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Servers by generation

Discussion in 'Simulator Suggestions' started by Mystra, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. Mystra

    Mystra New Member

    Considering many messages we have with "don't work" when using old client + new server and new client + old server… shouldn't Registry list only compatible servers?

    i.e. for old clients that do not identify themselves (I haven't checked actually) it should work as it is today. If client says something like "I'm Gen 5 client" Registry should reply only with gen 5 servers.

    Or at least specify Generation in server list.

    Posting in "Suggestions" as I hope someone other than me will do it (^ ^)
  2. coyotte508

    coyotte508 Administrator Administrator

    Yes, we could do different ports for different generations -- and then just need to run two registries on the same computer.

    And then gen 5 clients would see no server in the registry... As none is up.

    mmmmh =/

    When the next round of testing starts, sure.
  3. Mystra

    Mystra New Member

    Oh, ports, yeah (^ ^) One for stable and one for beta. Something like that (^ ^)
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