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[BW2] The Professional Guide to Trolling

Discussion in 'Gen 5 Discussion' started by User Name, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. User Name

    User Name Life is a maze

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    There are many strategies to creating a successful competitive incredibly annoying Pokemon team, and with that, many types of teams to consider building. In this thread I will attempt to cover the basic formulas to follow for each process of team building to create the type of team you would like everyone else will hate.
    The team types I will cover are:

    Hyper Offense Standard Trolling
    Offense Sand Trolling
    Balanced UU Trolling
    Semi-Stall Unown Trolling
    Stall Derp Trolling

    Standard Trolling: General trolling. This usually means your team needs to be at least partially anti-metagame. Also, troll teams and gimmicks go hand-in-hand; almost all the time you don't want a standard team if you're planning to go a path where your opponent will rip their hair out in rage. Some exceptions exist, simply because some good, common builds are just really darn annoying.
    Sand Trolling: Capable of functioning much like Hail, Sand has the benefit of having some of the best weather starters in the game as well of the support of Rock types who love that Sp. Def boost. Of course, you need your weather inducer. Also of course, you need to make your weather inducer as weird as possible; Yawn Hippowdon, Bulky MixTar (the set I run), whatever. Anyways, you also need to make sure your Pokemon benefit from the Sand as much as possible; it's both more difficult and much easier than it sounds.
    UU Trolling: It is much, much harder to troll in UU, I swear it. First of all, 2 of the best trolls, Sigilyph and Xatu, share the exact same typing. 2nd, many of the trolls aren't THAT tough and can still be OHKOed. However, with some work, you can create a successful troll team. It also helps that many OU threats no longer exist; Skarmory can't phase away boosters, Ferrothorn isn't there in general, Chandelure can't trap your team, etc.
    Unown Trolling: Though you can't use it in competitive play due to species clause (and you'd lose every match even if you could) you can spell out obscenities using the names of Unown to play.
    Derp Trolling: To make this sort of team you take the most useless Pokemon in the world (Farfetch'd, Ledian, Luvdisc, etc.) and put them together in a team; you can try to use actual movesets, that MIGHT do some damage, or you can give your Ledian Iron Fists and Mach Punch to make your opponent lose because all their Pokemon fainted from laughing too hard because you won't stop tickling them.

    Yeah, I did just rip that off harry's guide.
    Now on to the actual relevant part.
    1. Take advantage of hax whenever and wherever you can. If there's a haxy Pokemon, it's a trolly Pokemon. Jirachi, Togekiss, Swagger, Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave, Mud-Slap, Acupressure, Haxchomp, if you can use them, use them. This is hax you don't need to apologize for, since you're deliberately aiming for it.
    2. Take top threats into consideration when making your team, unless it's the Unown or Derp team (this disclaimer will be omitted in the rest of the thread). Pack Flamethrower on something that doesn't usually run Flamethrower (I use Flamethrower on my Zoroark who looks conveniently like an Whimsicott) to eliminate Ferrothorn and Skarmory. Get a Fighting-type move on Reuniclus or something. That sort of thing.
    3. Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks. Troll teams wouldn't be troll teams without some gimmicks. Banded Sleep Talk/Brave Bird Crobat, Whimsicott with no Taunt and Swagger/Stun Spore instead, Reuniclus with Acid Armor, go all out.
    4. If you can, use Toxic Spikes. The others should only really be used for breaking sashes and sturdy, but TBH most of the time they won't be necessary. Indeed, sometimes you'll be using your opponents Stealth Rock with Espeon and Xatu.
    5. If you don't have to, don't Choice your Pokemon. Trolls almost always need their versatility to keep going; when locked into one move, many of them become setup fodder.
    6. Troll teams HATE Toxic Spikes. If you can bring something to absorb them, then you're good.
    7. Troll teams usually work in a semi-stallish nature; in my experience, this is more noticeable in UU than in OU. Most of the team will be stall-based, with maybe 1 or 2 full attackers. Even then, you may want your attackers to be bulky.
    8. You want super-effective coverage, most of the time. Neutral coverage is nice but not as important. Also, you want to make sure you have as little Pokemon as possible that are immune to all your moves.
    9. Trolling is NOT walling. They're very close, and in many cases they come close or even intersect, but there's a difference. Just having a Chansey, while annoying, is not cool enough to warrant trolling.
    10. Trolling is NOT setup+sweep. Again, sometimes they'll get close, and sometimes (Acupressure Shuckle is an example), they'll intersect, but you can't just slap Swords Dance on Garchomp and say it's a troll because you can sweep 6-0.

    Standard/UU Trolling
    Triumvirate of Trolling:
    The 3 best trolls: Shuckle, Whimsicott, and by popular demand Espeon. Best trolls ever.
    They all have fairly strong 4-moveslot syndrome, since each have large movepools almost custom-made to piss the heck outta people (besides Espy, whose main bonus is its ability--regardless, Espy still has 4-moveslot syndrome with its lackluster attacking type). If you're going to make a troll team, you almost always want one of these in there because they're so darn annoying. And weird. Shuckle and Whimsicott have the additional bonus of being usable in every competitive tier all the way down to NU.
    Be original with them. There are plenty of movesets you could string together with them. Shuckle has Acupressure, Knock Off, Mud-Slap, Rollout, Power Share, Power Trick, Wrap, a whole bunch of stuff. Whimsicott has Subseed, Encore, Taunt, Swagger, Light Screen, Cotton Guard, Switcheroo, Worry Seed, the whole shebang. Espeon can sit there and reflect stuff, but also gets dual Screens, Power Swap, Sand Attack, and various Egg moves.
    Have fun with them. Nothing like turning a 2-3 situation (with the other Pokemon being your level 1 Donphan while Stealth Rock is on the field) into a 2-1 situation where the opponent is Seeded, you're Subbed, and they're hitting themselves and/or paralyzed and/or Taunted and/or Poisoned and/or Encored into Substitute.

    Top Priority: Stat booster Counters:
    You almost always want something that can counter setup Pokemon; many times, your team will end up setup fodder for some Pokemon, and you will want a way to counter that. The following have been used personally by me, and have worked to great effect:
    While it fits UU better, since it's not the toughest of Pokemon, Unaware is an awesome niche.
    Even better, some people still don't know that Quagsire even has Unaware, and will continue boosting while you do.

    Almost officially the best stat-up counter there is. It's hilarious to sweep teams with their own +6 Serperior, especially in tandem with a Swaggermon. Trust me, I've done it.

    Yeah, this guy again. Power Split+Acupressure is Gamefreak's greatest gift to Shuckle.

