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Box Troubles

Discussion in 'Help' started by Dr. Fuji, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Dr. Fuji

    Dr. Fuji New Member

    PO Trainer Name:
    Dr. Fuji
    I've been a way for the past two weeks and coming back I have found that my copy of Pokemon Online (1.21) was outdated so I downloaded version (1.23) upon opening up team builder I found that I had no Pokemon in my boxes and I'm not sure why I would like to solve the problem because losing my 28 boxes will take me much time and effort to remake all the sets. So to clarify I had version 1.21 with 28 boxes full of Pokemon I downloaded version 1.23 and now have no Pokemon in my boxes.
  2. Lamperi

    Lamperi I see what you did there

    Your Pokemon Online Boxes are located now at %APPDATA%/Pokemon Online/Boxes (Windows)
    ~/Library/Application Support/Pokemon Online/Boxes (Mac)
    ~/.config/Dreambelievers/Pokemon Online/Boxes (Linux)
    Move them from your PO folder to there :]
  3. Mystra

    Mystra New Member

    It should copy them automatically provided destination directory does not yet exist and there is a Boxes folder in PO directory. However if you run new version once before having Boxes it will probably not do that, since new Boxes directory will be created. Not completely sure ATM, but it is something like that.

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