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Gaming communities? Good? PICK ONE

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Cake, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Cake

    Cake Member

    Oct 27, 2010
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    Is there a good one that exists because this is honestly the closet thing i've come to it. Gamefaqs is fucking retarded.

    Exhibit A
    The mods are pricks. Trolling is a-okay and being a down right ass is fine as long as you're not technically breaking any rules. Example, I could have a completely and entirely contrsutcive 99 page post that goes into depth about whatever it was and if I included something that could possibly insult such as "Using X instead of Y is for idiots" they'll delete the post if it gets enough reports. Not to mention it's a site from the 90s that hardly has a quote feature, you need to be a SUPER ELITE OLD MEMBER to edit posts, no avatars, and a half assed signature.

    IGN is fucking retarded.

    Exhibit B
    Do I need to go on? You can't spell ignorant without IGN. Not to mention the casuals claimed Lost Planet 2 had one of THE HARDEST LEVELS OF ALL TIME IN GAMING. Yeah, no.

    Gamespot is just Gamefaqs as a forum. Same stupid ass mods.

    Gmestop is for those without souls and I don't think they have a forum.

    Before you mention that one infamous board that will all refrence daily I said VIDEO GAME community. So basically I answered my own question and mainly just posted for the rant.
  2. Stofil

    Stofil Hello Miss Galaxy

    Aug 10, 2010
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    Smogon, Dustloop, Shoryuken. Communities that focus more on one particular side of gaming is usually a lot more endearing as long as you can handle some of the elitism. Helps that all of them have hilarious and fair management.