    Yeah, this guy again too. He's not in the triumvirate of trolling for nothing. Priority Encore screws over practically every setupmon, and if they're not Subbing you can use the opportunity to SubSeed yourself. Or, even better, you can use an offensive set to break Subs too.

    Second Priority: Hazard Blocking:
    Most of the time, while hazards aren't THAT bad, they're still annoying (unless you're running FEARphan, in which case you want to always keep hazards off); however, T-spikes is almost literally the bane of a troll team's existence. In any case, less entry hazards for you to deal with is always a good thing.
    Prankster is God's gift to trolls. While Murkrow does arguably have bad defensive typing, it's typing is also beneficial in giving it an immunity to T-Spikes and a neutrality to Bug and Fighting-type moves, albeit at a cost of Electric, Ice, and Rock type attacks. Meanwhile, all of them can Taunt, and if you use Torment too, then things get so much more annoying.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Because Magic Mirror is Magic Mirror, mate.
    Make sure to not keep them in against hazards layers, since they're almost laughably easy to OHKO. Try using them in double switches; switch in against the hazard, then switch out to something that can take the expected hit and then OHKO. Or run U-turn to score a little damage on the way out (mostly to break Sashes or Sturdy, since their Attack by general consensus is described as pathetic).

    While at first this guy may seem incredibly standard, all you have to do is take a further look at its movepool to see just how annoying it can be. From Magic Coat (nothing like seeing a Smeargle Spore itself) to Icy Wind to Toxic Spikes to Rapid Spin, not only does it have a way of blocking hazards, it can be a massive pain in the process.

    Other Great Trolls:
    Hilarious guy. Best FEAR Pokemon ever made. Has tons of problems, and if there's any entry hazards, a Toxic/Will-o-Wisp/other passive damage user, or Lefties users, he's almost completely useless, but there's so much it takes out it's just awesome. I've made some awesome sweeps with this guy.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Everyone loves flinchhax. <3
    Or rather, everyone loves flinchhax if they're using it.
    Jirachi in particular can explore other options such as Trick, and both can T-Wave.

    Great troll right here. Great bulk, and you can use it either take no passive damage or regenerate just by switching out.

    You can get some great disguises with this guy. It's hilarious. I wouldn't recommend it with Nasty Plot, since everything kills it, but if you can lure Ferrothorn or other top threats, the results are very good.

    The only 2 Deoxys forms not banned yet (though Deo-S is banned in Wifi OU). Both are amazing in this role, and amazingly versatile in how they can go about it, too. You can use them to block hazards, or possibly setup Trick Room (I know there's at least one of you out there who's done Deo-S with Trick Room). Gravity, Psycho Shift, and other hazards are also available. Or maybe a Recycle Red Card? Your options are almost limitless.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    100% DynamicPunch AND Priority AND near/perfect coverage? Yes please!
    Especially since all 3 can be pretty darn annoying.

    Great for anti-stall, it is rather hard to get up, but if you can, you're UNSTOPPABLE. Even better, it trolls Ditto because you're often either using Cosmic Power or Calm Mind, both of which are somewhat useful on a Ditto but...not useful. It can be quite deadly against the right opponents. <3

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I found that I hated Substituting Ghosts, so I decided to get my own. They're actually incredibly effective and annoying to deal with.
    It's surprising how many anti-trolls can actually work as trolls.
    I didn't list Cofagrigus because Speed works better with Subbing, IMO. You can try it and tell me if it works, though.

    Thanks to flashbolt!
    First, there's Leech Seed, of course. SubSeeding with 113 Speed is lovely for rage value. In addition, you can run Parattractfusion with Glare, Attract (duh), and the admittedly risky but no less annoying Swagger. It even gets dual screens, or even Gastro Acid to be really annoying.

    Along with being butt-ugly, he's got quite the movepool. It doesn't look like much at first glance, but in reality it has all the tools a good troll needs. With the most pathetic coverage in the world, it's even funnier. Spore, Giga Drain, Clear Smog, it's got what it needs. It helps that its abilities are also annoying; while Effect Spore is better for troll value, Regeneration is really annoying too.

    Come on, it's Smeargle. What else could you want? Whether you're doing Trick Room FEAR, Shell Smash pass, all-hazards setting, Tricking, Dark Voiding, Sporing, or even trying to attack if you want to be funny, it's one of the best trolls ever.

    Energy Ball Jellicent
    Stupidest shit ever

    Sand Trolling
    Well, first you gotta have a trolly Sand starter. Sadly, it is no longer allowed in the lower tiers due to various bans.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Trolly moves you can run include:
    T-tar-Chip Away, Taunt, Knock Down, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Dragon Tail, Snarl, Surf, Swagger, Attract, Torment, Resttalk, Roar, Focus Punch, Whirlpool, Spite, Mud-Slap, etc.
    Hippo(s)-Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up (you can just run Stockpile since it's pretty annoying on its own), Sand Tomb, Fissure, Curse, Whirlwind, Roar, Mud-Slap, etc.

    Top Priority: Toxic Spikes
    T-Spikes are a Troll Sand team's best friend. They're also 1 of the greatest enemies, but that'll be discussed in the Counters section coming up. You ALWAYS want something that can setup T-Spikes; if possible, twice since they could get absorbed or Spinned, but it's not necessary. Donphan, Shuckle, the best Sand trolls love T-Spikes.
    Tentacruel is, IMO, the best at T-Spikes and has good troll value to boot. With Magic Coat, I've reflected opposing Smeargle's Spores. With Toxic Spikes, I've...setup Toxic Spikes. With Balloon (I prefer balloon, but you can use whatever you wish; Scarf can work too), I've watched hilariously as someone missed the Balloon text and used Earthquake. Try it, you won't regret it. It can even spin away T-Spikes if they get reflected or setup.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Nidos do have access to T-Spikes; while probably not the best at the job, they do have the benefit of being able to OHKO or 2HKO almost everything that will try to stop them.

    You can fake off a Shell Smash lead, if you'd like.
    Or you can give it Shell Smash too. O_o
    Although lead spot is certain to draw Breloom to the site.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Dang, they have tons of options. Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, both of them can be massively annoying while setting up T-Spikes. They can even use Natural Cure Rest.
    Roselia has more bulk, but Roserade has nicer Speed and a better Sp. Atk.

