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[Community] Official "I am Leaving/Quitting/Returning" Thread

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Eternal, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. Big Cheese

    Big Cheese New Member


    I'm going to be leaving PO. Overall, I have had a great time. I will try to summarize my reasons for leaving in this post.

    The first, most obvious reason is that I don't have as much free time to spend with Pokemon anymore. Other activities are beginning to take up most of the time I used to spend here. Maybe you will be able to see me more this summer when school's out if the rest of my life permits.

    The second reason is that a lot of my best friends here have left as well. The main one is Suzaliscious, one person that I always got along with so well. (Except, of course, the infamous SS + Drizzle debate, although we have gotten over it.) He wrote amazing articles on the wiki, and I was glad to work with someone like him. If you're reading this, Suza, thanks a lot.

    The final reason is my authority level on the wiki. If anyone has ever watched Star Wars, I feel a bit like Anakin Skywalker did when he was appointed to the Jedi Council but not granted the rank of Jedi Master. I contributed so much. My editcount was higher than anyone else on the wiki outside of Eric the espeon, who was a member over double the time I was. My edits per day were comparable to his. Also, I made several important templates. I worked on several templates for the Team Archive, and I created the template for usertags and some example usertags nearly all by myself. I was also leader of the Team Archive. I wrote several policy pages about the format of certain types of pages. I was active for multiple hours each day. I had written probably a third of the analyses that were on the wiki at the time I stopped being active. Also, I had added effects, competitive use sections, and generally improved the look of the move, item, and ability pages. If all of this doesn't make me worthy of at least being a moderator, then I don't know what else does. Even now, many administrators haven't contributed as much to the wiki as I have. (No offense to any of you, just trying to make a point here.) I knew most useful bits of wiki code, and I happily helped anyone having difficulties. Yet there was some reason I couldn't be promoted to moderator. I could persuade administrators to grant me deletion power, but I just couldn't be made a moderator. I am well aware that I sound arrogant as I write this post, but you must understand how frustrated I have become. This frustration eventually became the prevailing reason that I am leaving. In fact, I haven't contributed for several months now, but I just felt like writing this to make my departure official.

    But anyway, thanks to those of you who have been loyal friends during my time here. I may come back occasionally, but it will take a lot of persuading for me to become the contributor I once was. Some of you must truly understand.

    But for now, I must end this post. Other matters in my life are calling to me, ones more important than arguments about moderator applications.

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2012
  2. Cake

    Cake New Member

    Oh look that guy that got banned is back. Hopefully I don't get banned again but yeah i'm back.
  3. PoignantLyrics

    PoignantLyrics New Member

    I'm back after an unaccounced departure. The only guys who will really remember me are those I played Mafia against, and I infuriated most of those. So yeah.
  4. Key

    Key :]

    Sorry for my recent inactivity on the server, my charger for my computer is broken. I should not be gone for too long and will still very much be active on the forums via my phone.
  5. LördKX

    LördKX Archivist of Memories

    I'm temporarily leaving for reasons that I will not state here. Well, cya everyone.

    *** KX is out

    EDIT: ok, I am now able to continue my activity on PO, thankfully quicker than expected.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2012
  6. Crystal Moogle

    Crystal Moogle Kiss and Love! Administrator

  7. Stofil

    Stofil Hello Miss Galaxy

    Forgot to mention it to anyone, but on extended leave due to school and stuff.
  8. fidgety

    fidgety New Member

    Back on server til a week from sunday.
  9. Darklight

    Darklight Nothing is True

    I'm quitting again, but for a much shorter time this time, PO isn't as interesting as it used to be, It's boring most of the time, I'll be back in a week or so, and will try to stay active on the forums, i might come on the server for a couple of mins, although it's highly probable.
    Edit: I got some time off school, so I will come regularly for at least half hour anyway.
    Double Edit: Woah, so many people are quitting, BTW, I was not able to stay on PO as much i thought i would be able too, I'm quitting, and this time for sure, I'll lurk around the forums sometimes but the server is just once in 2-3 days, the main reason i even returned after my 8 months absence was mainly YanMiga but since he quit himself, i think i'm better off quitting too, so Bye Folks.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2012
  10. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd No one listens to pnerd. Forum Moderator

    For anyone who cares, I'm done with PO. Just due to how this place is run. I would elaborate but if anyone becomes staff they'll find out what I mean.

    I'll be lurking the forums for a little bit in case anyone wants to PM me for whatever reason, but other than that I won't be around unless things on the inside change.

    It's been fun.
  11. Django

    Django UNCHAINED

    No big post, but I'm out too. I haven't decided whether to finish hosting my tours or not.
  12. Ozma

    Ozma Grunt in the machine

    Seeing as he hasn't and likely won't post: Oak has left. Reasons identical to pokemonnerd and Django.

    Bad day for PO.
  13. Luck>Skill

    Luck>Skill gud at the game

    Same as Oak, pnerd and Django. I'm out. I'll still lurk the forums a little, and I'll finish the tours I'm in, and that's it.

    Farewell, not many people that used to come here 2 years ago are still here, but I hope you all had fun, it was a pleasure to meet you.
  14. Mayorofpie

    Mayorofpie New Member

    Tbh i am going to leave PO as well. Its just not the same as it used to be. Its starting to get boring for me. I have had a great time, and i have made a lot of friends. So it is going to be hard saying goodbye to them but i just don't have the time anymore
  15. Groudon Ramsay

    Groudon Ramsay Active Member

    Yep I'm leaving too. The leadership is... terrible at best.

    Wasn't going to post here until I fund out that I'm being quoted out of context to cover up their mess lol

    So yeah, @ the people who didn't leave, I'm being quoted out of context!

