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[Resolved] Port Forwarding

Discussion in 'Help' started by ShayTheLightning, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. ShayTheLightning

    ShayTheLightning New Member

    I've been playing for a while, but today I wanted to try my hand at running the server myself. However, I seem to be having the same problem I had once before; Everything looks fine, everything runs fine, but only I can connect... I've had 3 different people try to connect and neither of them can get it. Basically, it reacts as if it were loading, but it really doesn't, at no point does it say that it failed to connect, or that it's trying to connect at all... I know the problem is with the port forwarding, but I don't know what it is I'm doing wrong, since I've followed guides and all...
  2. Rarity

    Rarity try again

    There is a good guide over here, at
    Try this.

    and for the last step, you can manually ( I prefer this ) forward 5080 by going into your Router's setting, which is usually found at or
    and to log in, the user/pass is usually something like, User/User, or Admin/Admin.
    Then you go in port forwarding, put in the IP address you got by using /ipconfig all where it is, and put 5080 for the ports.
    I prefer this as it is a good free alternative
  3. ShayTheLightning

    ShayTheLightning New Member

    I tried that guide before making this thread... had to go back and undo everything because my internet crashed on me...
  4. Kalashnikov

    Kalashnikov Despite the code quality

    Then you're doing something really wrong. Try again, following it step by steb.
    All you need to do is get your PC ip, gateway ip and add a rule to your router (which is the gateway).
  5. ShayTheLightning

    ShayTheLightning New Member

    alright, looks like I fixed part of the problem, now my friend got error 7, connection timed out

    EDIT: never mind, managed to get it fixed and the server is running perfectly so far
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2012
  6. Desolate

    Desolate Member

    Locking due to the issue being resolved, PM me if you have anymore problems like this and I'll unlock the thread.
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