    The Actual Top Priority that I Forgot When Writing This: Anti-Weather Leads
    It's best to have some way to take out another weather lead. It's even better when it's something that an opponent won't expect to kill their Pokemon...but it will. The below list isn't comprehensive, and it's completely impossible to be able to lure and KO all weather leads at once (trust me, I went through days trying to figure it out), you can still get reasonably close.
    Few expect an actually attacking Deo-S. With that monstrous Speed stat, it honestly doesn't need much Speed investment, so you're free to dump EVs into both attacking stats to deal the most damage. Low Kick always KOs T-tar with a boosting item if the T-tar isn't actually a Physical wall in disguise, Ice Beam always 2HKOs Hippowdon with a boosting item if it isn't actually a Special Wall in disguise, Politoed is always 2HKOed by T-bolt if it isn't actually a Special Wall in disguise. Meanwhile, all 3 will probably just stay in and expect entry hazards. The last slot can be used for actual anti-lead purposes. Ninetales is problematic for it. Not as useful for Sand as it is for Rain, though, since its main purpose is to take out other Sand starters.

    As a side note, Deo-S is banned now. I hope you didn't skip this part, because Kyogre isn't happy when he's annoyed.
    Lickilicky has Cloud Nine, but that's not the main point. What is is that no-one expects it, and it has enough versatility to take out weather leads. You can try Surf with no weather blocking your way, or just Explode. Or even SD+Explode. Or use some Fighting attack. Or SubPunch. While it's still weak, you do have enough options to try out.
    With Poison Rampage and just enough Speed to take out just enough Pokemon, Facade Zangoose can do a number on several Pokemon, especially with Close Combat, a move no-one knows that Zangoose gets. Sadly, its Speed is still low, so Ninetales can outspeed and probably KO with its boosted attacks or a probably HP Fighting. Admittedly, this is better for Rain teams again, but bear with me; my mind is still stuck in a Rain troll teambuilding rut.
    Not only is Golem actually a decent lead with Sturdy Stealth Rock and STAB Stone Edge and STAB EQ, along with a potent Explosion, it can actually take out some weather leads. While Politoed isn't completely KOed by Explosion without a boosting item (though Life Orb suicide bombing is an option, which OHKOs Politoed who naturally isn't going to bother switching out), it is brought close enough to KO it later, and its STAB moves can take out T-tar and Ninetales.
    While not as good against Ninetales due to lower Speed and its Grass typing, Roserade's Leaf Storm can deal a number on all other weather leads; indeed, Grass-type attacks in general decimate them. It does have an advantage over the others, however, in that it can actually lead.
    While more risky in that it needs a boosting item to 2HKO T-tar but is 2HKOed in return by Stone Edge, Cradily's Grass and Rock STAB work effectively towards eliminating more common weather leads. The fact that probably no-one actually knows that it can actually have Storm Drain can help towards elimination of Politoed, too, though Toeds will probably use Ice Beam instead.
    She takes more prediction to use, but a Low Kick has a very good chance to OHKO Tyranitar. In addition, Switcheroo provides entertainment in conjunction with Klutz, so other leads that aren't T-tar will still be adversely affected by their encounter. Unfortunately, she's still weak, so the opponent will probably manage some hazards in the meantime.

    Second Priority: Stat Booster Counters
    See above. However, try to format them to fit Sand, or get another guy that fits Sand.
    I also use [​IMG]

    Great Sand Trolls:
    Yeah, he's back. Has ~750 or so Sp. Def with no boosts in the Sand, meaning you can invest fully into HP and Defense. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT.
    Acupressure makes things even more fun, and actually gives Shuckle some bulk; despite 180 Defenses, it needs some +stats to back up its 20 base HP. 3 different times using Acupressure, my Evasion has been boosted first (which pretty much secures a ragequit), and by the time you're done boosting everything else, you've got Defenses in the mid 2000s.

    The best troll in the Sand alongside Shuckle. Despite being easy to kill with everything from Breloom's Bullet Seed to Cloyster's Icicle Spear to even the odd Terrakion Quick Attack, Sand is where this guy shines. It doesn't often find need to use its Ice Shard anymore, with Sandstorm knocking out everything else. I've literally swept teams with this little bugger; just Endeavor once and Sand erases the rest. It may be somewhat more difficult to use as there are now level limits set up.

    Yeah, he's back too. Since he takes no damage from Sand with Magic Guard, you might as well abuse it. Even better, it takes care of Breloom, one of Sand troll teams' worst enemies.

    It's lovely to see in action. Coupled with something like Mud-Slap or bulky Chomp, Garchomp can prove its versatility even in this field.
    Like Bidoof, however, Garchomp has once again trolled its way into Ubers. Keep this in mind if you're using this guy. Unlike Bidoof, though, it probably will not be banned from Ubers as well, so feel free to use it there.

    While Jirachi's usefulness really isn't affected by Sandstorm in pretty much any way, shape, or form, it is immune to Sand so you might as well abuse it. It can also help rack up passive damage over time. I don't recall if Jirachi gets a confusion move, but that can help even more.

    Again, like Jirachi, Sand doesn't really change anything about it. However, unlike Jirachi, No Guard Dynamicpunch can certainly help rack up passive damage.

    With that +50% boost to an already high Sp. Def, a sizable HP stat, and a nice Defense with Curse to help boost it, this Fossil Fern can certainly put up the rage. It also gets other options, such as Bullet Seed to crack Subs, Confuse Ray to confuse (obv), and even Stockpile.

    AAAAAAAAAH ARON!! In a way, it can be even worse than Donphan due to its immunity to Poison. Sand and/or T-Spikes support becomes more vital as Aron is without priority, but it's killer regardless.

    Immune to Sand with Overcoat, Mandibuzz can help cover certain types well, along with Whirlwinding, Knocking Off, and generally being a pain to deal with.

    One of the few viable Sand abusers around with the banning of Garchomp. What's that? Poison Heal? Well, yeah, that works too. Both of Gliscor's abilities help it out; Sand Veil lets it go YAYtears' way, and Poison Heal lets it go everybody else's. There are quite a few ways to mess around with both--although Gliscor's movepool may seem shallow, it has more than enough moves with gems like Taunt and SubProtect on its side.

    Also usable in lower tiers, Cacturne can help provide a little versatility to a Sand Troll team, which would normally find it difficult to work in Pokemon of variable types that don't worry about Sand. Cacturne's movepool is also wonderful for what it needs. Substitute works well with 3 different moves it could pick (Focus Punch, Leech Seed, and Sucker Punch) and helps out with Sand Veil, or Teeter Dance can be used to really troll around.

