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Metronome Tier Rules

Discussion in 'Gen 5 Discussion' started by Noog, Mar 21, 2011.

Moderators: Xdevo
  1. Noog

    Noog So much potential...

    Since some people have been confused as to what the Metronome tier rules are, here you go:

    1. All Pokémon must have Metronome and only Metronome. The move, not the item.
    2. All Pokémon must be holding a Leppa Berry, if any item.

    Some notes:
    • Ubers are allowed. They are not banned from the Metronome tier.
    • A complete list of those who can lean Metronome can be found here.

    There you go: the Metronome tier rules. Have fun!
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2011
  2. yiran

    yiran Become a Magical Girl!

    Rule 2 is false. That is not a rule. It is just recommended to do that.
  3. Noog

    Noog So much potential...

    Edited #2. Now it states that only Leppa Berries are allowed.
  4. Jcpdragonx

    Jcpdragonx the business business

    Remember Ubers are allowed, some people might not know that. Also, you could list all the Pokemon who learn Metronome.
  5. yiran

    yiran Become a Magical Girl!

  6. Bamarah

    Bamarah "Baton Pass Elite"

    Sounds like Clefairy Cup but otherwise good to know.
Moderators: Xdevo

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