    PM me on smogon or w/e bye
  16. Ginku

    Ginku Banned

    I'm out too, bye

    It's the same reason as the others etc, don't feel like elaborating much right now because I might get banned for it!!!!

    'twas a good time here for the majority of 2 years...
  17. Key

    Key :]

    Suppose it's time for me to hit the old, dusty trail as well. Bye, PO.
  18. Parpar

    Parpar Sadly, I don't care.

    I'm leaving because reasons.

    So yeah, goodbye.

    Edit: I'm back etc
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2012
  19. Dasdardly

    Dasdardly In vino, veritas

    Bs, I'm leaving too. I didn't even make it a year though. I'm such a newfag.
  20. CrashinBoomBang

    CrashinBoomBang :{|}

  21. Kswizzle

    Kswizzle New Member

    I am also leaving due to reasons above.

  22. WizzleKidd

    WizzleKidd Wizzlin' PO since Feb '11

    Yeah, I'm leaving too due to complicated reasons such as above. Goodbye Pokemon Online. It was nice wizzlin' here.

    EDIT: ...After getting to know what happened I thought this was a joke lol.. But in real seriousness I won't be as active as I have exams coming up. I will be more active when I finish them. I will still be lurking around forums/tournaments though.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2012
  23. Mavs>Heat

    Mavs>Heat Chinachou

    I've decided to quit PO also, for about two months until school's over. I'll visit the forums once in a while. Bye everyone, i'll miss you especially you mafia players that i really talked to, and my dock buddies :(
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2012
  24. Elements

    Elements <b>Don't Blink</b>

    I so gotta follow the trend lol

    I'm out. I will probably be on the server, but definitely not a part of the server authority. Thank goodness though. It gets really boring constantly banning some troublesome users!

    Thanks for the memories!
  25. Hikari

    Hikari Forum Moderator

    k time to end the trend of quitting.

    Apparently I got unbanned to try to solve this issue. Let's see if I can do anything 9__9
  26. Wavy

    Wavy wow

    I'm back from one of my unannounced hiatuses and... uh... did I miss something or was this just the gradual disdain?
  27. Big Cheese

    Big Cheese New Member

    Okay, is this all some sort of joke? Elements, Django, KeyTrinity, Kokoloko, Luck>Skill, and Professor Oak can't all be leaving. I also haven't heard from ete for some time...

    Anyway, I'm back, at least temporarily. The wiki is in desperate need of my contributions (if I might say so myself). It has been swamped lately. I might not be on the server terribly often, but I will at least help out with the wiki a little.
  28. FaytSaratome

    FaytSaratome PKMN Trainer

    After getting my interest back into Pokemon, I come here to see a lot of people leaving?
    Well people probably wont remember me, I wasn't here for long. I'm getting bored so gonna try to get back into Pokemon.
  29. IFM

    IFM HODOR HODOR HODOR Forum Moderator

    Quitting, fuck this shit, etc

    Really busy in RL + Spring Break Cruise = Won't be active much until the 8th
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 4, 2014
  30. WizzleKidd

    WizzleKidd Wizzlin' PO since Feb '11

    I realised that I have not been taking my previous post here seriously as I've been wizzlin' here like never before.
    I'm now officially taking a 2 month break from PO as like I said, I need to prepare for my final exams in June so I will be able to get to University this September.. I actually suppose to be there already but I failed last year so I'm repeating.. I will only post something or battle on server channels (Tournaments/PNU) when I am taking a long break as PO just takes up too many hours in my day thus wasting time.

    So I will see you guys until then (if you even care) lol
    Whoever is leading UU, LU and NU please don't mess up those tiers. K fnx bai :P[/HIDE]
  31. Hobbes2

    Hobbes2 Insert Clever Title Here

    Ok, so i'm hosting some foreign exchange students so my activity will be very spotty (i haven't even been on the last 2 days)

    EDIT - Back
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2012
  32. LördKX

    LördKX Archivist of Memories

    I'm leaving for various parts of Europe starting tomorrow (March 29), and won't get back for about 3 weeks. Bye.
  33. Jcpdragonx

    Jcpdragonx the business business

    Well I need to focus on school and I have lost total interest in this game. I have decided to stay and check the forums, but I wont be on the server unless I'm playing a forum tournament. Ill be back like a week before B2W2 comes out so I can play this shit metagame before it gets shittier (no anger intended).
  34. zeroality

    zeroality Artificial Insanity

    Hey guys, just came by to say that I think it's time for me to move on to something else.

    Good luck to all of PO, it's been fun.
  35. "Bad To The Bone" Balla

    "Bad To The Bone" Balla so B.A.D.

    going away for a week, will be back then..
    If my tour battles are not done by deadline give my opp activitay win.

    Read the post above me though, its a lot more important.
  36. IFM

    IFM HODOR HODOR HODOR Forum Moderator

    My dad gave me two options. I could keep playing Pokemon or I could take my car to college next year. I choose the car. GL everyone.
  37. Luck>Skill

    Luck>Skill gud at the game

    Umh so apparently someone finally stopped acting stupidly, hence, I'm back ~

    But BS zero leaving...
  38. Annoying Orange

    Annoying Orange Kawaiichu

    Ok, I don't know if it's some dumb april fool's shit or everyone that came back feels like abusing, BUT I am getting tired of all this abuse. I came back on and was NOT auth anymore and I had to provide a reason of why I deserve it...I mean WTF.
    This is pathetic and I have not made up my mind if I should continue playing..sorry.
  39. DarkDiglett

    DarkDiglett Parramatta 2014

    This game has just gotten increasingly boring over the last few months, so i am taking a break from it, i will still pop on to do tour matches but that's about it. I just need a break to see if i regain interest or not.
  40. Darklight

    Darklight Nothing is True

    Even though everyone already knows but still, I'm Back for the World Cup and will stay on for at least some time.
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