    Sand's Enemies:
    There are quite a few types that plague most Sand users. Fighting is the most notable one, which takes out the Rocks and Steels that enjoy Sand with ease. Many often carry moves that deal with other trolls as well, such as Fake Out or Bullet Seed to deal with Donphan and the like, and even worse, they're almost ridiculously common. Water types are also huge problems, and can be tough to bring down. Also, although you will rarely see Ground types, the sheer abundance of Earthquake poses problems too. Grass attacks and attackers aren't too common in OU, but when they show up you'll have to prepare for trouble and make it double.
    While unfortunately there is no type that helps to cover all the above, Reuniclus and other Psychics are good first stops against Fighters, especially since Payback usually won't hurt the oozing Reuniclus. While Flying types can help against Grass and Fighting types at once, along with being immune to Ground moves, few synergize with Sand--Gliscor is always an option, though. To help against Water types, it is best to look not towards specific types but to abilities like Water Absorb or Storm Drain. It's even better when those abilities coincide with Grass types, who are happy to kick Ground and Water-type's grasses.

    Unown Trolling
    You get the point.
    Sadly you cannot use this in competitive play due to Species Clause, not like you'd ever get anywhere with it anyways; the opponent has to really, REALLY suck to lose to this, or they must have the most extreme hax in the WORLD.

    Derp Trolling
    Well...what more can I say? You derpify your opponents. You can use actual movesets like F(l)ail, or you can try to make just extremely weird movesets like Shedinja with Death Gambit.
    If I were to make a list of all the derpy Pokemon...but I will. Or at least as many as possible.

    Special mentions
    Metang@, the classic set. It's completely uncounterable! Don't even bother trying! It's a wonder that it's not banished to Ubers yet! If you see it in battle, you should just forfeit, because there is absolutely no way you will ever beat it. For an indepth explanation of how powerful it can be, see this thread.
    As it is, Rotom-S is kinda just normal...but give it a Balloon and it becomes the best thing this side of the Earth. With a Balloon, you're immune to Ground 3 different times, therefore you automatically get 3 Exodia pieces on the field whenever someone even thinks about targeting your beautiful Fan thing with an Earthquake. Or...something.
    The 4 biggest nightmares of any trainer who ever made it the elite 4. They haunt your dreams with their Flinchfusion from Astonish and Supersonic or Bite and Confuse Ray, they inspire terror through their massive spouts of suicide bombing...seriously, just someone making a team of Zubat/Golbat/Crobat/Geodude/Graveler/Golem will probably make everyone ragequit against you. Zubat alone would probably do that.
    I originally left it under the normal derp trolls, but Okami made me laugh enough so that it's definitely worth a spot here. XD
    To quote:
    Pretty much the epitome of derp right here.
    I mean, just look at it. You can feel your brain cells dying just by staring at it.
    In addition, Bidoof is one of the first Pokemon to actually be banned from Ubers because it's going through a teenage stage and being Moody. Now that's some professional trolling.
    Gee, Kakuna gets a lot of love.
    Wow! Someone actually tried making strategies for this stuff? Rigas honorably took up the challenge, and was kind enough to provide these ubertastic sets that should obviously be banned; even though no-one uses them, everyone knows usage=/=power.
    Farfetch'd (M) @ Focus Sash
    Trait: Inner Focus
    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Naughty Nature (+Atk, -SDef)
    - Agility
    - Swords Dance
    - Flail
    - Acrobatics[/HIDE]
    Double-boosting Farfetch'd, with near-perfect coverage only missing out on almost every Rock and Steel type in existence. What more could you ask for?

    Pikachu (M) @ Light Ball
    Trait: Static
    EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Nasty Plot
    - Substitute
    - Thunderbolt
    - Hidden Power [Ice][/HIDE]
    Behold the mightiest of derpers! With spectacular bulk, not even a Bonsly can break...owait, Rock Throw does 68-81%. Well, how about Sunkern...OK, yeah, Pikachu's Sub is bulky enough to take even a Grass Knot from Sunkern! From there, all you'll need to remember is to AIM FOR THE HORN.

    Dunsparce (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Serene Grace
    EVs: 252 Atk / 108 Def / 148 SDef
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Body Slam
    - Headbutt
    - Earthquake
    - Roost[/HIDE]
    If Togekiss and Jirachi need some help, just call the oddly graceful land snake. As Togekiss's mutated older brother, Dunsparce isn't given the respect it deserves...teach them good. Real good.

    Mightyena (M) @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Moxie
    EVs: 4 Def / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Crunch
    - Return
    - Fire Fang
    - Ice Fang[/HIDE]
    Gets great coverage with high-powered Elemental Fangs, too.

    Emolga (M) @ Choice Specs
    Trait: Static
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Volt Switch
    - Thunderbolt
    - Air Slash
    - Hidden Power [Ice][/HIDE]
    More importantly, it looks like Batman. Paired with an awesome limo, the batsquirrel will be unstoppable.

    Do what you like with them. Just make it weird. XD

    If you aren't fond of the idea of getting trolled to death, this is where you look to see if you can block 'em. Take note, however, that I will also be listing counters to these anti-trolls, and some will be indicated to be trolls themselves. Yes, trolls can troll trolls too.

    POISON: You never, EVER want to get your trolls poisoned, or if you do you want to get it off as quickly as possible. Toxic is INSANELY annoying to deal with, particularly with the semi-stall nature of most trolling.
    Counter counter: Resttalk works. Poison and Steel types also generally make good trolls anyways, so that could work.
    Troll value: Poison is the best status you can ever use. <3
    If you absolutely CAN poison it, poison it.

    LEECH SEED: Annoying, annoying, annoying. Keeps your opponent alive and consistently lowers your HP. In a way, it's worse than Poison because you can't Resttalk it away.
    Counter counter: Whimsicott absorbs them, I suppose. Substitute is also a good way to keep away from them. If at all possible, a Herbivore user will turn the tables on the Seeder. Generally, though, you just want to kill their Leech Seeder ASAP and then switch out to shake it off.
    Troll value: Whimsicott on its own should tell you how trolly this is.

    SUBSTITUTE: Oh, geez. Blocks your vital Poison, blocks your vital Leech Seed, protects from various annoying attacks, gives a temporary shield in many situations, eases their prediction, etc.
    Counter counter: Encore/Taunt is a good way to take advantage of them. Also, if you can switch in a Pokemon that can scare them out, you're good; just pick your attack for the predicted switchin.
    Troll value: Again, Whimsicott alone abooses this move beautifully. There's tons of stuff that can take advantage of it; Mismagius, Garchomp, it's so annoying.

    TAUNT/ENCORE: Bah, incredibly annoying. Hits through Subs, and negates the use of some of the most annoying moves ever such as Leech Seed and Toxic and Substitute; Encore, on the other hand, takes advantage of you using the most annoying moves ever.
    Counter counter: If you can Taunt before they do, by all means do so.
    Troll value: They're such massively annoying moves. Abuse them whenever possible. :D
    The fact that they hit through Subs only makes things better.

