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How to rate a team -- READ BEFORE POSTING

Discussion in 'Rate My Team' started by champagne papi, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. champagne papi

    champagne papi if young tokyo tom don't trust you...

    Aug 11, 2010
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    Earlier today, you joined Pokémon Online forums because you wanted to participate in the discussion we have here. The first forum you notice is Teams, that you are reading at the moment. You see that people are posting teams and request your help! They want you to rate their teams, to help them making their teams the best as they can. However, you should read this thread before posting in the forum, otherwise, your reputation as a rater might be tarnished, which is not what you want. Follow these steps and you will be able to become a true team rater!

    1. Show one of the team's problems and explain it:

    Okay, this one is simple. To explain it quickly, you have to tell the OP that his team is weak to anything in the metagame. It can be, for example, Excadrill, but it can also be a play-style in general, such as Stall, or Rain. This can be explained very quickly, it shouldn't be the biggest part of your rate. After you've identified the weakness, you should explain why it is a weakness. You can't say "lolz your team is weak to kingdra lolz." Explain.

    What we don't want to see :

    "Use Ferrothorn instead of Heatran"
    "hahahahahaha your team is weak to clefable"

    What we want to see :

    "Hello there, I see in your team a weakness to Swords Dance Excadrill. Since your own team is based on Sand Stream, and your own Excadrill has an Adamant nature and a Life Orb, you can't defeat opposing Excadrill. Furthermore, your whole team is weak to either Rock Slide or Earthquake, Excadrill's most common moves"

    2. Suggest a solution to the problem :

    If you don't fix the problem, your rate is gonna be pointless for the OP. Even if you clearly show that randomdude5655 has a weakness to Volcarona, you won't really help him a lot. A suggestion can be anything. Most of the time it will require a pokémon change, but it can also be a moveset change or even an item change. Be warned here, don't change the whole team. If you change more than one pokémon just to deal with ONE threat, this can mean the the team is either really bad, or that your rate isn't really on the spot. Remember, if you change a pokémon, you have to say which pokémon you have to get out of the team!

    Remember to explain why and how your change would help the team. If you don't do it, the change might seem confusing, sometimes it might be difficult to get why you should use Conkeldurr instead of Gliscor to keep Sand teams in check, or why Latias is a better choice than Latios on your team. The best changes are obviously those who help the team in more than one way, since that way it opens free slots for other changes! Remember that if you actually suggest a modification to a team, you have to stay in the same way as the op was. As an example, Tyranitar might be a good check to Choice Specs Latios, but it's terrible on a Rain team. In the same way, Forretress is not very good on extremely offensive teams, so you shouldn't bother suggesting them.

    Furthermore, something that a lot of people forget is that a change does not have to be a "defensive" change. It can also help the team offensively, by either maximizing coverage or helping a sweeper getting rid of its checks, as an example, a Dugtrio can help Trick Room Reuniclus beating Specially Defensive Jirachi. However, if you wish to rate a team in that way, don't forget you shouldn't change the purpose of the team. If a team is based on a Swords Dance Excadrill sweep, you shouldn't, for example, suggest changing Excadrill for Landorus just to kill Gliscor; it would completely change the way the team is played. Keep that in mind when rating, and this applies for pretty much any rates.

    What we do not want to see :

    "k so use thundurus its pro"

    "k so u hav a Scizor problem so use Mamoswine and magnezone to trap him instead of skarmory and heatran"

    "k so use zapdos to solve your scizor problem"

    What we want to see :

    "Alright so to fix your Excadrill problem, I suggest swapping your Heatran for a Gliscor. Since you already have a Scarf Terrakion that can defeat Volcarona, using Gliscor (arguably the best Excadrill counter) would protect your team from Excadrill while not really leaving it open to new threats. Furthermore, Gliscor's Taunt may come in handy against Stall teams"

    2.1 - IF YOUR SUGGESTION WAS A POKÉMON CHANGE, Suggest a set for the Pokémon!

    It's really cool to know your team would be better with Gliscor instead of Heatran, but if you've never really used Gliscor, you might want to know what set you should use. Even if you used Gliscor a lot, some sets are better when it comes to deal with Excadrill than others. Furthermore, you should put the set of the suggested pokémon between
    or [SECRET] or whatever tags (no IMG and stuff, I think you understood there), because that way it will take a lot less space in the thread, since enormous rates can be annoying at times (everyone know how much the "Quote rate" is annoying!) You can go pretty and put pictures in it. Remember, a set does not have to be standard!

    What we do not want to see :

    "k so I suggest using thundurus"

    "k so for the heatran set, use this
    EVS : 133 HP / 167 atk / 247 Speed
    -Flame Charge
    -Stone Edge
    -Iron Tail"

    What we want to see :

    "Alright if you want to use Gliscor, I suggest using that set :
    Gliscor @ Choice Specs
    Trait: Hyper Cutter
    EVs : 252 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 Spe
    Nature: Modest (+SAtk, -Atk)
    -Roar of Time
    -Fire Blast

    All in all, you should remember that explaining is the key to a good rate. The better and the quicker you explain, the better your rate will be. Don't forget that it is all your contributions that will make the RMT section live, and if your rates are better, the section will be better.
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