. As a general guide, try to avoid posting art that might be deemed racist, elitist or sexist.
    • Use Pictures Art and Graphic forum was meant you share your art. If you don't show your end result, it's just missing the point. Broken pictures links are fine, as long as you fix them or they are fixable.
    Tutorials on how to get started on creating Art or Graphics are welcome and will have a special [Tutorial] tag applied, so do not hesitate to provide them.

    Short notice: If you're posting a theme, remember to use the prefix [Theme], not type it in the thread title by hand. Do not use the prefix if your thread does not contain a theme for download.

    Originally written by Erebos. Thanks - it's appreciated.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2012
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