    ROAR/WHIRLWIND/DRAGON TAIL/CIRCLE THROW: Phasing as a whole is fairly detrimental to almost any team; if you've just setup your Shuckle, it's even worse. It also gets rid of Subs (or at least Roar and Whirlwind do), and can force you to switch out again due to RNG hate sending in a bad counter.
    Counter counter: Sub takes out Dragon Tail and Circle Throw, and if you can try to hax it out--90 accuracy isn't bad, but it's still 90 accuracy. Taunt negates use of Roar and Whirlwind. Also, if you're strong enough, you might be able to simply kill it before they can phase, due to the negative priority; at the very least, perhaps you can setup a Leech Seed or something to benefit the switchin.
    Troll value: HAHAHA TAKE THAT YOUR +2 GARCHOMP IS REPLACED BY A GENOSECT I CAN OHKO WITH FLAMETHROWER!! While admittedly an exaggeration, they are definitely annoying moves. Resttalk combined with it can work even better, as it ignores the negative priority. Sometimes, you can just phase through a whole team as they frantically switch around.

    How it counters: First of all, let's take a look at its abilities. Technician? You've got SubSashSturdybreaking Bullet Seed and an annoying Mach Punch. Poison Heal? Great, you can't poison it now. Second, let's look at its movepool: There's the aforementioned Bullet Seed, the aforementioned Mach Punch, and, to kick it all off, Substitute and Leech Seed are some of the biggest anti-troll attacks ever. You've even got Spore, which is trolly on its own.
    Counter counter: If you've got a Resttalker, perfect. Try to get it to absorb the Sleep. Banded Sleep Talk+Brave Bird Crobat works too. It's not too fast, so stuff like Espeon could probably either KO or frighten it out. If it's SubSeeding, it'll be even more annoying, but again, take advantage of its Speed.
    Troll value: Spore? Check. Poison Heal? Check. Focus Pawnch? Check. This guy is a great anti-troll, but confound it if it isn't super-annoying to normal teams anyways. Effect Spore is pretty awesome too.

    How it counters: Again, it breaks Sub, Sash, and Sturdy. Plus, it pretty much OHKOs the world, not just trolls.
    Counter counter: As it's a setup mon, there are ways to beat it listed above. In addition, Swagger works, and Paralysis kills it. Prankster is the best way to lay both.
    Troll value: It's not really much of a troll. Perhaps if you ran the T-Spikes version. Or T-Spikes AND Shell Break. Still, it's pretty generic.

    How it counters: Any actual attacker is walled to the moon and back by this guy. Luckily most trolls don't actually try to attack. However, with Boltbeam, it often gets the opportunity to nail your mons, and takes a while to take out in return.
    Counter counter: As said, if you don't try to kill it through actual direct attacks, it's not really a problem. Poison, Shuckle, Leech Seed, etc.
    Troll value: OK, I underestimated P2's troll value. That movepool is amazing, and Trace is an absolutely hilarious ability that provides tons of opportunities like these. Since it's got Trick Room, its excellent type coverage, Discharge, and possibly even Recycle for some seriously awesome trolling that doesn't use Eviolite, it can do far more than I initially gave it credit for.

    How it counters: Similar to P2, any actual attackers are completely walled. However, these distinguish themselves as notable anti-trolls through the ways they help the rest of the team counter trolls; Wish is evil, and Aromatherapy/Heal Bell cures all those Pokemon you went through so much trouble to Poison. In addition, they can often poison your own team.
    Counter counter: Erufuun can take 'em easy so long as you predict right and avoid being Toxic'd. In addition, Resttalkers do well.
    Troll value: Chansey has no real troll value, just lots of wall value. Blissey, however, can actually attack with an OffStat set. Specs Blissey, for example, can pwn hard, but otherwise a general attacking Blissey with stuff like Flamethrower will do just fine.

    How it counters: Well, there's Leech Seed. That alone earns it quite a strong spot in this section. Second, like the above, it absorbs actual attacks like nothing. Even worse, however, it's immune to Toxic and Leech Seed, and if you try to Taunt it it can actually fight back with Gyro Ball and Leech Seed. It can even setup entry hazards, and if it gets up T-Spikes you're gonna find yourself in a world of trouble.
    Counter counter: Flamethrower is distributed enough. Fit something on there for it. T-tar, Zoroark, just find a spot.
    Troll value: I don't want to keep repeating the wall disclaimer.

    How it counters: Priority Taunt, priority Will-o-Wisp, priority Recover, this guy's practically the bane of troll teams. Good geez. It HAS NO WEAK, either.
    Counter counter: If you can poison it before getting Taunted, it's pretty much gone. Just try not to get burned in the meantime, or try to stay untaunted so you can Resttalk it off later. Also, though it's difficult to simply overpower it it's not impossible.
    Troll value: Prankster alone is one of the best trolly abilities in the world. Its effective movepool's already up there, and it's pretty darn annoying.

    How it counters: Drain punch on its own is enough to earn it a spot on this list. It's so hard to kill it while it keeps healing itself on your HP. It doesn't help that it gets Guts, meaning poison only helps it. Oftentimes, it can setup on your Pokemon too. Priority makes it even more deadly to troll teams, and its Fighting typing is great for anti-trolling.
    Counter counter: Shuckle can Power Split it. :3
    Gastro Acid from Shuckle can do too. Confusion and Leech Seed can help as well, and if you can somehow disable Drain Punch in some way it becomes much more manageable.
    Troll value: You can't troll with a set that everyone knows and prepares for. You MIGHT be able to troll with it, but you'll have to be rather creative. It doesn't help that as a top threat everyone psychologically sets up whenever they see it.

    How it counters: Well, first there's Resttalk. That alone is pretty darn annoying, and with Resttalk it can just setup Calm Minds on your whole team with impunity. Speaking of Calm Mind, try not to let it set those up. Ditto won't help against it at all, and Shuckle is weak to Suicune's STAB. More gimmicky sets with Roar and/or Toxic can also be quite annoying.
    Counter counter: Encore it to death. :D
    Alternatively, you can phase it, or even just normally haze it, or if you want to be really, REALLY annoying you can Captivate it.
    Troll value: Nah, it's too useful and predictable.

