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[GSC] Countering Snorlax

Discussion in 'Past Gens Discussion' started by Errikos, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Errikos

    Errikos New Member

    Hi, I'm somewhat new to the GSC metagame on PO, but I wanted to talk about how to deal with Snorlax in battle. First, let's go over some of its key features.

    Snorlax has an enormous HP stat and a great special defense stat, making it work well as a special wall. It also has a great attack stat and a number of good moves, giving it strong offense.

    It has four strong movesets, ranging from sleeptalking, to cursing, to belly drumming, to being a starter.

    Type-wise, its only weakness is fighting. It also has a subpar defense stat, making fighting moves a good option to use against it. Problem is, most Snorlaxes with have either rest or curse, sometimes both. Snorlax's enormous HP stat does not lend itself to be taken out quickly, so it has plenty of time to set up or heal up. Most attempts to weaken it with some kind of status effect will be in vain as it will just Rest and be rid of it.

    So, what counters Snorlax? A fighting-type pokemon with a fighting-type move would damage it well, maybe enough to break through the Snorlax trying to curse/rest wall. But of course, the intention of sending a fighting-type pokemon out against a Snorlax is obvious. You'd have to have eliminated any counters to your fighting-type beforehand.

    But that's just what I think. What do you guys think? How can you deal with Snorlax?
  2. Jules

    Jules i make you MANGRY

  3. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior New Member

    If you can get Vaporeon a Growth or 2 before Lax comes in, Lax is going to slowly collapse.

    But the guide Jules linked to says this kind of stuff betterthan I ever could.
  4. Gar4BDChomp

    Gar4BDChomp Banned

    Actually try to use miltank,or anything that can charm(umbreon incluided).Try misdreavus,he can perish trap snorlax and kill,or acid armor vaporeon,they can baton pass too,or you can risk with skarmory or gengar,althrought snorlax possibly will have eq or fire blast.I know the jules stuff,but im just trying to help directly.
  5. Lolipop_Testing

    Lolipop_Testing New Member

    I usually encore the curse.. then if he stays in i can just set up and encore again when encore wears off
  6. "DJ Shadow"

    "DJ Shadow" Guest

    I know this thread is ancient but whatever. Most lax sets (Curselax in particular) are countered by growltank/charm umbreon/growl slowbro etc. These pokes can't handle drumlax very well however. There isn't much in the game that can, especially if it has Lovely Kiss. The closest thing to a drumlax counter is skarmory, and even then LK can cripple it. Any team in gsc needs to handle lax (Derp), but it's easier said then done. If you are a decent player, lax shouldn't be too much of a problem once you figure out the set. A bad player will simply bring in lax immediately and begin cursing. Then you know what set it is, and you know 2-3 moves. Curse, Body slam/double edge, rest, and earthquake usually, but sometimes fire blast. Some people run Curse + belly drum lax, but that's rare. And if it doesn't have rest, it can get worn down. If it does, any rock/steel/ghost stops it. As I said, laking sure your team can check lax should be the first thing that goes through your head when making a team. Last poke curselax would be a horribly annoying thing to lose to.
  7. Rity

    Rity The One and Only

    Using this line of logic, +6 Magikarp is broken as long as you take out all phazers and Magikarp checks.
  8. jjfish94

    jjfish94 New Member

    Most of the gsc curselax's i've battled have opted for sleep talk over a second attacking option. This choice makes it a lot harder for most things to do much against snorlax, but on the other hand, it means poor snorlax is 100% walled by a ghost.
  9. "DJ Shadow"

    "DJ Shadow" Guest

    STlax is pretty stupid, it really doesn't need sleep talk, as you're walled to high hell by ghosts as jj mentioned, and rhydon/tar/steelix etc.
  10. fidgety

    fidgety Active Member

    though keep in mind gen 2 there are only 2 ghosts total gengar and misdreavus.
  11. jjfish94

    jjfish94 New Member

    Gengar's pretty common though in my experience.

    @ DJ: the only one of those pokemon you mentioned that would actually be an issue would be steelix imo. At +6, snorlax is just going to wipe the floor with almost anything. Steelix however can set up curses alongside lax or even just roar him out.
  12. "DJ Shadow"

    "DJ Shadow" Guest

    All the pokes I mentioned can curse up alongside STlax, and win too, just watch for suicunes, as nothing I mentioned can touch it. Steelix can go boom and kill it, but that's not recommended for obvious reasons. And besides, anything wipes the floor with anything at +6. Unless you're talking about drumlax with a STAB move and EQ, in which case point taken.
  13. Jørgen

    Jørgen Sniper

    No one Snorlax set is really that tough to "counter", assuming perfect knowledge. If lax is doing offense, it's almost always relying on a bit of surprise (unexpected LK or SD opening up a hole, opponent letting down their guard against a drummer), assuming skilled play. If you keep your guard up and really know what you're up against, though, Lax is probably not going to be the thing that breaks you. However, breaking lax is a whole different story. It's one of the main reasons why Thunder electrics are so popular atm, despite making it so much harder for those very electrics to win the matchups they should be dominating.

    Speaking of Thunder, Lax needs to start using that more often; it's recently seen almost 0 use. It keeps Cloyster from being comfortable with setting spikes up against Lax while still hitting Skarm hard, the latter of which is 90% of the reason Snorlax ever considers special moves to begin with. And, as a bonus, it can also threaten paralysis without the need to devote your STAB to the weaker Bslam.
  14. "DJ Shadow"

    "DJ Shadow" Guest

    But people don't like to think that far lol. People check the 5 year old smogon analysiseseses and assume they're set.
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