    How it counters: Magic Bounce bounces Toxic, Leech Seed, Taunt, Torment, just about everything that makes a true troll. They've both got dual screens too, if they want to go that way, or they can go offensive.
    Counter counter: Most versions aren't that bulky; it's usually not too hard to get an OHKO. The fact that Espeon is vulnerable to T-Spikes and Spikes and that Xatu is vulnerable to Stealth Rock makes things easier, too. Their choice of type coverage isn't helpful as well.
    Troll value: It's already in the list. Use it. :D

    How it counters: Magic Guard alone is pretty much the definition of anti-troll. Immunity to Toxic, Leech Seed, Burn, Sand, any passive damage that you would normally depend upon. The fact that they're ridiculously bulky with access to healing attacks doesn't help AT ALL. Even worse, all 3 can use the option of setting up. Regardless, after a couple Calm Minds or ESPECIALLY Cosmic Powers, you'll be finding yourself in a tough situation.
    Counter counter: The fastest and easiest way is to negate their ability and/or their boosts somehow. While Sacred Sword hits not-very-effective on the other 2, you can use it against Clefable. Gastro Acid and/or Skill Swap destroy all 3, though. Also, if you can just hit them really, really hard before they can setup anything (be it Wish, Cosmic Power, or Calm Mind), you can often just KO.
    Troll value: My god they're awesome trolls. Magic Guard, like Prankster and Magic Bounce, is quite the trolly ability.

    Hopefully, after reading this guide to Trick Room trolling, you’ll have a better understanding on how to create a Trick Room troll team. The next part is getting used to the play style, but with enough practice you will be sweeping derping in no time with your impressive Trick Room troll team.

    And in case you can't tell, I ripped that conclusion too. On a side note, thanks to xtreme713ify for the Shuckle link.

    OBSCURE DISCLAIMER PUT AT THE END OF THIS SUPER-LONG THREAD THAT NO-ONE WILL READ SO IT'S COMPLETELY USELESS: Derp and Unown teams are countered by the world. However, I am not willing to mention the world in the counters section, so I won't.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2013
  2. Harry

    Harry Banned

    you bastard, you stole my intro D:
    I love it :3
  3. Pizza

    Pizza I'm so bad at this game.

    10/10 five stars would read again
  4. User Name

    User Name Life is a maze

    Sorta finished. I may add more to the counter section later.
    Also, I didn't put a disclaimer that Unown teams and Derp teams are countered by the whole darn world. Deal with it.
  5. yiran

    yiran Become a Magical Girl!

    When I entered this thread, I thought it would fail. Now I think I fail myself.
  6. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    This is the best thread ever. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd make some alts just to add more 5 star ratings.
  7. evilblob

    evilblob New Member

    How come they're all shiny sprites except the derp troll section?

    Also, Unown Trolling could work... From Smogon...

    [SECRET]This is an ingenious moveset spread across the ages, constructed piece by piece with painstaking care in the arching caverns and ancient machinery of the most devious and cunning hive mind in the history of anything.

    This moveset brings Unown's fullest potential into the light. His most powerful move, Hidden Power, rips through Magikarp, Hoppip, and Feebas with its unimaginable power, 2HKOing and OHKOing Magikarp and Hoppip with Hidden Power Ice, respectively. A neutral Hidden Power gives Feebas the ol' one-two-hit KO. When facing such opponents, Unown is unbeatable.

    As if this wasn't proof enough of Unown's superiority, Hidden Power Ice OHKOs Flygon. Transporting to prehistoric ages, Unown can 2HKO the powerful T-rex, Tyranitar, with Hidden Power Fighting. And going even higher up on the evolutionary ladder, Groudon is 2HKOed by Hidden Power Ice.

    Dual screens are also helpful, as they remind Unown of the old, mysterious days, steeling him against attacks. Uxie, Mesprit, and Mewtwo are excellent choices.

    Dugtrio traps Chansey, who otherwise walls Unown,

    Having a Normal-type on your team also helps; as Unown has been secluded for thousands of years, it needs a normal Pokémon to teach it the ropes in today’s modern world.

    Chansey also supplies paralysis support, which raises Unown’s low self-esteem about its Speed.

    Taking care of Unown is difficult, but ultimately worthwhile. With the right care and attention, it will grow into a wonderful Pokémon. Good luck in your endeavor—we wish you the best!

    Other Options
    There is no need to use any move but another typed Hidden Power, for its power is secret, hidden, locked away.

    Magikarp risks a 2HKO from Hidden Power Ice if Unown predicts the switch, but once in play, Magikarp can evolve into Gyarados to combat Unown with Hidden Power Dark.[/SECRET]

    Then there's Luvdisc...

    [SECRET]Luvdisc is great if you're playing with Battle Timeout, because its mere presence should cause your opponent to laugh at it for so long that you win the match.

    Rain Dance "Sweeper"

    Watch Luvdisc stall out his opponents with his amazing total of defenses not even topping 170. Confusion and attraction together equals a 75% chance your opponent has to wait one more turn before Luvdisc is turned into a pile of heart juice, Protect is another turn, which means that Toxic might inflict a little damage in the meantime. If you're lucky. Aqua Ring can be used on this set. Just kidding, of course.

    Optional Changes

    Charm turns Luvdisc into a very sturdy physical wall that can survive two Caterpie Tackles and force it to switch out.


    Instead of listing Luvdisc's counters, I'll list here what doesn't counter Luvdisc:

    Also, why doesn't Smogon have a page for Male Combee, it's fully evolved...

    [SECRET]This makes it so smogon has articles on every fully evolved pokemon now...

    Snore can be used to make someone laugh at you if Combee switches in on a sleep-inducing move, and Mud-Slap for lack of better options.</p>

    The idea of this set is to let most any attack get you down to 1 HP, and then use Endeavor. If for some reason, your opponent decides to Hypnosis your Combee, you can get rid of their last Hit Point with Snore.

    Name: Heracross Counter
    Move 1: Air Cutter
    Move 2:
    Move 3:
    Move 4:
    Item: Choice Specs
    Ability: Honey Gather
    Nature: Modest
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA

    With Combee's Bug/Flying typing, it can come in and survive a Scarf Heracross Megahorn or Close Combat with over 50% of its HP, then hit back with Air Cutter to do 91-110% to the same Heracross. Obviously this fails in Stealth Rock, and it doesn't contribute to the team much, but its worth mentioning as a niche use of Combee.

    Combee only has 9 attacks, and the ones that weren't mentioned were Bug Bite, Gust, Sweet Scent, and Swift.

    CB Double-slap Bliss, etc.[/SECRET]

    The poster didn't think enough respect was given to Combee then though, so this came up later...

    [SECRET]Platinum gave Combee several new moves, Combee are faster than Vespiquen, and male Combee are fully evolved, so here we go! I only hope that this surprisingly serious thread is better appreciated than the last one.... Or the one before that....

    Physical Movepool;
    Bug Bite (GASP! A non-Struggle physical move! With STAB no less!)

    Sweet Scent to ensure your teammates' low-acc attacks can find their mark more easily. Sticky Barb to make foes think twice about using phys. moves (and if they don't, use your lowered health to your advantage w/Endeavor).

    Destroys Shedinja, but doesn't do much else. Maybe counters Parasect?

    Combee @Choice Band
    Adamant (+ Atk, -Sp. Atk)
    EVs; 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd
    Bug Bite
    Air Cutter

    CBand Combee. Only one physical move, so it's a no-brainer. Air Cutter so Shedinja doesn't wall you. Endeavor for something.

    Its equally good (read:suckish) offensive stats are both boosted by Life Orb, allowing it to take full advantage of what little movepool it has.[/SECRET]

    Then there's Kakuna...

    [SECRET]Of course, with this new revelation of Kakuna gaining a new move it Platinum, it could only be the herald of the Great Kakuna Man's return.

    I'll also take some time to expand on Kakuna's effective counters

    First, let's start by examining it's wondrous new move, Bug Bite:

    With a whomping 60 BP, plus STAB, it's clear that this is Kakuna's new standard for dealing damage.

    Also, this new moves adds some poorly needed type coverage, allowing a choice set to be useable without fear of being walled by steel types.

    As a matter of fact, Bug Bite's addition lowers Max HP/Max Def Steelix from a 94 HKO to a 36 HKO. Max HP Steel-type Arceus is now a 25 HKO, while Min HP/Def Psychic Arceus is a 22 HKO.

    With Kakuna's new Bug Bite, it's justifiable that it has moved up to the NFE (Notoriously Freaking Epic) Tier. [/SECRET]

    I might stop now...

    EDIT: The time it took me to write that 4 people posted... and the OP was updated...
  8. Shawn Frost

    Shawn Frost Neko-sama

    this thread and evilblob's post is so full of win <3
  9. Lovat

    Lovat New Member

    This is pure genius.
    Calm Mind Virizion trolls this shit too.
  10. flashbolt

    flashbolt New Member

    CM Virizion isn't troll, its good.

    I think my favourite form of trolling deserves more of a mention;
    Lanturn was my favourite user of this but now we have Glare on Serperior who has dual screens/leach seed/substitute/epic speed to boot (you could throw on leaf storm if you are lightweight troll). Lets face it. Serpeior true niche is troll.
    You have totally missed what is UNDENIABLY THE BEST TROLL STRATEGY. 6 inconsistent users. You can't use it on OU ladders but unown gets a mention. Seriously though, inconsistent still exists on monotype for example. (both mono and water have 3 users)
    Also, mention swagger abuse on unaware pokes.
  11. Es.Houdin

    Es.Houdin New Member

  12. evilblob

    evilblob New Member

  13. Archerknight

    Archerknight Legends

    PO Trainer Name:
    Pure genius, and I love playing against Derp trolling teams, because they are so fun and amazing to watch if they work. :3
  14. Wavy

    Wavy prince of the sea Server Moderator

    Endeavor Combee with Tailwind
  15. User Name

    User Name Life is a maze

    I actually made this over a period of several days, so some days I felt shiny and on the derp day I didn't feel shiny. :3
    Also, Metang@ is totally going on there.
  16. twofivefive

    twofivefive don't call it a comeback

    This is great... my favorite gimmick troll of all time is Wide Lens Grasswhistle Whimsicott. Catches Ferrothorn completely unaware, as everyone expects Leech Seed on Whimsicott. Which you should run as well. Speaking of Leech Seed, a very annoying thing you can use to piss off Leech Seeders is Liquid Ooze. Stay in there, recover as your health is lowered by Leech Seed, and your opponent can't stop themselves from taking damage. Very annoying. And Liepard. I think my set says enough about trolling.

    PinkPanther (Liepard) (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Prankster
    EVs: 4 Atk / 252 HP / 252 Spd
    Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
    - Substitute
    - Swagger
    - Foul Play
    - Shadow Claw
  17. Gerard

    Gerard New Member

    OMG, i love to troll (altough i didn't know that what it was called until 2 minutes ago...), i would suggest Sableye as the tird since WoW, Sub, Torment, Taunt, recover, there's really nothing more annoying to take down that that annoying bitch, just really, you can't do anything since he can literaly undo everything, no set-up, no hitting, he just waits with his stupid smile in his face while you'r pokes burn to death
  18. User Name

    User Name Life is a maze

    Updated with more counters and usable trolls. :P
    Also, I might edit in a poll for this, I suppose. Sableye has been nominated for the 3rd spot in the trolling triumvirate; I would nominate it as well if it weren't already nominated, but as is I'm also putting up Donphan, Espeon, Xatu, and Reuniclus up as options. I won't put up the poll until I get some more nominations, though.
  19. evilblob

    evilblob New Member

    I'm voting Espeon to take the spot.

    Also, yay for Metang@, although the way you've done the OP it just looks like a normal Metang...
  20. OkamiBW

    OkamiBW New Member

    Where's BP Ninjask and Blaziken at? What's worse than a Togekiss with Flinch Hax? What's worse than a Breloom with Spore/SD? What's worse than DynamicPunch Machamp?

    And you better believe that Spinda has Perversity. Is it good looking? ... Of course! Attract!

    Keep in mind that Smeargle learns Heal Order, Milk Drink, Recover, Slack Off, and Softboiled.

    Rotom-S @Balloon, BP'd Magnet Rise? Why not have your opponent use Freefall on it for kicks?

    What we need:
    -Poison Heal Blissey
    -Eccentric Blissey
    -Sand Stream Shedinja
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
  21. User Name

    User Name Life is a maze

    So far it's just nominations, so no need to vote yet. ;)
    And it's kinda hard to do it, since Derp trolling is where it goes best.
    Then again, it is cool enough to deserve its own spot. Let me edit after dinner.

    But seriously, Blaziken's really good. Ninjask...maybe.
    Smeargle is a good troll. I'll stick 'im in too.

    BTW, would like some suggestions to help beef up Sand trolling. Thinking of sticking in Golurk/Goruggo, Jirachi, and maybe Regirock.

    Just realized Smeargle would make a perfect addition to the triumvirate of trolling. One more option into the poll. :P
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2011
  22. OkamiBW

    OkamiBW New Member

    I think the cool thing about Luvdisc is that it's got 97 base speed. Plus you have the options to exploit that. You can run it in the rain where Swift Swim doubles its speed. For good measure to show Ninjask who's boss, why not lock it into Agility with Choice Scarf?
  23. twofivefive

    twofivefive don't call it a comeback

    JaskWak is the god of trolling, no competition. Ninjask sets up, slowly but surely, while your opponent is annoyed to death. Baton Pass a Sub, +6 Attack, and +6 Speed to Marowak, who absorbs a Thunderbolt. Unleash a +6 Attack Outrage and even Ferrothorn will be sobbing.
  24. Babis493

    Babis493 New Member

    Maril with huge power trolls people.
  25. OkamiBW

    OkamiBW New Member

    How do you propose to baton pass 6 attack so easily?
  26. Gerard

    Gerard New Member

    Try the Assist V-generate Spinda with Perversity, that thing is annoying to take down, also anything with Yawn is hard to swallow, and the parahax teams of jirachi, togekiss and sometimes dunsparce (whit his dumb face he ca make you quit after a couple of ais slahes/headbutts
  27. Brongaa

    Brongaa New Member

    I actually pissed my nuts out at how amazing this thread was.
  28. Wxo

    Wxo New Member

    I like the thread! you have Wxo's seal of approval!
  29. User Name

    User Name Life is a maze

    While I didn't mention it before because I don't like to be every other post, you have earned Luvdisc a spot in the honorable mentions. XD

    Thing is, not only does everyone know what Ninjask does, but its strategy is actually really, incredibly, almost game-breakingly good. :P
    Probably the only reason that it would ever qualify for a troll is because it's got Bug/Flying typing and is completely destroyed by Taunt and Phasing.

    By the way, stay tuned. As soon as I get my U-turn team out of the 7000s into around the 1000s or so (preferably less) I'm gonna make a team under my own name. ;D
    This team will surely be the best troll team ever. Based on the derp genre, it pulls into terrible memories rooted in every trainer's subconscious to drive them insane as soon as they see my team.

    And then after that I'll test Rain trolling. :3
  30. HeroOfSinnoh

    HeroOfSinnoh Banned

    Fuck, this is epic.

    Also, how come Physical sweeping Alakazam isn't added here?
  31. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak KA-BOOM! Forum Administrator Server Owner

    PO Trainer Name:
    Professor Oak
    I came into this thread ready to lock it and infract whomever made it.

    I laughed, so I won't do either.
  32. OkamiBW

    OkamiBW New Member

    Rankurusu's an anti-troll. He stops poison and paralysis doesn't crippled Slow-kemon as much.

    Erufuun + Blaziken combo must be worth at least something.

    Erufuun switches in on something that obviously hits hard. Charm/Light Screen to stop the OHKO. Memento to either further cripple or cripple their switch out. "Hey would you look at that...I have a Light Screen up and your pokemon is at -2 Special Attack!" *switch to Blaziken* Free Swords Dance + Speed Boost and then Flare Blitz/Hi Jump Kick/Stone Edge away. Extra points if you lured out and killed their Tentacruel and Mischevious Heart.
  33. YAYtears

    YAYtears Professional Noob Haxors

    Is anyone going to try trolling rain teams with shedninja? I would like to see that.
  34. User Name

    User Name Life is a maze

    I can't stick every Derp troll in there. XD
    Special Breloom, Special Flareon, Sweeper Vaporeon, the list goes on and on.

    Ah, yes, Magic Guard is an incredible anti-troll. </3
    And Whimsicott is trolly, Blaziken is really darn good.

    @Professor Oak
    I thought something like that would happen. ;D

    BTW, am making a team under my own username for once.
    Actually, it has just been made. You can challenge it if you like. User Name, Pokemon Online server. It's built around nostalgia, except this is the nostalgia you hate. Make sure to tell me who you are before battling.
  35. flashbolt

    flashbolt New Member

    So you are expecting people on a troll thread to give you their real names =P
    I claim OkamiBW
    But seriously, are we meant to challenge you with troll teams of standard teams? Troll vs troll would be epic.

    Here is a different type of troll team; 6-of-a-kind. As in 6 scarfers, 6 leech seeders or 6 u-turn/volt changers (dont choice these unless you are seriously troll).
    If you want to go a bit more viable, get 5 uturn/volt change and a shandera. My current team =)
  36. syxton

    syxton New Member

    The ultimate troll is a lvl 1 aron in sandstorm.
    sturdy stops it from dying, A shell bell fully restorses its hp whenever you use endeavor so sturdy keeps working.
    endeavor + sand damage kills off all pokemon which arn't rock,ground or steel and to top it all off roar + stealth rocks kills most ground/steel/rocks after endeavor.
    its uneffected by poison spikes, got a great move set, (water pulse, endeavor, protect, roar) and can sweep unprepared teams.
    It is truly the ultimate troll pokemon.

    Also this thread is awsome
  37. User Name

    User Name Life is a maze

    Not necessary but preferable. :3
    And you can. ;D
    I guarantee you will win, though, unless your team is also of the derpy variety.
    I actually did make a U-Turn based team, but is it really that trolly? While annoying, it IS pretty darn good.

    I'll add it to Sand trolls. :P
  38. OkamiBW

    OkamiBW New Member

    It's troublesome though. Rankurusu walls it with Magic Guard. Also...Bullet Seed Breloom which is common is troublesome. And weather changers. And ghosts who stop Endeavor. And Cloyster. And priority moves. And entry hazards.

    I've tried running a legitimate set with it.

    I also tried running Abomasnow and 5 lvl 1s. Yuniran, Daburan, and Rankurusu all had focus sashes and Trick Room to go first with Endeavor. Cleffa had Magic Guard as well. Taillow had the ability Scrappy to Endeavor ghosts. But as I said. Walled like crazy by opposing Rankurusu's.
  39. yiran

    yiran Become a Magical Girl!

    Just pack a Rankurusu counter. It's not that hard. For example, Spiritomb.
  40. syxton

    syxton New Member

    While ill accept that any multi-hit moves kill it and admit that it's a fail if you opponent has put up spikes or stealth rocks.
    How do priority moves or Rankurusu wall it?
    Priority moves go first... SO WHAT???? Everything goes first against this thing any way and it doesn't use priority to kill thats what sandstorm is for (it hits before lefties can heal)
    As for Rankurusu... Its just the same as any steel, rock or ground types. Endeavor is a physical attacking move magic guard doesn't stop it so you endeavour it down to >6%, re-heal your aron with shell-bell and switch away. Almost everything can do at least 12% to rankurusu(6%+6%from lefties.)

    OkamiBW repeat after me: "Aron Is the Ultimate Pokemon"

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